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5th Grade Curriculum Night 2011-12
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5th Grade Curriculum Night 2011-12


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. 1
    Fifth GradeCurriculum Night
    Presented by:
    Mr. Hutchens,
    Mrs. Karafa,
    Mrs. Kohl,
    Mrs. LeBlanc-Wraight
    Ms. Evans
  • 2. Welcome to Fifth Grade!
    I am happy to be able to share your child’s fifth grade experience with you this evening!
    This is an important year for you and your child.
    I will give you an introduction to 5th grade and to our classroom.
  • 3. All About Me….
  • 4. 4
    School Information
    School Hours: 8:50 – 3:20
    Mrs. Anne Marie Keskonis
    Assistant Principals:
    Mrs. Emily Keag
  • 5. 5
    School Information
    • Changes in phone numbers, address, medical information should be given to the classroom teacher.
    • 6. Medication must be brought to the clinic in its original container by an adult.
    • 7. Change in transportation must be in writing.
    • 8. Car Riders may not be dropped off before 8:20.
    • 9. Visitors must obtain a sticker from the front office for safety and security.
    • 10. Checkout must be before 3:00. Please park in the side parking lot not the front.
  • Volunteers
    • Please consider helping academically by being a guest reader, practicing math flash cards, or as a science force volunteer
    • 11. Costco Buddy Reading- 1 hour a week to strengthen a child’s reading skills
    • 12. Assist a teacher at home or school in various ways
    • 13. Volunteers will be contacted very soon
  • 7
    Daily Schedule
    8:20 Arrival / Morning Work
    8:50 Announcements
    8:50-9:00 Word Work
    9:00-10:00 Reader’s Workshop
    10:00-11:00 Writer’s Workshop
    11:00-11:30 Social Studies
    11:32-12:02 Lunch (Table 1)
    12:02-12:22 DEAR time
    12:22-12:42 Teacher Directed P.E.
    12:45-1:40 Math
    1:40-2:10 Science
    2:15-3:10 Specials (Music, PE, Art, Tech)
    3:15-3:20 Bus Call
  • 14. Promotional Requirements
    Requires achievement of Meets or Exceeds on the GA CRCT in Reading and Math
    Requires a passing score on the GA 5th Grade Writing Assessment
    Requires demonstration of proficiency of the 5th Grade AKS
  • 15. 9
    • To give your child the academic tools he/she needs to be a successful leader.
    • 16. To provide a supportive learning environment.
    • 17. To have fun while we learn.
    • 18. To make new friends and discover new interests.
  • Curriculum
    Rigorous curriculum
    I use:
    County textbooks,
    Reader’s Workshop
    Writer’s Workshop
    Guided Math
    Interactive Notebooks
    Other methods and materials,
    including trade books, videos, lectures, and
  • 19. Assessments
    Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS)
    Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT)
    Writing Gateway
    Criterion Referenced Competency Test (C.R.C.T.)- Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies
  • 20. 12
    • Students arriving after 8:50 AM must be brought into the front office for check-in by a parent/guardian. Otherwise, the student will be marked absent for the day.
    • 21. Students arriving after 8:35 AM will not be served breakfast.
    • 22. Checkouts before 12:15 PM will count as a school absence for that day.
    • 23. Check-ins after 12:15 PM will count as a school absence for that day.
  • 13
    Attendance Continues…
    This is defined as when a parent, guardian, or other person having charge or control of a student authorizes a student to leave the facility before the end of the school day (3:20 PM).
    ONLY PREVIOUSLY authorized people will be able to check-out a student---a Photo ID is REQUIRED.
    • We request that early check-outs be kept to a minimum to avoid disruption of the instructional day.
    • 24. No child may be checked out after 3:00 PM.
    • 25. When checking your child out early, please do not park in front (use the side parking lot).
    • 26. Once buses are on the curb, you are not able to pass the buses and will be detained from leaving.
  • 14
    Make-Up Work
    • Absent work will be given to the child when he/she returns.
    • 27. 1 day for every day absent to complete work.
    • 28. All work will be assigned when the child returns to school.
  • Positive Climate….
