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Why Hansoft

  1. 1. Boost your Competitiveness with the next level Agile Tool
  2. 2. Corporate bio Hansoft AB » Develops and sells one product; » Tool for managing large-scale, agile software development. » Based in Uppsala, Sweden » 40 min from Stockholm and 20 min from main airport Arlanda. » Sales-office opened in San Francisco 2012. » Customers in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia pacific. » No VC, self financed and profitable since day one. » 35 employees and recruiting.
  3. 3. History » The solution emerged in the game development industry to solve problems with rapidly growing teams using agile development methods. » Hansoft has been in use since 2002. » Localized in Japanese and Chinese to meet the growing demand from Asian developers. » Has over the last couple of years grown strongly in industries such as IT, telecom, space and aerospace.
  4. 4. Summary » Best of breed tool for managing large-scale, agile software development. » Features spanning over Agile ALM, PPM, and Social Collaboration. » Going from start-up to leader in the game development industry worldwide with customers like Electronic Arts, Sony, Ubisoft, Konami Japan, Capcom, Tencent China. » In last years rapidly gained popularity within other industries with customers like Dolby, Ericsson, Boeing, CAE, Bang & Olufsen, Western Digital, OHB Space and the Swedish Space Corporation. » Specifically designed for the challenges in large software product development (NPD) programs (team of teams) using agile and/or lean software development.
  5. 5. Get the most out of your talented teams Developing truly great software requires teamwork, involving many people during weeks, months and sometimes years. You spent all that time finding the sharpest brains and now you need to make the creativity flourish while keeping the product tight and goals clear. Hansoft: » Is fast and easy to use and actually liked by the teams. » Empowers your teams to take ownership of their part of the work, while keeping the big picture clear and goals well-defined. » Enables running different methods side by side so that the entire organization can communicate in real time, regardless of their preferred ways of working.
  6. 6. A prioritized to do-list for every team member keeps track of all assigned tasks and bugs. The live news feed keeps everyone up to date with what's going on. The built in chat enables real-time communication within and across teams. 3 features that make life easier and more efficient for team members
  7. 7. All teams can choose their own ways of working, but still collaborate in the same tool Work in various agile and lean flavors and measure progress with burndown charts… … or in traditional Gantt scheduling.
  8. 8. Superior ability to innovate Frequent innovation is key to stay cutting edge and competitive in a rapidly moving world. Enabling an innovative culture while under productivity and cost pressure is not easy, but Hansoft enables an inspiring workspace that will allow creative processes to evolve. » Hansoft enables visionaries and product owners to collaborate to realize and execute their visions. » Your empowered teams get a chance to self-organize and actively enhance the product. » Constant redefinition of the project plan is easy in Hansoft and helps you respond to new ideas and market changes.
  9. 9. Manage huge backlogs of backlogs Drag and drop, batch update, and groom backlog items just as easy as it should be. Delegate parts of the backlog to a team or team manager. Different views (hierarchy, priority, board) and columns depending on your needs.
  10. 10. Customize your Kanban workflow the way you want
  11. 11. Increased capability for successful decision making Strategic challenges require strategic vision. Reliable information is key when fast decisions have to be made to navigate your organization towards the top position in the market. Hansoft has what you need to reduce risk and lead successfully: » Real-time, transparent data from all parts of the organization. No more soft estimates of the teams’ progresses, in Hansoft you have the actual status in one simple view. » Tools for communicating your visions, targets and current status to teams and divisions enable everyone to work towards the same goal.
  12. 12. Get real-time, transparent progress reporting and release prediction Track progress across multiple teams using release burndowns Get early-on prediction of release dates based on actual development velocity Track progress on release/milestone/feature and what-ever-you-need level without limitations
  13. 13. Create and share reports No coding or complex logic, just define what you want to see in a few clicks. See the results of the query immediately as you build your report. Easy one-click access to your favorite reports.
  14. 14. See how your resources are allocated in the entire portfolio to discover bottle necks early Drill down from project level to teams, groups or individuals. Identify the bottle-necks immediately. Direct link to the tasks that need to be assigned to someone else.
  15. 15. IT ♥ Hansoft IT-professionals empowering their organizations with Hansoft for Agile ALM, PPM, and Social Collaboration, often tell us how positively surprised they are with the experience. They value the low maintenance and cost, as well as the high security and fast implementation. Very little work simply speaking.
