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  • Deutschland- Latvia Art Friendship Ⓒ HAPPY ART MUSEUM artists 50 masterpieces expo in Frankfurt ⓒ IRA KITZKI GALLERY
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Ira kitzki gallery ⓒhappy art museum

  1. 1. Type to enter text A n s c h r i f t : Z u m A p o t h e k e r h o f 6 , 6 0 5 9 4 F r a n k f u r t a m M a i n ( S a c h s e n h a u s e n ) T e l e f o n : 0 6 9 - 9 6 2 3 7 0 1 4 , m o b i l : 0 1 7 1 - 9 9 0 1 9 7 8 i k i t z k i @ s i a . e d u         w w w . k i t z k i - a r t . c o m Öffnungszeiten (zu Ausstellungszeiten):  Mittwoch bis Freitag: 13 bis 18 Uhr Samstag: 10 bis 15 Uhr und nach Vereinbarung G A L E R I E IRA KITZKI
  2. 2. In spite of joyful name for exhibition a group of artists from Latvia invites to join a dialogue on quite important existencial issues. Such as: the essence of artistic activity, the limits of human abilities, coexistence of polarities. „Where does the top end and the bottom begin? Where does the mind end and insanity begin? Where does the artist’s ecstasy start and hopelessness end? Where does the hope that something in the the world can be changed for the better end and the quiet sadness caused by the transitory nature of all things start? Where does the longing for the divine start and the horror of the present end? These boundaries are too unclear and vague to be defined by words and images. It is not possible to save the world or the mankind by colliding opposites, it is not possible to eliminate the boundaries, but the tension that makes one pull himself together and go back to consciousness rises. A scream, born as a result of this collision cuts like a sword, which directs one against the other. In the light of this scream something new might be born”. Existencial filosophical contents intermingled with direct social context, responses to challenges of brave and still new world is expressed in classical techniques of XX century as well as in modern artistic media. Artists participating in the exhibition: Dags Viduleis with monochrome paintings, latvian contemporarie classic master Yuris Dimiters, Sergey Dyomin with oneiric paintings, surreal paintings Karina Rungenfelde. Zigmunds Bielis with erotically ironical sculptures.
  3. 3. Type to enter text FRANKFURT - RIGA ART HANSEATIC LEAGUE Is the weight of a talent in Europe? Is art important for Europe? How hard or easy is it to move ideas between the parts? Is the genius from peripherals easily be heard in Europe banks capital- FRANKFURT? How serious is the friendship between "old" and "new" parts of Europe? Is it easy to be young talent in Europe? Art Friendship between FRANKFURT and Riga is! The old Hanseatic "Amber Way" have opened! AMBERWAY-FRANKFURT,wasaplacewherealmostthreecenturiesthetwoculturesmet,ontheonehand,theMediterraneaneconomiesand,ontheotherhandtheBaltic andtheNorthSeaeconomy.ItwasalsoaplacethathasgraduallyinvolvedintheHanseaticLeagueintermarry.Allowedbothculturalandartsandlanguages,socialsystems closertogether.Churchbasementsweretraderswarehouse.Frankfurt-pilgrimroutefromRigatoRome. Sothatduringthe15thcentury,economicandculturaldifferencesbecamesmaller,reachingintegration.HanseaticcityofcultureandtheFirstBaltic-1201foundedin Riga,Frankfurt,Lübeck,Rostock,Danzig,theninScandinavia-Sweden,FinlandandNovgorod.GraduallyextendingalongtheentiretraderouteFlemish,Celtic,Brittany hydronymselementsofthelanguageplacenames,placenames,nameshavesurvivedtothepresent. ThisyearIamworkingwithhistoricalresearchfindingswithinthe groupexhibitioncreated.NationalMuseumofHistoryofArchitecture.ItturnsoutthattheplacenamesinLatvianonlymusicalsounds-yourancientlanguages meansthe actualtypesoffarmingworkcreatingthemap.ForexampleDaugavaourgreatrivermeansDougistransport,Avaistheway.LikeDon-ava.Placenameshaveretainedall ofoursharedhistory.ThatiswhysomuchwantedtocometomyBriggs.Thus,Brugeswasnotonlyeconomicbutalsoculturalexchangeplace. Today in Central and Eastern connection toWestern Europe, is quite similar to the events that took place in medieval Europe. North-eastern accession to the European economic system . Frankfurt and Riga during the Hanse was trade houses and families from the west and south- was also a house of privileged traders dynasty from the Baltic , Scandinavia and northern Germany , the European part of Russia . And indeed today, this exhibition we notice this remarkable and surprising similarities. Hanse turned out to be the carrier not only economic goods and riches , but also the language, culture and social customs in the same manner as globalization and political and economic unification in Europe does today. In the symbolic year 2000, on the threshold of the new millennium , when the European Union was integrated into various eastern European countries on its eastern borders themselves . Hanseatic Union can serve as a historical example of how integration has been achieved for many centuries earlier in Frankfurt and Riga culture exchange. As in the era of the Hanseatic League 's highway again here. Not only a banks capital, but an art quoting , purchase and exchange of real Europe is only here .
