How to use YouTube to effectively brand your business.


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You will find tips on how to use YouTube to be promote your business. You will learn how to use YouTube and what to keep in mind while planning your channel so that you are able to achieve your business objectives.

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How to use YouTube to effectively brand your business.

  1. 1. HARBINDERNARULAHow to effectively use to Brand your Business©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  2. 2. Why use YouTube for your Brand?For  the  same  reason  we  use  any  other  media  to  promote  our  business  –  Reach.  YouTube  is  accessed  by  millions  of  people  everyday  not  only  to  watch  and  share  personal  videos  but  also  to  get  informa,on  &  guidance.      People  use  YouTube  to  understand  features  of  the  new  phone  that  they  intend  to  purchase,  to  know  how  to  use  the  new  soHware  or  learn  how  to  beIer  their  digital  photography  skills.  It  is  not  only  a  great  opportunity  to  adverKse  but  also  to  engage  with  the  audience  and  be  their  friend.      In  the  next  couple  of  slides  I  will  try  and  capture  a  few    Kps  on  how  to  effecKvely  use  YouTube  to  grow  your  brand  online.  ©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  3. 3. Consider it to be abusiness ToolTip # 1YouTube is an eco-system that allowspeople to share videos. Like most socialnetworks, this eco-system is also boundby rules, which may change. So it maybe a great idea to use YouTube likeanother social network to engage &share to be able to influence youraudience and redirect them to a placewhich is owned by your business totransact.©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  4. 4. Optimize keywords toleverage SEOTip # 2YouTube  is  owned  by  Google  and  videos  appear  high  in  search  results,  so  make  sure  that  the  tags  and  descripKons  are  keyword-­‐opKmized.    YouTube  is  also  recognized  as  the  second  largest  search  engine  aHer  Google  and  people  are  accessing  it  for  various  reasons  that  in  many  ways  influence  their  purchase  decisions,  so  opKmizing  the  words  that  describe  the  video  is  important.    ©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  5. 5. Appear as an expertTip # 3The  key  is  not  to  sell  but  to  show  your  experKse.  Pick  a  problem  related  to  your  business  that  your  viewers  might  have  and  give  them  a  soluKon.  If  youre  an  Interior  Designer,  offer  a  simple  design  Kp.  A  dry  cleaning  company  can  make  videos  on  easy  Kps  to  pack  clothes  at  the  end  of  the  season.  Show  them  something  you  know  how  to  do  that  will  benefit  them.  ©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  6. 6. Create content, NOT AdsTip # 4The  consumers  are  not  interested  in  tradiKonal  forms  of  markeKng  on  an  interacKve  media  like  the  web  &  mobile.    They  want  to  be  educated  and  their  behaviors  of  search  &  discovery  of  informaKon  have  changed.    People  look  for  and  expect  to  find  soluKons  online  which  is  why  they  look  for  content  that  can  help  them.    Recently,  ‘Shoppers  Stop’  effecKvely  used  videos  that  explained  how  to  Ke  different  kinds  of  Tie  knots.  They  saw  a  surge  in  the    traffic  to  the  product  catalog    page  on  their  e-­‐commerce  site.    ©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  7. 7. Your products in actionTip # 5Dont  just  show  your  products  or  services,  but  show  them  in  acKon.  If  you  sell  barbecue  grills,  teach  your  viewers  some  great  BBQ  recipes.  Videos  that  show  how  to  do  something  using  the  product  are  the  most  effecKve  in  markeKng.  Similarly,  a  camera  manufacturer  can  upload  videos  that  help  a  user  learn  how  to  click  beIer  pictures.  ©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  8. 8. Upload testimonialsTip # 6YouTube  videos  are  a  great  way  to  build  credibility  &  trust  for  your  business.  It  has  been  repeatedly  menKoned  that  social  media  is  all  about  conversaKons,  and  in  business  context  it  is  similar  to  a  word-­‐of-­‐mouth.  If  this  is  the  case,  tesKmonials  about  your  product  or  service  could  add  value  in  building  trust  and  further  influencing  purchase  decisions.  ©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  9. 9. Keep it short & simpleTip # 7Videos  dont  have  to  be  long.  In  fact,  they  shouldnt  be.  Focus  on  making  videos  that  are  just  a  few  minutes  long.  If  youve  got  a  topic  that  stretches  over  4  to  5  minutes,  make  two  videos  covering  different  aspects  of  it.  You  cannot  be  sure  of  the  device  the  user  may  use  or  the    bandwidth  that  person  may  have  access  to,  so  keeping  you  videos  short  as  well  as  light  will  make  the  viewing  experience  pleasurable.        ©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  10. 10. Give a sneak peekTip # 8You  might  like  to  make  videos  that  show  your  business’  inside  operaKons.  Viewers  who  already  like  your  brand  love  to  get  a  sneak  peek  at  what  goes  on  behind  closed  doors.  This  would  actually  work  well  for  luxury  brands  to  let  the  audience  know  of  the  processes  being  followed  and  the  quality  of  raw  material  being  used  which  will  make  the  brand  unique  and  aspiraKonal.        ©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  11. 11. Socialize & subscribeTip # 9YouTube  is  a  social  media  site  so  one  must  use  it  like  one.  It  is  ok  to  subscribe  to  other  channels,  watch  videos,  comment  and  make  friends.  You  will  soon  find  that  other  users  will  do  the  same  for  you  and  youll  create  a  network  of  similar  minded  businesses.  