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  1. 1. Many bikers enjoy the level of closeness you have with your bike and the road when youride a fixed gear. The fixed gear is the oldest type of bicycle and has arguably the most dedicated users. But is it for you? Or wouldyou be better suited with a geared bike? This article will help you find out.single speed bicycles
  2. 2. Fixies 1 Feel: The fact that you cant coast keeps your legs moving, in away taking the place of the gears And because you have to keeppedaling you become more in tune with your speed especially whennavigating single speed bicycles hills
  3. 3. An apt comparison between the feel of a fixed and a geared bike is muchlike that of manual and automatic cars 2 Fun: Because there are newchallenges in learning not to coast, you become a better rider
  4. 4. It may take a few weeks to learn how to ride a fixed gear properly but thelearning process, while challenging, will be fun 3 Better Exercise:Because you cant switch gears when biking up hills, riding a fixed gearbike is hard
  5. 5. But once you build the strength in your legs, you will be able to ride upthem much faster At the beginning, especially with steep hills you mayneed to dismount and walk And constant pedaling improves thecirculation to your legs and keeps your muscles supple
  6. 6. Gearies 1 Commuting: On long rides when you have to stop short it maybe better to ride a conventional road bike For a commute with many hillsit may make more sense to be able to shift, so that you dont get into theoffice super sweaty
  7. 7. 2 Stuff: If you have lots of stuff to carry, it may be beneficial to have aconventional road bike You can buy bicycle accessories for your bikewhich will more easily accommodate a road bike than a fixed gear
  8. 8. 3 Positions: If youre riding for long periods of time a conventional bikemay be better because it allows your body more positions With differenthandlebars you can shift your weight and be more comfortable
  9. 9. Because bikes are so customizable with so many bike accessories, youshould really consider how you intend to ride Then you can choose aspecific style of bike, whether its a hybrid, folding, fixed-gear orconventional ride and add bike accessories to make your ride morecomfortable and convenient Good luck and have fun!
  10. 10. single speed bicycles