DRUG GUIDE FOR PARENTS: LEARN THE FACTS TO KEEP YOUR TEEN SAFE                                                            ...
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Drug guide for parents learn the facts to keep your teens safe


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Drug guide for parents learn the facts to keep your teens safe

  1. 1. DRUG GUIDE FOR PARENTS: LEARN THE FACTS TO KEEP YOUR TEEN SAFE Prescription Cough Prescription Pain Sedatives and/or Prescription Alcohol Cocaine/Crack Ecstasy/MDMA Heroin Inhalants Marijuana Methamphetamine Steroids Tobacco Medicine/DXM Relievers Tranquilizers Stimulants Whippets, Blunt, Boom, Juice, Rhoids, Big C, Blow, Dex, Red Devils, Big H, Black Tar, Bagging, Codeine, OxyContin Adderall, Dexedrine, Cancer Sticks,Street Names / Booze Robo, Triple C, Adam, Bean, E, Dope, Grass, Ice, Chalk, Crank, (Oxy, O.C.), Percocet Mebaral, Stackers, Bump, Coke, Nose Dope, Junk, Huffing, Poppers, Hash, Herb, Mary Crystal, Fire, Glass, Ritalin Pumpers, Gym Chew, Cigarettes, Commercial Tussin, Skittles, Roll, X, XTC (Percs), Vicodin Quaaludes, Xanax, Candy, Rock, Snow Skunk, Smack Snappers, Jane, Pot, Reefer, Meth, Speed Candy Dip, Fags, Smokes Syrup (Vike, Vitamin V) Valium Dusting Skunk, Weed Paint thinners, A green or gray Multi-colored Liquid (types White crystalline Branded tablets White to dark glues, nail polish mixture of dried, White or slightly tablets and Tablets and Tablets and Tablet, liquid or Brown, cut up include beer, wine, powder, chips, Liquid, pills, (Playboy bunnies, brown powder or remover, whipped yellow crystal-like Looks Like powder, gel caps cream aerosal, air shredded flowers powder, large capsules capsules; some capsules skin application leaves liquor) chunks or white Nike swoosh) tar-like can be in liquid rocks substance conditioner fluid and leaves of the rock-like chunks (Freon) and more hemp plant form Cocaine can be Injected, Smoked, brewed How Its snorted or Swallowed smoked, Inhaled through into tea or mixed Swallowed, injected, Swallowed or Swallowed or Swallowed, injected Swallowed, Smoked or chewed Alcohol is drunk Swallowed applied to skin orUsed/Abused injected; crack freebased or nose or mouth into foods snorted or smoked injected injected or snorted injected can be smoked snorted Relaxing, not Keeps you Will guarantee a Keeps you amped Causes a trippy Enhances the A free high, An oral fixation What Teens Makes a boring Full-on A cheap, dangerous and Can keep you A great release of attentive and spot on the up; youll be the high with various senses and youll euphoria, but straight from the and appetite Have Heard night fun 20-minute high often easier to going for days tension life of the party plateaus love everyone super risky medicine cabinet focused starting lineup suppressant get than alcohol Slows down the Cigarette Chronic exposure Boys can develop Impairs reasoning, Can cause Chronic long-term brains activity and Taking high doses smoking harms Can cause heart can produce use, or high dosages, A large single may result in breasts, girls clouds judgement. memory and when a user stops every organ in Can cause Can cause severe Chronic heroin significant can develop Dangerous Long-term heavy attacks, strokes dehydration, liver users risk death learning can cause psychotic dose can cause taking them, there dangerously high the body and and seizures. In abdominal pain, damage to the behavior (including severe respiratory body temperatures facial hair and a drinking can lead problems, can be a rebound causes coronary Because to alcoholism and rare cases, extreme nausea, and heart failure by overdose heart, lungs, hallucinations, paranoia, delusions, depression that effect, possibly and an irregular deepened voice. heart disease, liver damage and even death liver and kidneys. Can cause heart liver and heart sudden death on delusions and hallucinations, violent can lead to death leading to seizures heartbeat. Potential and stroke, as Can induce attacks and disease the first use depersonalization behavior, insomnia and other harmful for heart attacks or well as many death and strokes) lethal seizures strokes consequences forms of cancer 1 in 9 teens has 1 in 8 teens has 1 in 8 teens 1 in 20 teens 1 in 14 teens 1 in 5 teens has 1 in 11 12th graders 1 in 10 teens has 1 in 20 teens 1 in 6 teens has 1 in 3 teens has 1 in 4 teens Teen Usage 1 in 2 teens drank abused cocaine or abused cough has abused has abused has abused abused prescription has abused seda- abused Ritalin or has abused alcohol in the last abused inhalants abused marijuana smoked cigarettes(Grades 9-12) year crack in their medicine in their Ecstasy in their heroin in their in their lifetime in their lifetime methamphetamine pain relievers in tives and/or tranquil- Adderall in their steroids in in the last 30 days lifetime lifetime lifetime lifetime in their lifetime their lifetime izers in their lifetime lifetime their lifetime Slurred speech, Teeth clenching, Missing Medicine bottles Slurred speech, Slurred speech, Track marks on Slowed thinking Nervous physical Lack of appetite, Rapid growth of Smell on clothes lack of Nervous behavior, chills, sweating, present without shallow breathing, Signs of loss of arms, slowed household and reaction activity, scabs and increased muscles, opposite and hair, coordination, restlessness, dehydration, illness, Rx bottles sluggishness, coordination, and slurred products, a time, impaired open sores, decreased missing, disrupted alertness, sex characteris- yellowing of teeth Abuse nausea, vomiting, bloody noses, high disorientation, anxiety, unusual speech, drunk, dazed or disorientation, attention span and tics and extreme and fingers that energy coordination, appetite, inability to eating and sleeping hangovers displays of vomiting dizzy appearance lack of vomiting paranoia sleep energy irritability hold cigarettes affection patterns coordination The "high" from Can be addictive. Heroin overdose More than 1000 Using prescription Teens who abuse common Meth has a high Abusing Secondhand Being a child of cough medicine is A popular club is a particular sedatives and Many teens abuse steroids before the products are potential for abuse prescription typical adolescent smoke contributes an alcoholic Cocaine is one of caused by ingesting drug because of risk on the Contrary to painkillers is just tranquilizers with this prescribed potential and addiction, to more than Important places children at the most a large amount of its stimulant street, where popular belief, as dangerous, alcohol can slow medication to help growth spurt risk 35,000 deaths greater risk for dextromethorphan properties which the purity of the inhalants that marijuana can be putting children at both the heart and them cram for staying short and to Know powerfully can kill on the risk, increasing addictive and related to developing addictive drugs (DXM), a common allow users to drug cannot be addictive respiration and exams or suppress never reaching active ingredient dance for long accurately first use or any crime and causing deadly as using possibly lead to their full adult cardiovascular alcohol problems their appetite periods of time known time thereafter environmental harm heroin death height disease Thanks to Endo Pharmaceuticals, National Supporter, Parent Resources | Find more tools and tips at www.timetotalk.org. Sources: Partnership Attitude Tracking Study 2009, National Institute on Drug Abuse, Monitoring the Future, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. © 2010 The Partnership at Drugfree.org