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Opportunity Execution Project 2 (OEP) – Collaborative Learning Cloud is a proof of new innovative ideas helping tear down the walls of the current education system.

Collaborative Learning Cloud System (CLCS) provides learning environment for different types of the target audience, supporting infrastructure, content development, consulting services and post-learning infrastructure and environment.

We must invent a new system from scratch:
with the new technologies from today,
using the latest knowledge about learning (neuroscience),
taking into account the needs of tomorrow.

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  1. 1. Opportunity Execution Project (OEP)
  2. 2. RoadMap Product Description Sales and Marketing Target Audience Marketing Strategy Sales Sales Channel Strategy Execution Results Partnerships Distribution Costs Revenue Model Risk The Team Teammates Personal Story
  3. 3. Product Description – Collaborative Learning Cloud is a proof of new innovative ideas helping tear down the walls of the current education system. Collaborative Learning Cloud System (CLCS) provides learning environment for different types of the target audience, supporting infrastructure, content development, consulting services and post- learning infrastructure and environment. We must invent a new system from scratch: ● with the new technologies from today, ● using the latest knowledge about learning (neuroscience), ● taking into account the needs of tomorrow.
  4. 4. ...Product Description Following are the key prominent features of Skillout – Collaborative Learning Cloud: ● Usability; ● Automatic Guiding Engine; ● Built-in Team Collaboration; ● To Do Lists, Tasks Management and Project Management; ● Central Knowledge Repository; ● Intelligent Collaboration Suggestion Engine. More information about our project is here: SkillOut/About Us
  5. 5. Sales and Marketing Strategy Our Customers are: ● Students around the globe (Engineering, Medical, Business, Law etc -- From All Disciplines); ● Professionals (From all background); ● Housewives (Who want to learn different Skills of Cooking, Cosmetics etc.); ● Dropouts (Who discontinued their studies, those who are unemployed or waiting for something in the future); ● Industrial Professionals (Who want to conduct online training to Improve their skill-sets).
  6. 6. Target audience We have selected the geographical areas based on the languages. Following are the targets: 1. Mandarin 2. English 3. Spanish 4. Russian 5. Arabic 6. French 7. German
  7. 7. Marketing Strategy 1. Initial Contact with our Network. We need to have traction in our first customers. 2. Promotions / Offers Viral. Through this visual channel is key to generate and increase sales for those products where the picture says a thousand words and honestly everything. 3. Implementing SEO for Adapting SEO and our website is compatible with search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo which are used by new potential Customers for us now and in the future to find new things.
  8. 8. ...Marketing Strategy 4. Build strategic alliances. Align with an established brand will help your startup to gain credibility. Choose ideally one that has complementary services to provide references. 5. Take part in communities at your fingertips. The local media is a great way to earn some brand awareness. Find a newspaper or local radio and explain something about your new business, convince them why your business coverage is worthy of your time and energy. 6. Encourages people to share. If you want people to talk about your product or service, there is nothing like giving them an incentive to do so. It offers an instant discount if tweeting about your product or service, or ask them to write something on Facebook.
  9. 9. ...Marketing Strategy 7. Industrial Linkages: Contact Industries and encourage them to ask their employee to take courses. 8. Industrial Courses: Industrial Courses can be Offered so Students can Have Hand On Learning and Experience. 9. Research Collaboration and Activities: A category of Researchers who love conducting research, will help us to make a universal platform for learning.
  10. 10. ...Marketing Strategy 1. Initially we have a plan to provide free access to few courses to the trend setters and review writers from different parts of the world. 2. We will then come up with a points system to avail discounts by referring friends and family members. 3. We will have a loyalty points systems to grant discounts to our regular subscribers.
  11. 11. ...Marketing Strategy 4. Projects Section will be created so people from different parts of the world can collaborate to learn and implement the new skills. 5. Different events will be shared in Events section that will benefit users in better learning and winning the targets.
  12. 12. Sales Sales Process Our Sale Process is quite simple. It based on a free trial of three courses for up to 1000 students and the maximum course duration is 6 weeks. Sales Strategy We help our customers by facilitating in course development. Or Even provide them ready to use courses, so the customer can take a quick start. Further, we provide all the system which customer can use by their own name. Course development best practices, guidelines, and tools selection is in an additional support. Furthermore, we facilitate the customers a Turnkey solution on very nominal charges.