  4. 4. Dag Viduleys „Giselle” 160-60, canvas/sangin 2012 -2900 EUR Dag Vidulejs " Aquaeductus " 122-92 c / Sangin 2012 3900 EUR E X P O S I T I O N E X C H A N G E C O N T E M P O R A R I E S A R T
  5. 5. Sigmund Biel ' Symbol ' , bronze / granite, 2005 44th Sigmund Biel " introversion " , H60 , bronze , 2010 Sigmund Biel " Linda " , 50 h , bronze , 2013
  6. 6. Karīna Rungenfelde „Fralty” 90-120 a/e 2010 Karīna Rungenfelde „The Madonna of Kangaro”, 92-73, a/e, 2012 Karīna Rungenfelde „Čempions”, 120-80, a/e, 2008
  7. 7. Sergei Dyomin "Think green " , 129 to 94 , oil / canvas 2013 Sergei Dyomin " Good morning ... " , 130- 100 , oil / canvas 2012 Sergei Dyomin "Grand Zero " , 200 to 175 , oil / canvas, 2009 Sergei Dyomin "Think green " , 129 to 94 , oil / canvas 2013 Sergei Dyomin " Good " 130-100 oil / c
  8. 8. Juris Dimiters ' matches' , 31 to 51 , c / e , mixed technique Juris Dimiters "Green Flag" , 32-52 , c / e mixed technique 2013 Juris Dimiters " Matches for Lorena background " , 40-60 , c / oil , mixed technique 2013 Juris Dimiters " Pipe and Banana " , 32-52 , c / oil, confused . Machinery, 2013
  9. 9. Research made by“Frankfurt messe gmbh” are stating that the best location for establishing a large district for international exhibitions and business activities in Northen Europe and Baltic countries is the location nearby Airport“Riga”, as it is right next to an highway-Ulmana boulevard, airport Riga, five minutes from city center, five minutes from old town and five minutes from the very famous resort- Jurmala. The ambassadory of United States is currently being built next to Ulmana boulevard. Construction of the building made huge investments in new technologies. This provides an opportunity to work as BANK, as providers, and work with world-class Internet research. Now building rent bigest social network "DRAUGIEM.LV" German constructors project was planned in future technologies and confirming the multi-functional possibilities. In pursuit of strategic development Latvia is on its way of putting the Riga airport’s district as one of the places of the city with the fastest development. Among the buildings, which represent prestigious business brands, the building of“PINAKOTEKA”brings a whole new accent and enforces the magnificent and urban building assembly of the new district and at the same time represents latest happenings in EXCLUSIVE OFFICE- EXPO BUILDING for investment and rent. Pinakoteka Ltd. started its operations by opening„Happy arts museum”producer group organised exhibitions. Expositions throughout the exhibition sketched new vibes of quality while still proving and confirming the multi-functional possibilities offered by new premises of„Pinakoteka”. The premises can easily satisfy any call for corporate gatherings, different type of art, music, media events etc. However, this organization faces some financial issues, as museums in Latvia are regarded as non-profit organizations. Right now Pinakoteka Ltd. is relating its future with local and international projects, with reflecting most important happenings in contemporary art. http://www.happyartmuseum.co
  10. 10. Happy Art Museum-7.level hall GALLERIA RIGA Dzirnavu street 67 no holidays 13-21 free entree w w w . h a p p y a r t m u s e u m . c o + 3 7 1 2 9 5 9 5 8 8 5 + 3 7 1 2 9 1 7 7 7 4 8 Type to enter text Type to enter text We offer our gallery collection of the best contemporary recognized professional artists paintings, sculptures, graphics. Contemporaries in the art that will become classics. We are the largest private art exhibition hallI In Latvia. Producers Group Ltd"Happy Art Museum" organizes art events in our"Pinakoteka" and in the center of Riga "Galleria Riga" 7 level (300m2). Dzirnavu str 67 , Wine collection, 1000 artpieces shop, ArtStudio. Latvian artists union group exhibitions, performances, literal actions, film festival,corporative events, EUROCLUB saturday18:00 Shows well attended up to 500 people a day. We offer cooperation in organizing the art exchange exhibitions. We are ready to take Your exhibition, the opening event, advertising creation and publishing.