This  will  result  in  gebng  traffic  to  your  YouTube  channel  which  could  result  in  business  leads.          ©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  12. 12. Customize your channelTip # 10Make  use  of  all  of  the  customizaKon  opKons  that  YouTube  offers  for  your  channel.  Try  to  give  your  visitors  the  best  user  experience  possible.  Here  are  a  few  pointers:  Leverage  One  Channel  Design:  It  is  clean  and  is  more  friendly  for  a  business  channel  and  is  also  responsive  to  the  device  being  used  to  access  YouTube.  Customize  the  background  and  Align  themes  and  colors  with  your  website  and  other  markeKng  materials.    Choose  a  player  view:  It  will  help  you  feature  a  video  you  want  to  promote.    Create  playlists:  This  will  help  arrange  the  videos  for  easy  access  for  your  audience.    ©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  13. 13. Schedule content productionTip # 11It  doesnt  maIer  how  oHen  you  produce  videos,  but  you  need  to  do  it  regularly.  Decide  how  many  youll  post  per  week  and  sKck  to  it.  This  will  engage  your  users  to  come  back  to  your  channel  more  oHen.      ©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  14. 14. Use annotationsTip # 12You  can  add  logos  and  text  links  on  the  video  which  can  be  helpful  in  redirecKng  the  user  to  other  landing  pages,  other  videos,  playlists  or  subscriber  opKons.    This  is  an  effecKve  way  to  build  a  call  to  acKon  on  your  videos.      ©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  15. 15. Push people to your websiteTip # 13It  is  more  useful  to  have  people  visit  your  website  than  just  hang  around  on  YouTube.  At  the  end  of  the  day  you  are  using  YouTube  to  promote  your  business  and  you  want  people  to  transact.  Some  of  the  ways  in  which  you  could  do  that  are:  1.  Include  you  web  URL  in  the  descripKon  2.  Include  a  link  in  the  “About”  secKon  3.  Use  a  link  in  the  annotaKon  4.  Use  YouTube  to  upload  teasers  and  main  content  is  on  your  website.  This  is  effecKvely  used  by  premium  content  owners  who  use  YouTube  for  trailers  and  sell  content  on  their  own  website.    ©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  16. 16. Embed with othersocial mediaTip # 14Put  your  videos  all  over  your  other  social  media  sites.  Embedding  videos  is  as  simple  as  copying  a  code  and  pasKng  it.  Youll  get  them  seen  by  more  people  and  youll  also  get  backlinks.  Once  you  upload  a  video,  you  can  provide  a  link  through  your  blog  and  you  may  even  tweet  about  it.  Using  Facebook  is  an  effecKve  way  to  drive  traffic  to  your  YouTube  channel.      ©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  17. 17. Build in Call-To-ActionTip # 15We  must  not  forget  that  we  have  business  objecKves  to  deliver,  and  that  is  the  reason  we  are  using  YouTube  (at  least  when  you  are  using  it  to  promote  your  business).  You  can  ask  the  user  to  do  something  reasonable  that  will  benefit  both  of  you.  You  can  ask  him  to  subscribe  to  your  channel,  visit  your  website  or  just  share  the  video  with  friends.  It  may  be  a  smart  thing  to  build  compelling  reasons  which  results  in  acKon  like  promoKng  a  coupon,  teaser  to  an  event  etc.        ©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  18. 18. Viral worthyTip # 16Everybody  wants  to  have  a  viral  video.  Just  one  video  that  goes  viral  can  get  you  exposure  like  youve  never  dreamed  possible.  Most  viral  videos  get  passed  around  because  theyre  funny,  so  add  a  bit  of  humor  to  your  videos.  If  your  agency  is  smart,  they  will  be  able  to  integrate  your  brand  smartly  in  the  video.    ©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  19. 19. Use ‘insights’ to reviewTip # 17You  can  use  YouTube  Insights  to  review  the  success  of  your  videos.  You  can  analyze  and  find  out  who  watched  your  videos  and  how  did  they  discover  the  videos.  This  will  provide  feedback  on  what  kind  of  videos  work  well  with  your  audience  and  will  help  you  plan  further.    ©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  20. 20. Once  you  start  seeing  results  from  your  YouTube  branding  efforts,  you  might  consider  upgrading  your  video  equipment.  To  get  started,  all  you  need  is  a  good  web  cam.  But  invesKng  in  gear  such  as  lighKng,  a  beIer  sound  system,  a  camera  and  ediKng  soHware  can  help  you  produce  beIer  videos  more  easily.  Its  well  worth  the  money  to  create  higher  quality  videos  than  your  compeKtors.    ©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;  
  21. 21. About the authorHarbinder is a product crusader who loves consumer web and enjoys working onnon-obvious ideas. In the past 17 years, Harbinder has worked in the internetand mobile industry with focus on content and business development.Some of the exciting stuff that Harbinder has done includes re-launching theIndiatimes IVR portal as a separate profit center in ‘05 followed by startingGoogle’s business development function in India and then launching YouTube’sIndia site with premium content partners on board. He also was a part of themanagement team at a startup that launched gifting of mobile airtime amongexpats in the US followed by leading Buongiorno’s mobile operator led businessin India. Most recently he exited the online healthcare venture which he kick-started as co-founder, after handing over the operations in the hands of a teamhe developed.Harbinder currently offers business consultancy and is known to connect ideaswith resources. Also, he regularly takes time out to mentor young entrepreneurs.Email: Phone: +91.9910773666©  Harbinder  Narula,  2013;