How to use Social Media for Business


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This is a presentation on how companies' and brands can use social media sites / networks for business purposes. This presentation discusses various uses like Customer Service, Customer Engagement, Integration with traditional media etc. This may not be exhaustive and there could be many more innovative ways in which businesses can use / are using social media to achieve their business objectives, but effort is to share some most common purposes.

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How to use Social Media for Business

  1. 1. Social Media for Business Presented by: Harbinder Narula Ex-Googler, Digital Entrepreneur, Currently helping companies with their Digital Media Strategies
  2. 2. Objective of this presentationSocial media sites help people communicate and converse online.Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ are among themost popular, and online users check these sites almost every day.Over the last few years, businesses have started seeing value injoining these conversations to engage with these users, who may beeither be their existing or prospective customers. This presentationis an effort to share a few ways in which businesses can use socialmedia to better engage with online users, to grow their business. Presentation by Harbinder Narula ©
  3. 3. Improve Customer Care Social Media Sites & Social Networks give your customers direct access to your business. This provides an opportunity to listen to what they have to say and learn how they feel about your business. Participating in these online conversations by being responsive and offering access to you, works brilliantly for your customer service.Presentation by Harbinder Narula ©
  4. 4. Manage Complaints Social media sites allows customers to leave comments on how youre doing. You must monitor these comments and listen when they complain or criticize your business. This not only helps in getting valuable feedback, but also a chance to reply and repair your image into a positive image of a business that cares.Presentation by Harbinder Narula ©
  5. 5. Share Case Studies & Stories Proof of happiness is powerful in establishing the credibility of the company. Social media offers a lot of opportunities to get real testimonials and share them with others. Positive feedback from customers can be seen instantaneously by anyone who accesses your brand’s profile.Presentation by Harbinder Narula ©
  6. 6. Employee Engagement Brands / Companies can use their social media sites for idea generation and development. Companies can Give their employees a platform where they share their ideas. Such networking platforms can be closely monitored (and even be controlled) and could be used to either keep in touch, offering newsletters, sharing updates and launching or managing employee development and incentive programs.Presentation by Harbinder Narula ©
  7. 7. Boost Customer Loyalty Brands can use their social media profiles to run their customer loyalty programs by offering incentives and rewards. Applications & widgets can be created on these sites & platforms and everything can be managed right there without any more punch cards.Presentation by Harbinder Narula ©
  8. 8. Generate New Business Online Social Media presence gives brands free advertising on some of the largest message boards. People can find the companies’ business / brand profiles through Web searches and their friends profiles. This is a great way to attract new customers and scale businesses.Presentation by Harbinder Narula ©
  9. 9. Market Intelligence Social Media engagement makes it extremely simple to get to know your target market. You can not only find out exactly who enjoys your products / services, but you can also know what else they like. Companies have traditionally spent large amounts in market research to gather this information and all they need to do is invest a little time. Brands can try & understand the user behavior and consumption patterns from such social media interactions.Presentation by Harbinder Narula ©
  10. 10. Branding Every company has a brand message which they want to share with their users. Social Media offers an opportunity to regularly reinforce this message by easy shares among their fans and groups who may be existing customers or prospects.Presentation by Harbinder Narula ©
  11. 11. Connecting the Dots Social Media can easily be integrated (& should be) with with the website and other promotional & marketing tools. This can not only help in increasing traffic but also provides opportunity to effectively use traditional forms of advertising more effectively by engaging with the target audience and crating interactivity. With widespread use of smart phones, brands can also engage through widgets and apps that allow the brands to link everything together for maximum exposure at the consumers convenience.Presentation by Harbinder Narula ©
  12. 12. Multimedia Exposure There was a time when expensive television commercials were the only way to share brand experience & advertisement through videos. Now most social media sites have multimedia applications that can be used. There is an opportunity for any brand to create videos showing what the company is all about or demonstrate products to their customers. This multimedia approach helps in building the corporate image, giving it more personal touch and providing a strong top-of-the-mind recall.Presentation by Harbinder Narula ©
  13. 13. Transactions Making actual sales & enabling transactions is one of the strongest business use case of social media. Through testimonials and multimedia demonstrations the probability of positive purchase decision increases. Apart from redirecting the purchaser to transact on the business website through integrated payment gateways, some of the social media sites even offer opportunity of serving as online retail front & transacting there itself.Presentation by Harbinder Narula ©
  14. 14. Word of caution: When you put anything online, it isdifficult to retract from it, so it is important for you as abusiness to spend time in planning this media, asseriously as you would plan any other more expensivetraditional media like print or television. Social Media iswhere your customers will be engaging inconversations about your business and / or brand.So, make sure that you define your objective, identifythe target audience and then continuously monitor thecampaigns to ensure the efficiency of your effort inachieving the desired impact for the business.Presentation by Harbinder Narula ©
  15. 15. About the author Harbinder Narula is an experienced & resourceful professional who is focused on New Media and Business Models around Internet & Mobile. He has built cross functional understanding across products, technology and business models critical for success. Harbinder has worked at companies like Google (including YouTube India), Indiatimes, Aryty & Buongiorno and also co-founded WonderDoctor –an online product focused on preventive healthcare. He currently advises businesses on digital solutions that can help them achieve their business objectives.Contact: +91.9910773666 Email: