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LFCC Practicum
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LFCC Practicum


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Home of the Taylor Tigers
  • 2.  W.C. Taylor Middle School was originally a high school that opened in September of the year 1952 The school was originally a segregated school, designated for Black students only Today, however, W.C. Taylor Middle School is open to all students, offering grades 6 through 8
  • 3.  Taylor Middle School is home to approximately four-hundred students Each class consists of approximately twenty students Most classes are taught by one individual teacher; however, if there are more than twenty students in a class or if he engages in “inclusion,” the teacher will be assigned an aid
  • 4.  Despite the fact that Taylor Middle School is over fifty years old, the school is very well- kept. Their yearly budget is approximately $29,000, and it is put to good use, as the classrooms are well kept, the halls are well lit, and the cafeteria serves, as the students call it, “edible food.” › Furthermore, there is an immense amount of technology available to teachers and students.
  • 5.  Mr. Meister has been teaching for over twenty-five years This year was his first at Taylor Middle School. Prior to this, he had taught in a school in Pennsylvania Regardless of his status as “the new teacher,” Mr. Meister is respected by other staff members, by parents, and most importantly by the students
  • 6. -EighthGrade English-Approximately 20 StudentsPer Class-No Special Considerations
  • 7. Mr. Meister‟s classroom stands out. Iwonder why…
  • 8. Mr. Meister‟s classroom stands out. Iwonder why…
  • 9. Students‟ work is proudly displayed throughout the room…Mr. Meister‟s classroom stands out. Iwonder why…
  • 10. Students‟ work is proudly displayed throughout the room…Mr. Meister‟s classroom stands out. Iwonder why…
  • 11. Cranes…Mr. Meister‟s classroom stands out. Iwonder why…
  • 12.  Mr. Meister teaches four periods of English each day. This is in addition to his duties as the play director, the co-coach of the football team, and other administrative work that he is in charge of on a daily basis. Mr. Meisier‟s students have a true, unwavering respect for him. Having witnessed multiple classes in multiple grades, I have come to realize that such respect from eighth grade students is not easily “earned.”
  • 13. Miss. Pierson‟s “Middle SchoolAssignment:”(Displayed with permission of thestudents and of Mr. Meister) - What students did and did not like - What they would change - Tips on how to be a good teacher
  • 14. Students in Mr. Meister‟s class are very passionate about bullying.
  • 15. Students in Mr. Meister‟s class are very passionate about bullying.
  • 16. No two students are the same. It was interesting to see howdifferent students had different approaches to the assignment Ihad given.
  • 17. Miss Pierson‟s:- Paragraph Assignment- Poetry Assignment
  • 18. I separated the class into groups of three and four. Theassignment was to describe flowers, pizza, or outer space.
  • 19. Though their spelling was not always perfect, their imaginationswere soaring. Again, it was interesting to see how differentstudents had different takes on the assignment.
  • 20. This assignment was also an excellent formative assessment. Itallowed me to see how the students were performing inregards to subject/verb agreement and the 8 parts of speech.
  • 21. -“Thank You”-In response to „Miss. P‟s‟portfolio assignment…
  • 22. On the last day of mypracticum, Mr. Meisterpresented me with anopportunity to teach allfour periods of English. Iwas very excited, as itwas an excellentopportunity (He allowedme to teach twice). Whileit was a challenge attimes, the studentsseemed to respondwell, and moreimportantly, they seemedto understand my lessonplan.Several students handedthis to me before classended.
  • 23. The male students saidthey “Couldn‟t possiblyhave any part in such a„girly‟ thank you note…”Thus, they handed this tome, before leaving. These notes were reaffirming, to say the least.
  • 24. As previouslymentioned, I hadassigned the studentsa journal entry thatwas to be aboutwhat they wouldchange and whatthey liked aboutTaylor Middle School.They were asked toinclude adjectivesand, if possible,predicate adjectives.They were awarethat this assignmentwas going to be apart of my portfolio.One student, hopingfor his “thoughts” tobe included in myportfolio, feltcompelled to writeProfessor Killough a This student made a point to inform me thatnote, himself. in all seriousness, he meant what he wrote. “By the way…I used three Predicate Adjectives.”
  • 25. I spent a little over forty-three hours in TaylorMiddle School. It wasn‟t a lot of time, but itwas enough time for me to realize thatteaching is one of the mostdemanding, thankless jobs in existence…It is also one of the most rewarding. Havingthe opportunity to observe Mr. Meister andhis (nearly 80!) students was one of themost humbling experiences I have everbeen blessed with.
  • 26. When I become a teacher, I will not forgetthe “words of wisdom” that Mr. Meister‟sstudents left me with. I will remember thatmy students are not “just kids.” They arepeople, and if given the opportunity, theycan learn…they want to learn.My practicum experience at Taylor MiddleSchool has had an immense impact on me.I cannot thank Mr. Meister and his studentsenough.
  • 27. Most information regarding W.C. Taylor Middle School was retrieved from various staff members. Nevertheless, someinformation was retrieved from the Taylor Middle School website. Taylor Middle School. "Taylor Middle School - About Us." Taylor Middle School. Fauquier County Public Schools, 1 Mar. 2011. Web. 8 Apr. 2011. < scrapbook/default.php?sectiondetailid=201&>.