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  1. 1. Its one thing to hear people say that you needquality , its another thing to see how reputationmanagement can serious affect ones businessor even personal life. Here are some examples:
  2. 2. Blendtec, the marketing arm of a blender company, is famous for its countless"will it blend" videos that they post on Youtube Those Youtube videos areshared by millions of people across the Internet, which of course helps to sellblenders Adobe, the company that makes graphic design programs such asIllustrator and Photoshop, maintains a list of interesting company relatedWebsites and conversations on the social bookmaring site "Delicious " BestWestern, the global hotel chain, sponsors a blog "On the Go with Amy" wherethe author travels the country writing about her experiences This gives thereader a one-on-one interaction with a person, rather than with a largecorporation
  3. 3. Cadence, a high technology company which describes itself as the worldsleading electronic design automation corporation, launched its Website thatnow prominently promotes the companys community Cisco, one of the worldsleading hardware and software makers, hosts 12 blogs addressing a variety ofaudiences for their global business In fact, there are countless examples ofcompanies such as Dell, Ford, HSBC bank, GM, H&R Block and other Fortune500 companies using blogs and other social networking tools (Twitter,Youtube, Stumbleupon, Digg) to enhance their reputation on the InternetReputation management is always better when youre offense than whenyoure on the defensive
  4. 4. For example, Microsoft is constantly running into headaches because if itssoftware (namely Windows) and has to respond to numerous negative reviews Reputation management in that instance is difficult because its easier to create positivemessaging than it is to try and erase negative comments Tools If youre tryingto repair or simply enhance your online reputation, here are some reputationmanagement tools you can use Findmeon
  5. 5. com - This links all your networks together and verifies your identity so peopleknow its your profile Wordpress com - Sign up for a free account and use asOpenID, this is a great blog tool numerous people are using Naymz
  6. 6. com - If you sign-up, you can invite your customers to write reviews about you,your work and your company Monitor This - This tool allows you to monitorand track keywords over multiple search engines so you can see what peopleare tracking and searching Monitor Yourself There are also various monitoringtools for you to see whats in the news about you, including: Google NewsAlerts, Yahoo News RSS Feed, BackTweets, Google Blog Search and morethat are all free With so many reputation management tools at your fingers,theres no reason you shouldnt know exactly whats being said about you onthe Web
  7. 7. Theyre free, easy to use and provide excellent reputation management withminimal investment Search out reputation management tools which work foryou, or hire a company that can provide excellent services Improving yourimage is key, especially in a day and age where we know the ring size ofcelebrities
  8. 8.