    Extra Behavior Cash
    Quarterly Auction
    Quarterly Awards
    Wildcat Social (7 out of 9 weeks E’s)
    Class rewards
    Positive Notes
    COR Celebrations
    School wide Behavior Rewards
    VIP Table in the lunchroom
    Class achievement awards
  • 29. Behavior Bucks
    • We have incorporated the Social Studies finance component into our behavior management plan.
    • 30. Students will earn positive and negative bucks for behavior and academics.
    • 31. Students will have an opportunity to purchase rewards at the end of each quarter.
    • 32. Students must be present at school to earn behavior bucks.
    • 33. Money is recorded in the checkbook on Monday when Friday Folder is returned.
  • 34. Classroom Behavior
    • Students are expected to follow classroom rules
    • 35. Use classroom time efficiently
    • 36. If a student chooses to break a rule, the teacher will give:
    • 37. a verbal warning.
    • 38. If the student continues to break a rule, he/she will have dollars deducted from the total behavior bucks and receive a ✓ in the appropriate conduct area on the Choice Card so that you are aware of the situation and can reinforce good classroom behavior at home.
    • 39. The student may also earn or lose a privilege, have silent lunch, or study hall.
    • 40. The studentsknow the rules and consequences, so they are in control of their own behavior.
  • 41. Cafeteria Behavior
    Students will enter and exit the cafeteria quietly.
    Positive behavior will be rewarded with extra behavior bucks.
    Inappropriate table manners will result in a Choice Card check or yellow consequence note.
    Sharing food is not permitted.
    No restaurant food may be brought to lunch (example: McDonald’s, Chick-fil-a, etc)
    You may check your child’s lunch account from the web site. Just ask your child for their student identification number.
  • 42. Weekly Conduct Grades
    E No checks
    S 1 – 2 checks
    N 3 - 4 checks
    U 5 or more checks
  • 43. Grading Scale
    • A 90-100 Excellent Progress
    • 44. B 80-89 Above Average Progress
    • 45. C 74-79 Satisfactory Progress
    • 46. D 70-73 Progress Needs to Improve
    • 47. U 69 -0 Unsatisfactory
  • 48. Grading Scales
    Summative- 55%
    Class Skills- 45%
    Writing Samples- 55%
    Class Skills-45%
    Assessments- 60%
    Class Skills- 40%
  • 49. Grading Scale Continues…
    Class skills- 45%
    Assessments- 55%
    Science and Social Studies
    Assessment- 55%
    Class skills- 45%
    Assessment- 100%
  • 50. Grading Continues
    There are times when a student will not do well on an assignment, and I may write a note on that piece of work to correct it or redo the work and return it to me. If you see this note on a piece of work in the Friday folder, please help your child to correct the work over the weekend and return it to me on the following Monday.
    When the work is returned, I will review the work with the student to ensure understanding.
  • 51. Homework Policy
    • All class work that is notcompleted or graded becomes homework each day. If this becomes excessive, please call to schedule a conference.
    • 52. I ask that you view and sign the agenda book and reading log each night.
    • 53. The assignments are expected to be completed and returned the next day unless otherwise noted.
    • 54. If the work is not completed, it will result in study hall.
    • 55. It is possible that work not turned in or completed in an unsatisfactory manner could result in a lower grade.
  • 56. Agenda
    Students are expected to copy agenda assignments from the board.
    A parent must sign the agenda daily. This allows you to know what curriculum we are working on and any test information at the present time.
    Great place for notes.
  • 57. Notes
    We will do our best to respond to all notes or e-mails from parents as soon as possible within 24 hours.
  • 58. AKS
    Academic Knowledge and Skills are what drive our curriculum. These are the skills that a student must learn at each grade level. The AKS book lists all the county objectives broken down by subject area.
    GPS (Georgia Performance Standards) is the State’s requirement for the grade level.
  • 59. Cooperative Learning
    Working in groups
    Emphasize such ideas as everyone in the group making a contribution (listen to others ideas and opinions, and learn different ways to solve a problem.)
    Each child is individually held accountable for his/her work and will receive the appropriate grade.
  • 60. Language Arts
    • Students will continue to learn reading, spelling, grammar, and writing through a variety of activities.