  13. 13. Sales Channels Sales Channels Shortlisted & Applied to Obtained a Customer Following are our all sales channels we have defined to reach our customers. The highlighted channels we have currently explored: 1. Affiliate Programs with CJ, Tradedoubler, Shareasale. 2. Articles on Newspapers. 3. Direct sales to Schools, Colleges, Universities, Corporations, Government and NGOs. 4. Email Campaigns. 11. Press Releases. 5. Facebook and LinkedIn. 12. SEO for Google. 6. Online Web Service. 13. Social Network 7. PPC Advertising. 14. Blogging. 8. Presentations on the Conferences & Business Seminars. 9. Reviews from Influential Technology Reviewing Channels. 10. Trainers who are already linked with the organizations.
  14. 14. Strategy Execution Results The main priorities (sales channels) for us after tracked our first results are: Direct sales to Schools, Colleges, Universities and Social Network. We launch a free trial alpha version at the Kharkiv National University of Economics. It will be our first sale after the 6th month trial period. Lessons Learned from our customers after testing. We got two customer signup for running a free course; one in Russian Language while the other is in English. Both courses duration will be 7 weeks starting from 26th August 2013. The topics are: Daily Life Creativity -- Russian. Online Earning Opportunities -- English. We realized that we need to provide our customers ready to use courses for testing our platform with their users. It's a great insight for us. And we've started work on this alternative strategy. Thanks to our customers for sincere feedback.
  15. 15. Partnerships Skillout is a first collaborative learning cloud system in the history of education systems and having the following key business partners: a. Certified Application Add-ons Developers The certified application add-ons developers are IT professionals who will learn the skillout learning cloud and after passing a comprehensive test, will serve the customers in their need identifications and customization of their requirements. Currently we have engaged 5 application add-ons developers to participate in the beta test of the application.
  16. 16. …Partnerships b. Course Content Developers The course content developers are Graphic Designers, Video/ Audio Editing Experts who will help the skillout customers to help them out to launch their professionally well-developed courses in shortest possible time. Currently we have engaged 3 Graphic Designers and 4 Videos/ Audio Editing Experts.
  17. 17. ...Partnerships c. Courses Development Consultants The Courses Development Consultants are the education systems experts in course need identification, course syllabus developed and course content development. These experts will help the Universities to design courses to server a large area segment of the world population by using their expert knowledge base. Currently we have engaged two courses development consultants.
  18. 18. ...Partnerships d. Third Party Evaluators Third Party Evaluators are the education system's auditors who will help the customer universities to evaluate their teaching infrastructure, courses, course-in-line-monitoring, students and the quality serving of the system. This will help us to improve our system and Universities will get the benefits to improve their education systems. Currently we have 2 third party evaluators engaged with us to test the beta system.
  19. 19. ...Partnerships e. Our Partnership Strategy Our partnership strategy is straight to help out the customer Universities according the their needs. We have an integrated well-planned, well-designed infrastructure of our partners which is horizontally and vertically scalable. The key segment in this infrastructure is a scoreboards to promote the performing partners, so everyone take more benefits from their quality service performance.
  20. 20. Distribution has a glocalized application system (A mixture of globalized and localized) and having a network of distributors at country levels. The main focus of distributors is to provide the local support and customization of the application in local education norms. Currently we have following distribution network: ● Master Eyes, LLC – USA; ● Harizma Life – Ukraine; ● Mair IT – Middle East. The above companies are in contract with the to launch the services in the respective countries.
  21. 21. Distribution Besides the above partners, we have adopted the following online channels to promote the business and get customers: ● Commission Junction – World's Largest Online Commission Based Sales Network; ● Shareasale – Another well performing commission based sales network; ● Affiliate Program – We have a comprehensive affiliate program for quality business organizations to share the
  22. 22. Distribution a. Distribution Experiments Nut-shells We have did different experiments to reach and obtain customers and summarized the following points: Online Advertising – Helps to find the students but not the Universities as customers. Social Media Campaigns – The same results, find the students but not the Universities as customers. Personal References – Great Results to get the letter of interest from the Universities. Professors Recommendations – Great Results to get the letter of interest from the Universities.
  23. 23. Distribution b. Final Outcome Currently, we are succeeded to get our first customer who will participate us to thoroughly test the application's beta version due by the end of August 2013.
