Dangers of fast food project rubric


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Dangers of fast food project rubric

  1. 1. Dangers of Fast Food Commercial RubricINTENDED STUDENT EXEMPLARY PROFICIENT DEVELOPING EMERGING COMMENTSLEARNINGS A 100% A- B+ 88% B- C+ 76% C- D+ 64% D-Accurate Information Accurately and clearly identifies 3 dangers Clearly Identifies 3 dangers of eating fast Identifies 1-2 dangers of eating fast food Dangers of eating fast food are not10 points of eating fast food food clearly identified Commercial attempts to include facts andContent Able to explain in detail how these dangers Able to explain how these dangers impact statistics but failed to support claims Unable to use facts and statistics toHave you clearly stated 3 impact physical, mental and emotional some aspects of health support claimsdangers of fast food? aspects of health Uses several appropriate facts andHave you used facts/statistics Uses reliable and appropriate facts and statistics to support claims and usesto support claims? statistics to support claims (more than 5) correct key terms and uses correct key termsCommunication Uses media highly effectively and Uses media effectively to communicate Was not able to use media to effectively Student did not use media to10 points consistently to communicate health health concerns by use of camera skills, communicate health concerns effectively communicate health concerns by use of camera skills, formatting skills and editing skills. concerns by use of camera skills,The Movie formatting skills and editing skills Dialogue is not loud and clear enough to be formatting skills and editing skills.Does the movie effectively Dialogue is fluent and loud enough to be heard easily by audience and uses little orcommunicate health Dialogue is well planned and uses heard by audience but lacks expression. no expression Dialogue is not loud enough to beconcerns? exceptional facial and verbal expression. It heard by audience. It is unclear is fluent, loud and clear enough to be Commercial follows most of the flow of Commercial bears limited resemblance to and rushed.Does the movie show heard easily by the audience. the script to produce a movie of 3-4 the script and the movie is too long or tooimagination, insight and minutes short Commercial does not have a scriptstyle? Commercial accurately follows the script to to follow produce a movie of 3-4 minutes Commercial shows a good awareness of Commercial is unable to keep the interestDoes it captivate your target target audience and has entertaining of target audience for the duration of the Commercial is not directed toaudience? Commercial captivates and consistently moments movie captivate a teen audience entertains the target audienceConnection and Be part of acting, filming and editing roles Engage within a cooperative group having Recognize that they have a set of Lack the confidence or within a cooperative group according to been assigned a role and fulfill all of the responsibilities to complete for the group, understanding of what is expectedCollaboration the needs of the group and are able to responsibilities expected of them but find it challenging to maintain the role of them resulting in group10 points maintain that role for the duration of the consistently for the duration of the task imbalance or incomplete tasks task or project Commit to working cooperatively byWorking Cooperatively volunteering input, remaining focused Work in assigned groups, remain focused Work independently or in isolationWhat is my responsibility Act to encourage group independence by and takes turns and contribute when prompted and find working with others andwithin a group? creating cooperation and working with maintaining the group dynamic others, compromising and staying on task Offer worthwhile contributions that may Engage with a group even if their challengingWhat does it mean to work driven by personal needs or interest as contributions are inconsistent and need towith others? Make valuable contributions that are in the well as the task be refocused to maximize their impact Make limited contributions that interest of the whole group and support may adversely affect taskWhat is my impact the task completionindividually?Research Accurately researched a variety of Recorded relevant information from Bibliography indicates you misinterpreted Bibliography indicates you didn’t10 points information. Used four or more resources, multiple sources of information statements, graphics and questions and recorded information from four or recorded and interpreted significant facts, evaluated and synthesized relevant failed to identify relevant arguments. fewer resources did not findBibliography and evaluated alternative points of view information graphics and ignored alternativeHave you used four or more points of view.sources? Fully completed pre film brainstorming Complete pre film brainstorming sheet Incomplete pre film brainstorming sheet sheet Pre film brainstorming sheet lostIs your bibliography in A few errors in the MLA formatting Bibliography absent from the movie credits and incompleteMLA Format? Correct MLA format included in the movie included in the movie credits credits