    • 61. Those activities may be, but are not limited to:
    • 62. Anthology
    • 63. Practice book
    • 64. Articles
    • 65. CRCT Review Book
    • 66. Short stories
    • 67. Morning Work
    • 68. Daily Grammar Practice
    • 69. Chapter books
    • 70. Reader’s Theater
    • 71. Plays
    • 72. Reader’s Work Shop
    • 73. and much more.
  • 74. Reading Domains
    • Reading Skills and Vocabulary Acquisition
    • 75. Literary Comprehension
    • 76. Information and Media Literacy
  • 77. Balanced Literacy
  • 78. Weekly Reading Logs
    Students are expected to read four nights a week, Monday thru Thursday, for 25 minutes each night.
    Each student is required to write a response to that nights reading. The type of response will change periodically throughout the school year.
    Parents, please sign the entry daily.
    The journal is due every morning and counts as part of the reading grade.
  • 79. Community of Readers (C.O.R.)
    • Students will participate throughout the year in C.O.R.
    • 80. Weekly reading summaries will help students be successful with this assignment.
    • 81. Each student will read all genres. After the completion of 5 genres the student will receive a free book ticket from the Media Center.
    • 82. Students must read a book from each genre and have their C.O.R. form complete by December 16th.
  • 83. Language Arts Domains
    Grammar/Sentence Construction
    Research and Writing Process
  • 84. Writer’sWorkshop
    Guided Daily Instruction using:
    Mini lessons
    Mentor Text
    Graphic organizers
    Cafeteria Writing
    Writer’s Toolbox
  • 85. Writer’sWorkshop Continued…
    Mrs. Looney, Mrs. Schipper, Mrs. Arnette, and Ms. Litt will also be working with students and teachers at times during instruction.
  • 86. Word Study
    • 2011-12 Word Study
    • 87. Gwinnett County Public Schools Language Arts is transitioning from spelling instruction in isolation to spelling instruction as part of word study instruction. Word study is a conceptual way of thinking about how to read and spell words and knowing what those words mean. It is a richer and more rigorous way of thinking about words and how we use them.
    • 88. Word study has three components: phonics, spelling, and vocabulary.
    • 89.
  • 90. Word Study
    Please see Parent Letter from Dr. McCartney.
  • 91. Math
    We use the Harcourt Math series, Think Math, Exemplars, Big 20, and Daily Review information.
    Guided Math instruction (Math Workshop)
    Students will learn skills in the areas of computation, geometry, problem solving, measurement, time, fractions, area rules, and decimals.
    They will have hands-on practice during mathematics instruction.
  • 92. Math Domains
    Number and Operations
    Data Analysis
  • 93. Math Technology
    If your child forgets his/her textbook, you can view or print pages from the on-line site.
    Tutorial Links
    Passwords are posted on the school’s web site.
    User Id:5elementary and Password: v9v4
  • 94. Science
    Our science series is McGraw Hill.
    We will cover:
    Classification of Plants & Animals
    Plant & Animal Cells, Microorganisms, Genetics
    Earth’s Surface Features & Human Intervention
    Properties of Matter, Electricity & Magnetism
  • 95. Science Domains
    Earth Science
    Physical Science
    Life Science
  • 96. Social Studies
    Our textbook is called “Growth of a Nation” by Scott Foresman.
    We will use the textbook, Nystrom maps, Atlas, USA Short stories, Articles, and supplemental materials to support instruction.
    We will study American history from the election of Lincoln (1860) to present day.
  • 97. 45
    Social Studies Domains
  • Social Studies Text book Online
    Passwords and Ids are in student’s agendas' and a parent letter with login information will come home soon.
  • 101. Health
    Our Health curriculum includes:
    First Aid
    Personal Care
    Disease Prevention
    and Nutrition.
  • 102. Media Center
    Times will be available during the day for students to return and check-out books.
    If a book is misplaced, the student may not be allowed to check-out a book until it is returned.
  • 103. Computer Labs
    Weekly lab times
    Utilized to reinforce skills
    SME practice
    Power points
    Education City
    Mega Math
    CRCT practice
    And much more
  • 104. Teacher Directed Physical Education (T.D.P.E.)
