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    But-There-Is-An-Exception,-And-That-Exception-Is-G73 But-There-Is-An-Exception,-And-That-Exception-Is-G73 Document Transcript

    • But there is an exception, and that exception is gold whose price has been steadily climbing during the last two years. Number of reasons exists why this is happening, and before you decide if you should consider gold, you may take a look at it all.gold penny stocks
    • First of all, big and small investors alike have been already investing in gold asa way to protect themselves against losses in other asset classes Unlikestocks or bonds, they know that they will always have it no matter whathappens elsewhere Another big reason why the price of gold is steadily goingup is because central banks are continuing to buy gold to diversify and solidifytheir holdings
    • This is especially true for central banks in emerging markets that normallyhold all their holdings in dollar denominated assets like government bonds Sojust in the first 8 months of this year, their purchases have risen over 150 %over those in 2010
    • Even European central banks have started to be net purchasers of gold, firsttime this has happened since 1986 And this is a trend that shows notendencies of slowing down or stopping bringing on further pressure for goldprices to continue going up
    • So then, if gold has such firm support and promising future, what are the bestways to invest in it? One of them is to buy shares in gold mining companiesThis can be done by purchasing them directly through your broker or throughinvesting in a gold penny stocks mutual fund that specializes in gold miningcompanies
    • Investors here hope to make money as prices of those shares go up and ascompanies redistribute their earnings through taxable dividends However, it isvery important to note here that gold prices and share prices of gold miningfirms do not always move in the same direction
    • Share prices can and do move very violently and, thus, they can be very riskyThe bottom line here is that you are really not investing in metal, but in thecompany itself
    • Then, there is the most tangible way to do gold investment, and that is bypurchasing gold itself The most rational way to go about it, and the cheapestone at the same time, is to purchase bullion coins
    • There are many choices here, and many coins are industry standardized -they are widely accepted and even traded Many may consider jewelry as analternative to gold coins, which is really not a great idea as the premium paidon purchasing jewelry is multiple of a small premium paid on purchasing coins,and that steep premium cannot be recuperated if it is ever offered to be sold
    • So, whatever you do, plan well, and plan well ahead, and let a shiny metalshow you the way
    • gold penny stocks