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Dangers of fast food project student handout with checklist
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Dangers of fast food project student handout with checklist

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  • 1. Dangers of Fast Food Project Group Members: ______________________________Students will produce a 3-4 minute (maximum length) commercial written for a youngteenage audience, highlighting the dangers of fast food. Commercial must clearly include:  At least 3 health dangers of eating fast food  Explain how they affect at least 3 areas of health  Scripted dialogue that states more than 5 facts or statistics to support your claims  Credits, music, subtitles stating facts (that can be read easily)  MLA format bibliography with 4 or more sources  Each group member actively participating in acting, editing and filmingDuring the task you must complete the pre film brainstorming sheet asa groupMy Project Checklist:  I have carefully researched the short term dangers of fast food  I have carefully researched the long term health consequences  I have documented my research in MLA Format in a bibliography  I have written a storyboard with dialogue including 3 dangers of fast food and 3 life style diseases  I have practiced my skit before filming  My commercial skit dialogue uses exceptional facial and verbal expression  My commercial skit dialogue is loud and clear enough to be heard easily by the audience  I made my commercial for a teenage audience  Commercial includes excellent facts and statistics to support claims  All members of my group are involved equally.
  • 2.  My commercial demonstrates that I can use media effectively, e.g. use of camera skills, formatting skills and editing skillsBest Commercials Top Picks will be shown in the cafeteria during lunch and break times