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How to Enrich Your Work & Life with Two-Way Twitter Communications
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How to Enrich Your Work & Life with Two-Way Twitter Communications


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We recently delivered this presentation to the North Scarborough Rotary Club on 'how-to' use to Twitter to enrich your work and life.

We recently delivered this presentation to the North Scarborough Rotary Club on 'how-to' use to Twitter to enrich your work and life.

Published in: Social Media
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  • 1. Enriching Your Work and Life with Two-Way Twitter Communications Presented to North Scarborough Rotary, February 12, 2014 Leslie Hetherington, MBA, APR, Communications Director
  • 2. The Big Difference? Two-Way, One to Many Communications and Relationships (versus the pre-social media one-way ‘megaphone’)
  • 3. What Can Twitter Do For You? Personally Professionally
  • 4. Agenda 1. Create Your Profile (Build your Nest) 2. Meet & Follow (Increase Your Flock) 3. Effective Tweeting & #Hashtags (Talk to the Flock) 4. Cultivate Influencers (Bring Your Flock into the Fold)
  • 5. Twitter Screens Profile page Full Twitter name Home page Twitter “handle” Your Tweets Tweet Window Twitter Feed (others’ tweets)
  • 6. First: Risk-proof Your Foundation  Get “buy-in”  Allocate resources & back-up  Set procedures & policies:   How often will you tweet?   Who will tweet? What topics are taboo? Determine detractor/ troll management
  • 7. Build Your Nest: Create Your Twitter Profile 1. User Name - @___ - Account 2. Icon Photo (128 x128) – Profile 3. Header Photo (520 x 260 px) - Profile 4. Biography (160 characters) – Profile 5. Deselect “Protect my Tweets” – Security and Privacy 6. Select “Let others find me by my email address” – Security and Privacy 7. Set-up mobile access - Mobile Free Tool to help size images:
  • 8. Who do I follow and why? Meet Find & Follow Cultivate Converse, Share & Flatter Retain Followers, Hone Influencers... Ambassadors
  • 9. Find and Follow…. Who to Follow…. 1. Your clients/customers & partners 2. Your competitor’s clients/customers 3. Anyone who might talk about/ be interested in your product/service How to Find (basic) 1. Twitter’s Who to Follow ideas (left column)  Twitter’s Find Friends & Popular Accounts 2. Google ‘Name + Twitter’ 3. Other users’ Followers More Advanced Ways to Find Followers 1. Searching via ‘We Follow’ free tool ( 2. Free ‘listening’ tools: Google Alerts or
  • 10. Talk to Your Flock: Tweeting Tips 1. Tweet short (120 characters or less) 2. Original comments 3. Numbers & positive words: You, Help, How to, Check out 4. Repeat critical tweets up to 4x but vary with others 5. Tweet when your audience is online Often 8 – 9 am (morning commute), noon – 2 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm – 7 pm 6. Use up to 2 #Hashtags
  • 11. What’s a #Hashtag?  Putting the # symbol in front of a word or term pertinent to the tweet  Increases engagement by 35% Search hashtag before using If creating: 6 – 12 characters, lowercase with caps to break words
  • 12. Cultivate Your Followers Meet Find & Follow Cultivate: Converse, Share & Flatter Retain Followers, Hone Influencers... Ambassadors
  • 13. Cultivate: Converse (It’s Not All About You - 80:20 Rule) Mention Reply . or >@Twithandle @Twithandle Public Direct Message (DM) D Twithandle Private
  • 14. Cultivate: Sharing (and boost engagement) Share Photos/Images Share Links (Use Twitter tool or Hint: Use Twitter ‘Lists’ to Group Good Content Sources
  • 15. Cultivate: Flatter with Re-Tweets Re-Tweet (RT) their tweets or a modified Tweet (MT) and credit them Two Ways: 1. Auto RT 1. Manual RT/MT*: Comment RT via @Twitterhandle, link or Comment MT via @Twitterhandle, link Thank Followers for RTs – @Twitterhandle Thanks for RT
  • 16. Cultivate: Flatter 2. Follow Friday (#FF): 3. Favourite a Tweet: 4. Thank new followers: 5. Listen & Provide to what they need/want
  • 17. Cultivate: Converse Share Flatter
  • 18. Then….. Seek Support 1. 2. 3. Use Reply (@) to connect Provide message Ask for Re-Tweet or RT @joesmith Learn the meaning of life on March 4 at the Lightbox. Please RT 4. Thank supporters: 23X When followers are specifically asked to “Retweet,” the Retweet rate is 23X higher than average. @joesmith Thanks for the RT But don’t over use requests + wear out goodwill
  • 19. Top Tweeting Tips: 1. Build a full profile 2. Follow others (brands & people) 3. Use up to 2 #hashtags per tweet 4. Keep tweets short & positive 5. Use photos & URL links 6. Cultivate Supporters with 80:20 Rule (Converse, Share, Flatter) 7. Use @reply to ask for Re-tweets & support prudently
  • 20. How Will You Tweet?  What’s your goal?  What #hashtags will you use?  Who will you follow?  What content can you offer?  What content is taboo?  Who will you monitor for content?
  • 21. Questions? Email: Twitter: @lhetherington or @hardystevenson Blog: