Sales Strategy


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Sales Strategy

  1. 1. Sales Strategy Being Agile
  2. 2. RoadMap 1. SkillOut Overview 2. Market Segments and Opportunities 3. Selected Target Market 4. Our Sales Process & Sales Strategy 5. Sales Channels Shortlisted & Applied to Obtained a Customer 6. Strategy Execution Results 7. The Team
  3. 3. SkillOut Overview ... -- Collaborative Learning Cloud is a proof of new innovative ideas helping tear down the walls of the current education system. Collaborative Learning Cloud System (CLCS) -- the state- of-the-art online collaborative learning environment and make it universally accessible and usable. CLCS is provides learning environment for different types of the target audience, supporting infrastructure, content development, consulting services and post-learning infrastructure and environment.
  4. 4. ... SkillOut Overview We must invent a new system from scratch: ● with the new technologies from today, ● using the latest knowledge about learning (neuroscience), ● taking into account the needs of tomorrow. ● Following are the key prominent features of Skillout: ● Usability; ● Automatic Guiding Engine; ● Built-in Team Collaboration; ● To Do Lists, Tasks Management and Project Management; ● Central Knowledge Repository; ● Intelligent Collaboration Suggestion Engine. More information about our project is here: SkillOut/About Us
  5. 5. Market Segments and Opportunities ● Students around the globe (Engineering, Medical, Business, Law etc -- From All Disciplines); ● Professionals (From all background); ● Housewives (Who want to learn different Skills of Cooking, Cosmetics etc.); ● Dropouts (Who discontinued their studies, those who are unemployed or waiting for something in the future); ● Industrial Professionals (Who want to conduct online training to Improve their skill-sets).
  6. 6. ...Market Segments and Opportunities We have selected the geographical areas based on the languages. Following are the targets: 1. Mandarin 2. English 3. Spanish 4. Russian 5. Arabic 6. French 7. German
  7. 7. ...Market Segments and Opportunities Universities & Students 153,000,000 Students 81,000,000 Students 18,000,000 Students 4,500,000 Students
  8. 8. Selected Target Market Customers: Universities Area: Worldwide Specific Customer Groups: English and Russian Spoken Countries
  9. 9. Marketing Process and Sales Funnel
  10. 10. Website Sales Funnel
  11. 11. Our Sales Process & Sales Strategy Sales Process Our Sale Process is quite simple. It based on a free trial of three courses for up to 1000 students and the maximum course duration is 6 weeks. Sales Strategy We help our customers by facilitating in course development. Or Even provide them ready to use courses, so the customer can take a quick start. Further, we provide all the system which customer can use by their own name. Course development best practices, guidelines, and tools selection is in an additional support. Furthermore, we facilitate the customers a Turnkey solution on very nominal charges.
  12. 12. Sales Channels Shortlisted & Applied to Obtained a Customer Following are our all sales channels we have defined to reach our customers. The highlighted channels we have currently explored: 8. Presentations on the Conferences & Business Seminars. 9. Press Releases. 10. Reviews from Influential Technology Reviewing Channels. 11. SEO for Google. 12. Social Network. 13. Trainers who are already linked with the organizations. 14. Blogging. 1. Affiliate Programs with CJ, Tradedoubler, Shareasale. 2. Articles on Newspapers. 3. Direct sales to Schools, Colleges, Universities, Corporations, Government and NGOs. 4. Email Campaigns. 5. Facebook and LinkedIn. 6. Online Web Service. 7. PPC Advertising.
  13. 13. Strategy Execution Results We got two customer signup for running a free course; one in Russian Language while the other is in English. Both courses duration will be 7 weeks starting from 26th August 2013. The topics are: Daily Life Creativity -- Russian Online Earning Opportunities -- English
  14. 14. The Team Olya Zakharova, Ukraine – Ph.D. in Economics, two master degrees in Economics and Computer Sciences, Associate Professor in Kharkov National University of Economics, leading the team with her vision of future quality education. Azhar Mateen, USA – Co-founder of three companies, having master degrees in business and computer sciences, he is backed-up by a diversified business & technologies experience. João Teixeira Soares, Germany – A valuable team member supporting by providing his IT expertise from Germany. Auguste Yeboue,Nigeria – Adding to the team geographic and skills diversity. An experienced African IT project manager who did an MBA to add fun to his life !
  15. 15. The Team Farhan Ahmed Hashmi, Saudi Arabia – A Techno Commercial Professional basically a Computer Engineer with an MBA, works as a Products and Strategy Manager in a leading telecom operator in KSA. Eric Karwowski, USA – An Entrepreneur and founder of two companies. Student at Stanford's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program. Manager and IT professional working with the largest companies in the world. Javier Vega Cifuentes, Chile – Industrial Engineer with more than 3 years of work experience. Knowledge in Supply Chain, Processes, Costs, Simulation, Management Control, Planning, Analysis and Data Processing, Research, BI, Continuous Improvement, Production, Innovation, Standardization, Logistics, ISO 9001, Finance and Plan Internet Marketing.
  16. 16. The Team Zuhair Sagga, Saudi Arabia – More than 4 years Solution/Software Developer with vast background of business development/modeling, database design and stakeholder engagement skills and expertise acquired in public and private sectors. Love to have FUN while working. Muhammad Abdur Rehman Khawaja, Pakistan – Mechatronics Grad and Visionary Entrepreneur. Research interests are: Robotics, Industrial Automation, Computer Vision, Control System, Embedded System Design. Experience in conducting research activities and organizing Hand on Workshops. Jonathan Pinones, Chile – Industrial Engineer with about 6 years of experience. Business Process Management; SAP Planning Production, Logistics and Sales. Design and Development Web. Instructor