ProMIS Colorectal surgery


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ProMIS Surgical Simulator: Laparoscopic & Hand-Assisted Colorectal surgery Module.
A user is guided step-by-step through a HALS & Laparoscopic Colectomy procedure - and provided metrics on their performance.


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ProMIS Colorectal surgery

  1. 1. ProMIS™ Laparoscopic Colectomy Simulator "We finally have a training tool that, through the combination of real tactile feedback and virtual reality, gives the surgeon an unparalleled opportunity to practice, step by step, a Hand-assisted laparoscopic sigmoid resection." Bryan N. Butler, MD, Buffalo Medical Group. • Augmented Reality (AR) integrates virtual and physical reality Haptica introduces ProMIS™ LC, a • Uses real instruments, including powerful, new augmented reality access devices, a range of simulator for Laparoscopic Colectomy. instruments, staplers and energy devices • Tracks instruments and hand A mix of virtual and real worlds movements for performance ProMIS™ LC allows a surgeon to perform a measurement complete hand-assisted or fully laparoscopic colectomy on a totally simulated model, using • Highly realistic surgical context and a complete set of real instruments. real haptics and tactile feedback via complete physical anatomic model • Guided tutorial via animations, graphics, video, audio and text • Automatic metrics and assessment of performance • User and group records Tel +1 617 342 7270 • Networked system Fax +1 617 342 7080 RoW tel +353 (0)1676 7310 RoW fax +353 (0)1676 7311
  2. 2. Show, Practice, Measure ProMIS™ LC is built on a 'Show, Practice, Measure' model of training. Surgeons are guided through the procedure step-by-step, and at the end are given feedback on their performance. As they work, the surgeon's instruments - and hand - are tracked as they perform the procedure. It is this combination of real and virtual worlds that enables ProMIS™ LC to deliver a highly realistic and engaging learning experience. Why ProMIS™ LC? Limitless practice Most people with colorectal cancer will have some type of surgery. The ProMIS™ LC Simulator Unlike traditional training, ProMIS™ LC aims to help reduce the risk of surgery by provides standard tutorial and performance increasing the accessibility and effectiveness measurement and affords an opportunity to of training for surgeons. practice and run courses anytime, anywhere. Networked user records system Real haptics and real context User records and group performance reports ProMIS™ LC is the first simulator to integrate are automatically generated and may be virtual reality with real haptics and real accessed remotely. instruments. Surgeons use the full range of real laparoscopic instruments to complete A (wireless) networked system enables data the procedure, interacting with a mix of from more than one ProMIS™ simulator to be virtual and physical models. gathered quickly and easily on a single server. Proficiency levels can be set for different groups and can be set remotely, for a single simulator or for a networked group.
  3. 3. ProMIS™ LC LapColectomy Procedure Users practice on a physical, Whether done HALS or purely In Step 1, a virtual small bowel is anatomically correct model with laparoscopically, real instruments retracted when the bodyform is tilted. A video shows how the step works in defined surgical planes - with IMA, are used, including energy devices a real procedure and provides pulsation, ureter, etc and staplers additional guidance. Augmented Reality - 3D animations In Step 3, once the tissue has been Onscreen graphics provide guidance and images - are overlaid on the dissected, the user identifies the IMA for dissection, transaction and physical model to provide instruction, through haptic feel - with either retraction and enable performance guidance and measurement instrument or hand measurement Users must deal with issues such The colon is externalized to Sutures are used to secure bleeding which are VR overlaid on resect the tumor and insert the the anvil. Anastomosis is the haptic model. The bleeding is anvil of the circular stapler created intra-corporeally stopped using the real energy device Irrigation and suction are On completing the procedure, And examine the real model performed through virtual users review performance results for performance reality and real instruments
  4. 4. ProMIS™ Surgical Simulator ProMIS™ is unique in combining virtual and real worlds in the same system. Users learn, practice and measure their proficiency with real instruments on real models with real haptics and real context. Validated The award-winning ProMIS™ has become the simulator of choice for leading skills centers ProMIS™ Components worldwide. Studies have validated ProMIS' Bodyform and Laptop Computer effectiveness in training and assessing laparoscopic skill - including on FLS Tasks • A molded ‘Bodyform’, ‘skin’ and with robotic instrumentation. and sliding drawer. • A laptop computer, Windows XP, Preferred by users 60GB hard-drive, 1GB RAM. Studies show that users prefer ProMIS™ over • Base tilt mechanism enabling VR simulators. "Scores for ProMIS™ were tilting up to 45º. significantly higher (than the VR simulator) for • ProMISCam™: a model overall realism, thread behavior, reflection of Laparoscopic Camera. clinical ability, and overall educational value." (Fellinger, et al, SAGES 2006 P224) System software and technology • Core System software. Integrates easily into the Curriculum • Tracking system. ProMIS™ is the only simulator that adapts • Graphics engine. to local curriculum. Administrators and tutors • Integrated Diagnostics and Setup software. can adapt the ProMIS Basic Skills Program to suit local needs and can use the unique Open Laparoscopic Skills Modules Module to add new Tasks. Proficiency levels can be set for different groups. As well as Laparoscopic Colectomy, ProMIS™ offers a Basic Laparoscopic Measures and predicts FLS performance Skills curriculum, including: A new Module enables the SAGES/ACS • Laparoscope Orientation Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery • Instrument Handling program to be used in ProMIS™ and for users • Dissection to get objective and effective measurement of • Intracorporeal Suturing and Knot-tying performance on FLS Tasks*. Users simply insert Modules are also available to measure FLS FLS Tasks in ProMIS™ and get the standard Tasks and to train in techniques of specific ProMIS™ metrics and video recording; the procedures. An Open Module allows users networked user records system offers a to measure their own research Tasks or unique opportunity to gather user data Tasks in an existing curriculum. on FLS performance. *McCluney, et al, 2006; Ritter, et al, 2006; Vuong, et al, 2006. For more information on ProMIS™ LC is available globally from Haptica. To learn more about this and other Haptica simulators, please call Haptica at 617-342-7270 or RoW +353 (0)1676 7310, email