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Maldives Heritage
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Maldives Heritage


Presentation by Muhyiddin School (K. Villimale) Students on 11 May 2009

Presentation by Muhyiddin School (K. Villimale) Students on 11 May 2009

Published in Education
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  • Like wise maldives has there own cultural heritages toooo…


  • 1. Maldives and world heritage
    Muhyiddin School
  • 2. Introduction
    heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to the future generations.
    It is both irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration.
  • 3. Maldives and world heritage
    Maldives became a signatory to the world heritage convention in 1980.
    Maldives initially submitted sites for the World Heritage List in 1984
    These sites were deferred or the want of more information and questions about their Outstanding universal Value(OUV)
    The second submission of the site for the tentative list was in 2007 which saw the successful iscription on the tentative list at the 32nd session of the WHC meeting in Quebec Canada .
  • 4. The site nominated was Male’ “Hukuru Miskiy”, minaret and the enclosing cemetery.
    The site, Its hoped will be nominated for the world heritage list at the 33rd session of the world heritage committee meeting in Spain 2009.
    Maldives has benefited greatly from been part of the world heritage convention.
    Maldives has taken part in many training program, workshops and seminars relating to world heritage convention as well as generally about heritage management and conservation.
  • 5. There is a need to promote the concept of world heritage, particularly in school and amongst students for the concept to fully function in Maldives.
  • 6. Epilogue
    Schools need to incorporate heritage as part of their curriculum.
    UNESCO clubs or heritage clubs in school need to form the core of awareness about world heritage and the responsibilities posed as part of this convention.
    Students need to be more actively involved in processes like conservations, preparation of management planes, heritage studies etc..
  • 7. World heritage is about accepting heritage as being important and universally significant and this need to start from the core country.
    More exposure to the career facilities in relation to heritage management and programs to foster this interest amongst school students and school leavers.
    Consider students as an integral part in the decision making process related to managing and conserving heritage.
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    Special Thanks:
    Yooha& Ihsan