Experience and delivery of healthcare: BYODD - Hans ter brake VHVG Zaandam


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Experience and delivery of healthcare: BYODD - Hans ter brake VHVG Zaandam

  1. 1. Delivery & Experience of Healthcare …BYOD & D
  2. 2. Theme: Hospitality and Digital Innovation11.00-11.15 hr Hospitality and Experience - Hans ter Brake, Vital Innovators11.15-11.45 Digital coaching - Saskia Klaasen, HospitalityFactory11.45-12.15 Serious gaming and Hospitality - Erik Hottentot, KPN12.15-12.30 Hospitality always develops: digital future -Hans ter Brake12.30-12.50 Discussion between public and speakers12.50-13.00 Closing of morning session - Hans ter Brake
  3. 3. The role of healthcare in health …
  4. 4. Long term “social and cultural” processes …• Individualisation• Informalization• Informatization• Internationalization• Intensification‘Experience ‘ culture:• Maximizing life opportunities• Dangerous behavior (sports, drugs)• The designed man/woman• Culture of story telling• Commercialization “be who you want to be”
  5. 5. Euro 54321Commodity Product Service ExperienceRelationship between coffee price and the way of offering ...Commodity:Harvesting and trade (futures)Product:Packaged on a shelf insupermarketServicet:Cup of coffee in a restaurantExperience:Cup of coffee at Starbucks orCafe Florian on Piazza San MarcoVenice
  6. 6. Stairs of value delivery …Market priceCreateExperiencesDeliverServicesMakeProductsMiningCommoditiesValuePricingundifferentiatedDifferentiatedCompetitivenessNeeds ofcustomerRelevantIrrelevant
  7. 7. Gerard van Grinsven on The Hospital Food Revolution Challenge …
  8. 8. low highRelevance to patient and care providersIncreasing added value ...ServiceExperienceTransformationHospitalityServing MealsImprove Health:1.Prevention2.Change of behaviour3.QoL / Chronic diseases Patient as Partner:1. Self service2. Self management3. Co-productionPatient is Passive
  9. 9. Life changing experience (transformation)"I learn something about myself and changed"Personal learning experience"I experienced and learned ..."Compelling experience"I experienced something unforgettable"Fun experience“I have fun”Transformation of my(grand)son: smokeror football player …
  10. 10. I wish you a nice day!Ik wens u een fijne dag!Les deseo un buen día!Jeg ønsker deg en fin dag!Jag önskar er en trevlig dag!Je vous souhaite une bonne journée!Ba mhaith liom tú an lá go deas!Jeg ønsker dig en dejlig dag!Hans ter Brake0629525292htbrake@vitalinnovators.nlhttp://Hansterbrake.wordpress.com@hansterbrake
  11. 11. What do they think …• No desks anymore• Internet based TV• Curtains an mirrors as display panels• Voice and gesture control• We don’t know which devices they willbring …• Enable guests to use and integrate dataand devices they bring with them• Adaptive to their needs …• It doesn’t exist yet• Do you see the “patient as a partner”?• Do you know the e-patient?Are you inspired?• Differences for healthcareorganizations …• Regional responsibility …• Health Improvement …• Chronic diseases …• What to do next Monday?
  12. 12. Airport check in:- Ticket / Seat- Meals- Health / Condition- International medical assistanceBuying food:- Scanning/Paying- My allergies / diet- Chronic diseases- Quality of lifeOrdering meals:- At home- Hospital- Restaurant- My dietMy own device:- Contact with my family and friends- My papers, books, music and films- I can connect to CliniClownsGive me my data!Use and share my dataLet me use my deviceBYODD
  13. 13. Where are you today and aiming at …How will your (grand)son experience healthcare?1. Service:– Delivering meals2. Hospitality/Experience:– Making feel your guest at home– even if you wish they where– because they are (or will get there sooner)3. Transformation/ Experience:– Improving Health– Changing behaviour (by learning and playing)– Supporting quality of live• Letting them use their device and data• Integrated with your network and content …• … giving them their data, so they can reuse …• … and can participate as a partner …
  14. 14. Gracias por su atención!Thanks for your attention!Dank voor uw aandacht!Tak for din opmærksomhed!Tack för er uppmärksamhet!Takk for oppmerksomheten!Go raibh maith agat as do aire!Merci pour votre attention!Hans ter Brake0629525292htbrake@vitalinnovators.nlhttp://Hansterbrake.wordpress.com@hansterbrake
  15. 15. De rijkste belevenissen omvatten aspecten van vier domeinen ...OnderdompelingAbsorptieActievedeelnamePassievedeelnameLachen om situatiesmet dieren en zijn vriendjesLeren omgaanmet dierenDe kinderboerderij ...Werken zonder toezichten beoordeling van zijn vaderAndere wereld“je gaat door een hek”Amusement LerenOntsnappingEsthetiek
  16. 16. FunctionaliteitGezondheidswinstrealiserenGezondheids-winstVerzekerings-resultaatInformatie LerenSecundairepreventieGedrags-veranderingHospitalityRoom service wwww Ervaring LoyaliteitMeals onwheelsSelf service Beleving AmbianceMaaltijdenkiezen/serverenBroodbuffet CateringGasten-maaltijdCommerciëleproductenKassa RestaurantsAfnemers-groepMobieletoepassingWebshop/PortaalVoedingproducerenDiëten Multiklant Ontkoppeld KeuzevrijheidManagementinformatieVoedings-waardeProductie-keukenGekoppeldIndividuelemaaltijdKosten-beheerToegevoegdewaardeRealisatie toegevoegde waarde ...Overgang naar volgend niveau