    • During T.D.P.E. (recess), students’ will select a game for participation. The games will be kickball, jump rope, four square, or walking.
    • 105. Three teachers will be outside to supervise activities. One teacher will remain inside with study hall students.
    • 106. Study hall students will remain inside to work on incomplete work.
    • 107. Students must wear closed toed shoes (preferably tennis shoes) to participate in organized games (kickball, four square)
    • 108. We will have about 20 minutes daily for T.D.P.E.
    • 109. Weather may prevent us from being outside. On that day, activities will be inside. These activities may be games, instruction, or curriculum based videos.
    • 110. Students must dress appropriately for the weather.
  • 111. Testing
    CogAT- September 19-23
    ITBS– October 17-21
    Writing Exam— March 7
    CRCT — April 23-27
  • 112. Early Release Conference Days
    October 3rd and 4th
    February 27th and 28th
    Please remember day selected in the Fall will be the same day in the Spring.
    We try very hard to schedule sibling conferences on the same day. The sibling day will be October 3rdand February 27th
    More information will be sent in September and January
  • 113. Specials
    Music-Mrs. Hower
    P.E.—Mr. Corley
    Art—Mr. Brock
    Technology- Mr. Sharpe, Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Byrne
  • 114. Snacks
    are not recommended for snacks.
  • 122. Water Bottles
    • A water bottle that closes may remain on a student’s desk.
    • 123. The bottle MUST go home nightly to be cleaned.
    • 124. Only water is allowed to be in the water bottle (No juice, Gatorade/Power-Ade, flavored powders, or colored drinks please.)
  • 125. Dress Code
    index finger
    Refer to handbook (front of agenda or on-line) for further dress code guidelines.
  • 135. Birthday
    Please let me know if you plan to send in a birthday snack.
    Precut or Individually wrapped snacks may be brought for the his/her class.
    The snack may be passed out at the lunch table.
  • 136. Broadcast Team
    Students will tryout for positions.
    Good character, behavior, listening and following directions, and academic skills are encouraged.
    A classroom rotation will be established.
    Any questions about Broadcast Team may be referred to Mrs. Kennedy.
  • 137. Clubs or Activities
    Clubs meet either before or after school. More information will be sent from the organizing teacher.
    Fitness Club- Mr. Corley
    Chorus Club- Mrs. Hower
    Book Club- Ms. Kennedy and Ms. Craven
    Chess Club- Mrs. Arnette
  • 138. Events
    Growth Talks- November 8th
    “And Then They Came for Me” Play March 26th
    Kickball Tournament And Picnic- May 4th
    Sock Hop- May 18th
    Yearbook Signing- May 21st
    High Touch High Tech (August, October, January, March)
    Fifth Grade Signature T-Shirt
    Celebration- May 22nd
  • 139. Save the Date!
    October 3rd and 4th : Early Release
    November 21st -25th : Thanksgiving Break
    December 19th – January 3rd : Winter Break
    February 27th & 28th : Early Release
    March 7th : Georgia Writing Exam
    April 2nd -6th : Spring Break
    April 23rd – 27th : CRCT
    May 4th : Kickball Tournament and Picnic
    May 7th – 11th : Field Day
    May 18th : Sock Hop
    May 22nd : Celebration
  • 140. Questions?
    • Please feel free to ask questions at any time during the school year.
    • 141. I will send home weekly electronic newsletters, as well as the Choice Card in the Friday Folder. Please sign and return the Friday Folder Monday morning.
    • 142. You may contact us by note or by e-mail address:
    • 143.
  • 144. Closing
    • Our curriculum is filled with interesting concepts and skills.
    • 145. You will be astonished by what your child learns.
    • 146. You are an invaluable part of the process, and can help your child be successful in many ways.
    • 147. Remember to practice multiplication facts daily, expect quality, and ask many questions.
    • 148. Please consider volunteering. There are multiple ways to help: Science Force, Math & Munch, Costco reading program, room mom, etc.
  • 149. 64
    Thank you for attending Curriculum Night. We hope you find this information helpful as we work together this year.