Online Airway Reservation System


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Currently most of the airlines have made provision for online reservation of their flights without the hassle of meeting travel agents.

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Online Airway Reservation System

  2. 2. FUNCTIONS• Secure login,registration facilities and managing profile information that is unique to each user.• A web-enabled user interface which will allow customers to view the information related to various products.• Various searching and instructing mechanisms involved for enabling the customers to have easy access over the availability of products and services.• Availability of various product packages and offers in addition to booking for customers to suit their requirements.• Regular updates about the added features of the product and service.• Maintaining a centralized database containing the details of products and customers.• A database related to E-ticket generated with a unique booking id for each customer and the secured transactions involved for payment.• A database containing the reservation details, status, schedule of the product. In addition, the database for feedback and experience of the customers in the overall system.
  3. 3. EXISTING SYSTEM• Provide secure registration for each user.• Time consuming due to more number of traffic.• Expensive.• Facility of credit card verification.
  4. 4. PROPOSED SYSTEM• Secure registration and profile management facilities for customers.• Browsing through the E-COM to see the various categories of airline system and its availability.• Responding to the queries submitted by the customers without much delay.• Credit card verification for reservation and secured transactions uniquely to each customers.• Regular updates about the packages and offers with concessional rates for customers to ease their travel.• Low cost for customers.• Configurable and extensible application UI design.
  5. 5. MODULES• Home Page• New User Registration Page• Conformity Airline Ticket Page• Credit Card Payment Page• Successful Booking Page• Generation of E-Ticket Page
  6. 6. DESCRIPTIONHome PageLike all the other airline websites available online, the user can access the user homepage of theHorizon Airways System website. The Existing user can login to the booking page.New User Registration PageIf the user does not exist the user should click NEW USER link. In New User Registration Page the User needs to fill up the details called for and the log on from the Home Page to get navigated to Booking Page.Booking Airline Ticket Page Here, the user have two choices of booking namely One way and Return based on hisrequirements. He is required to choose the details mentioned.
  7. 7. Credit Card Payment PageThe user is required to fill up the necessary details regarding payment and on submissionhe will be directed to ticket conformity pageConformity Booking Page This will generate an unique booking id for every user so as to ensure successful booking. The usercan enter the feedback about the experience while visiting the website.Generation of E-Ticket PageThe generated E-Ticket will contain the necessary booked details of the user. Further he can printthe ticket.
  8. 8. ER-DIAGRAM
  9. 9. USE CASE DIAGRAM OF USERCustomer/End user
  10. 10. USE CASE DIAGRAM OF ADMINAdministrator
  11. 11. FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS• To provide online enquiry about the flights, fare, and waiting list status.• To perform necessary validation while accepting reservation data and display status, by automatically checking out the Seat Availability, Updating Seat Plan and Verification of operation of flight on the particular date.• To perform Cancellation of Tickets by accepting PNR number from the user and print the refund receipt.• Flight search mechanism to enable users to search for flight-related information.