  24. 24. Costs Help Desk Calls - $0.1M IT Training - $0.1M End-User Labor & Training - $0.1M Advertisement - $0.9M Online Ads, PPC, PPA, PPI News Paper Ads Online and News Paper Articles Participation in Exhibition Online Seminars, Participation in Business Seminars, Press Releases Circulation IT Labor, Services, & Training - $0.7M One-time Implementation Labor/ Services Planning, Evaluation and Project Management Engineering, Development, Lab Testing, Pilot Testing, Rollout, Performance Tuning, Documentation, Implementation User Support Annual On-going Labor/ Services - $0.1M Maintenance, Support, Customization, Development Upgrades, Performance Tuning, External Services Bandwidth, Salaries and Administrative Cost Total Cost: $2M Costs Detail:
  25. 25. Revenue Model Overview We have a comprehensive strategic revenue model starting from a free limited version for serving up to 100 students where the revenue is based on the advertisements displayed on the free version of the application. This will help the colleges and universities to build their skill-set to operate the application and also evaluate the application to take a decision for a larger group of students. The other available options are Public shared Environment for $100 Per Course + $15 Per Student. While the application is also available for a Dedicated Environment for a minimum of 10 courses against a $1000 setup cost while $15 per student for minimum of 3000 students. Not limited to this, we also offer a customized solutions against $85 per hour by signing a minimum of 100 hours contract while above 100 hours are served against $75 per hour.
  26. 26. ...Revenue Model Summary Here is a summary of our revenue model: Free Limited Version Up to 100 Students and 3 Courses Free Free Trial 90 Days Free Trial Up To 10 Courses and 1000 Students. The revenue stream will be online advertising, like Google AdSense Public Shared Environment Monthly Subscription for $100 Per Course + $15 Per Student Dedicated Environment - Minimum 10 Courses - $1000 Set Up Monthly Fee Per Student - $15 (Minimum 3000 Students) Customization Minimum 100 Hours at US$85 Per Hour Above 100 Hours at US$75 Per Hour
  27. 27. ...Revenue Model Return On Investment There 17034 recognized universities in the world. Our Revenue Model is based on only five universities sign-up with at least 3000 students each having an average of 12 courses during a year, i.e. 15000 students. Following is the detail of our Revenue Model: Number of Universities Signup: 5 Total Number of Students: 15000 Total Number of Courses: 12 Price Per Student/ Per Course: $15 Revenue Collect: $15 x 12 Courses x 15000 Students + $5000 Setup = 3,380,000 Cost: $2,000,000 ROI: 1 - ($2,000,000 / $3,375,000) x 100 = 40.7%
  28. 28. Risk ◆ Competing online Universities with established schools and students. Thus making it difficult to establish loyalty from both students and Universities. ◆ Universities not committing as originally promised ◆ Low student sign up during first 6-8 months
  29. 29. The Team 1. Muhammad Abdur Rehman Khawaja, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan 2. Farhan Ahmed Hashmi, Riyadh, KSA 3. Zuhair Sagga, Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia 4. Eric Karwowski, Brentwood, Ca 94513 5. Jonathan Pinones, Santiago, Chile 6. Javier Vega Cifuentes, Santiago, Región Metropolitana de Santiago de Chile 7. Auguste Yeboue, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria 8. Azhar Mateen, Delaware City, Delaware, United States 9. Olya Zakharova (Team Lead), Kharkov, Ukraine 10. Felix Gonzalez Herranz's (Mentor), Washington D. C., Distrito de Columbia, Estados Unidos
  30. 30. Teammates Personal Stories
  31. 31. Muhammad Abdur Rehman Khawaja I am Mechatronics Engineer, Certified Associate in PLC SCADA, Entrepreneur, Researcher in the field of Automation, Control System, Manufacturing, Embedded System Design, Robotics By Profession and a Humble Man By Personality. Skillout Project is an amazing experience in my life, working with talented team on a revolutionary project in Education Field.
  32. 32. Farhan Ahmed Hashmi I am Basically a computer engineer also pursuing my MBA ( Almost finished). I am Based in the Gulf and work as a Strategy and Products Manager for a leading telecom here. Skillout project gave me a very comprehensive end to end idea of launching a new venture which I aspire to do so soon.
  33. 33. Eric Karwowski I am a part time student at Stanford enrolled in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship program. I’ve been in the IT industry for 18 years and worked for some of the largest and most valuable companies in the world. It’s a good to see a global collaboration of students coming together and make this project a success.
  34. 34. Jonathan Pinones I am an Industrial engineer, I'm designing business process for small company and then they are implementing in web system. Skillout has been a great experience where many people have collaborated with knowledge and experience from different place in the world with an objective in common. Thank you for permitting collaborate with you.
  35. 35. Olya Zakharova Happy to learn and work with the brilliant people around the world. Going to change future education quality. Ph.D. in Economics, two master degrees in Economics and Computer Sciences, Associate Professor in Kharkov National University of Economics -- LinkedIn. Leading the Being Agile International Team since Apr 29, 2013 till Aug 25, 2013. Aug 26, 2013 at my birthday we are going to launch our -- Collaborative Learning Cloud.