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RMP Thailand

  1. 1. Background & Marketing / Other ObjectivesClient:Brief:RMP INFOTEC PVT LTD - Largest multi-level marketing company in India with a base of over 30 lakhdistributors across the country.To meet the following objectives & recognizing 2500 achievers of the financial year 2008:2nd International Conference.Conduct an Achievers Nite event.Place the RMP brand in the minds of the dealers / distributors as acherished one.Increase brand loyalty to RMP Company.Increasing sales by means of motivating the achievers and passingthe enthusiasm down to the sales force.Use the event as a tool to generate new customers.Platform to lay down fresh targets.Launch a bimonthly magazine.An unforgettable event experience....Where things happen
  2. 2. In order to achieve all the objectives set by the client we had to come up with a project which couldaddress all the challenges at hand. Our team decided it would be best to take up a challenge which hasnever been taken up before in corporate India.What we suggested:Fly 2500 delegates (of which 72% were traveling abroad for the first time in their lives)from across India for a 4 night 5 day trip to Thailand with an Award nite to recognizethe achievers.Apart from this on the Day of the Awards Nite, we make all the 2500 as sembleddistributors to work together to attempt a Guinness World Record – for painting the longestpainting in the world!!What we believed we could achieve:A project of this magnitude definitely would have fallen in lines with the client’s idea ofcarrying out something spectacular enough to stir the minds of its dealers / distributors(As mentioned earlier majority of them were traveling abroad for the first time)Right platform to felicitate the top achievers, launch new products and lay down the targetsfor the next financial year.The entire event would work brilliantly as a marketing tool to generate new customers.Branding opportunities from India to Thailand would work as a dream to inculcate the brand.A Guinness World Record is a dream for 99.99% of the population, but when we all join handsa combined task force can achieve much more than what an individual can dream of.What it involved:Conceptualizing entire event flow.Logistics – Inbound and OutboundAccommodation and HospitalityBranding Management –Designing and executionArtist and Entertainment ManagementGuinness Book of Records – Adjudicator coordinationStrategy:...Where things happen
  3. 3. Execution & PlanningFly 2500 delegates to and from Thailand.4 Night 5 day trip involving sight seeing and theme dinners.International Conference + Award NiteAttempt at the Guinness book of world records.As our team figured that making 2500 people travel without any trouble and with the amount of time inhand and the magnitude of the task, it was imperative that the planning, coordination and execution is spoton every time. For this we effectively divided ourselves into six teams handling various key areas and madesure that the coordination between the teams was impeccable & hands on.How it was planned?Core team of fifteen was assigned to handle various areas of this challenge.Core team of seven did the recce to Bangkok and Thailand before the event to plan it to thelast detail.The teams were given the following responsibilities:Team 1 – Visa and Ticketing for 2500 delegates.Collection of Passports from delegates – Dispatch for visa stamping – recollection of passports – Negotiatingwith Airlines and securing tickets for the best deal for 2500 tickets– Ticketing with the help of an IATA agent -Distribution of passports and tickets at the respective location of departure (6 cities across India)Note: As it was impossible to make 2500 people travel on the same day, so we divided the delegatesinto 3teams and departing from India on three consecutive days and the conference was held on the 4th day when wecould make sure all the delegates have been flown in.Team 2 – Branding ManagementDesigning and Printing of all collaterals required for the event - Branding at passport and ticket distributioncenters – Branding at 6 airports in India - In-flight branding – Branding at Bangkok International airport –Branding of coaches – Branding at Hotels – Branding at conference venue – Branding at 8 tourist spots inBangkok & Pattaya – Outdoor media – Hoardings, Banners, Posters, Post brandings, etc. all undertaken -Branding on the approach roads to all hotels.Team 3 – Accommodation and Inbound TravelDeparture from 6 airports in India - Traditional welcome at the airport - Accommodation for 2500 delegates inBangkok and Pattaya – Transfer to and from airport, hotels, sight seeing locations and conference venue -Management of 24 hour help centerTeam 4 – Conference managementEvent flow – Stage design and execution – Artist management – Entertainment management – Award niteFelicitations - Product Launch – Felicitation of Delegates – Video coverage and editingTeam 5 – Attempt at Guinness book of World recordsLocation of venue for event – Setup for the event (A 1 km stretch of canvas for 2500 people to paint) – Collateralsfor the event – Media management – Management of Guinness officials – Coordination with Pattaya Governor –Chief Guest – Tie up with Thailand Tourism Authorities for Guinness Record Activity.Team 6 – Theme dinners and gala dinnersSetting up the theme dinners for different groups – 4 Gala dinners – Sound and Light arrangements atVenues - Entertainment management at venuesNote: 20 cooks were flown from India in order to ensure the quality of the food and to maintain the rightchoice for the delegates....Where things happen
  4. 4. Creative Concept & Innovation:With 2500 delegates at our disposal our team knew that we needed to take advantage of thenumbers at hand and we decided to take the event one level higher by selling the idea of attempting toenter the Guinness book of world records to the client. It was indeed a huge publicity stunt which hasput the company at a different level.The attempt:Longest painting in numbers2500 delegates1 km stretch of canvasChallenges:Location of a suitable venue in ThailandLogisticsManagement of the eventMedia management...Where things happen
  5. 5. Results:Successful Execution of all aspects of the Mega event“The credit for the success of the entire event must go Team Impresario, who have toiledday & night to make sure that our 2500 distributors have an unforgettable time. The detailsthat Team Impresario went to in conceiving & executing this event for us, showed that theywere professionals with huge amount of creativity & capabilities. Their commitment & manmanagement skills, (and when u have 2500 people around you all of whom think they knowbest !!) are remarkable. They are the best crisis managers I have dealt with.”Pravin Chandan, Managing Director, RMP Infotec India....Where things happen
  6. 6. Executive Summary:2500 Delegates from across India72% traveling for the first time to foreign lands6 airportsNine airlines60 branded coaches5 Hotels20 Indian cooks10 daysBangkok and Pattaya (Thailand)Attempt at the Guinness book of world recordsMotivational session by Mr. Shiv Kherand2 International ConferenceVenues - Nong Nooch Village, Coral Island, Safari world, AlangkarnBranding from India to ThailandWe believe that an event of this magnitude delivering fantastic results for the client and executed in ashort span of time with effective management in all the key areas of performance would generateconsiderable appreciation in this category....Where things happen