  16. 16. Other Tools vs. Hansoft Attribute Other Tools Hansoft Speed • Slow and clunky to use. • It is difficult to administrate large agile projects with a form based web interface. • True real time. • Easy to use. • Intuitive interface. • Batch updating. Methodology • Teams with different methodologies are using different tools causing isolation. • The tool dictates process. • One tool for all teams no matter what process. • Allows processes and methodologies to evolve. Team Member’s Perspective • The manager plans everything leading to micro management that kills creativity. • Difficult to see how your work fits into the bigger picture. • Empowers teams to take ownership of their work which encourages innovation and boosts productivity. • Delegate part of the backlog to the team. • Role-based and transparent. • Team members can break down user stories into tasks in the sprints. Cost • High total cost of ownership. • Hidden costs for support, upgrades, implementation, customization and more. • Billed month to month. • Upgrades included. • Support included. Scalability • Limited ability to handle large programs makes planning and administration time consuming. • Organize, plan, analyze, prioritize and manage thousands of sprints and backlog items in real time. • Performance and usability enables you to spend less time in the tool and more time getting things done. Data Quality • Difficult to get team members to use the tool which gives low quality data coming out of the tool resulting in poor decisions. • High quality, real time, data for better decision making. • Bottle necks are visualized with resource allocation features.
  18. 18. Hansoft 7 – A tool for agile software development with features spanning over ALM, PPM, and Social collaboration: » Project and program planning and tracking (and portfolio plan in large cases) » Project and program product backlog management (and portfolio backlog in large cases) » Agile project management methods like Scrum, XP or any tailored Agile adoptions » Lean development, including extensive support for Kanban » Collaborative Gantt scheduling » Defect Tracking / QA » Portfolio resource management » Portfolio reporting » Document versioning and management » Social collaboration What does the tool do?
  19. 19. Easy to use for everyone Hansoft runs smoothly, looks great and feels comfortable to use. Team members, managers and executives all use the same clear and intuitive interface that makes it painless to plan, update, and collaborate on your work. » Prioritized to-do list for all team members » Intuitive interface and unique, highly visual experience » Localized in Japanese and mainland Chinese
  20. 20. 10 – 100x faster than a web tool Hansoft utilizes all the performance of your desktop, laptop or tablet PC, giving you a smooth, responsive and lightning-fast experience — almost like playing a video game. Hansoft is developed using cutting-edge performing technologies capable of delivering a highly optimized experience. » OS native client for optimum performance » 10 – 100x faster than a web tool » Live connection keeps all information up-to- date in real time
  21. 21. Agile that scales Hansoft is used in super-large agile programs with 1000s of users collaborating on the same product. Massive backlogs, complex processes and multiple teams are easily managed in Hansoft, leaving no excuses for implementing agile across your organization. » Prioritize backlogs fast and easy, and use customizable columns to address risk, estimated effort, categorization, status, complexity points and more. » Structure large backlogs by branching them into unlimited numbers of levels. » Delegate management rights to keep the backlog intact when scaling agile to large and complex programs. » Limited visibility allows you to involve outsourcing partners and clients directly. » Custom columns let you tailor you project information to fit your way of working. » View your backlogs as virtual scrum boards, with columns with swim lanes and ability to stack cards. » Sprint burndown charts with support for points, ideal days and graphical comparisons. Release burndowns display ideal days or points directly in the project view .
  22. 22. All methods side by side Hansoft doesn’t dictate processes. All your teams can choose their own ways of working, but still collaborate in the same tool: work towards the same milestone and pull features from the same backlog. » Agile, Lean and Gantt-scheduling side by side in one view » Tasks can be converted between scheduled and agile planning » Flexible to suit any method but includes templates for Scrum and Extreme Programming » Supports customized workflows and pipelines » Kanban support including takt and cycle times
  23. 23. Seriously social collaboration Hansoft takes collaborative development to new levels. Teams, managers, executives, partners and clients are always synchronized and share the same information in real-time and the chat and live newsfeed keep everyone in the loop. » Notifications, both in the application and via e- mail, when relevant work is updated. » Full chat system for instant communication with individual team members or groups. » Comment on and discuss individual items, tasks or bugs. » Attached images can be edited and updated in the comment stream. » Live newsfeed keeps everyone in the loop. » Document management with full version and access control.
  24. 24. Defect tracking close to development Hansoft integrates QA close with development, keeping everything in one place available for everyone. » Easy customization of QA workflow and fields. Map bug statuses, transitions, flows and individually the properties for these in a fast and easy way. » Commit bugs to the project schedule. Assign resources and work remaining to bugs and commit them to sprints. » Attach screenshots and documents to bugs. Take screenshots directly from the clipboard, edit them in Hansoft and attach it to items directly. » Link bugs/issues to tasks, items, requirements, test cases and milestones. » Floating activity details window to easily work with multiple tasks or bugs at the same time. » Free QA-accounts allow all your testers to use Hansoft at no extra cost!
  25. 25. Powerful portfolio analysis Hansoft gives you a real time overview of your program portfolio, and resource allocations can be analyzed and managed across multiple projects, teams and functions. » Dynamic reports can be created and shared directly in Hansoft or exported to xml for use in other solutions, web pages, intranets or spreadsheets. » Create trend graphs swiftly for different kind of data related to scheduling, Agile and QA – global, per project, per resource group or per individual resources. You can for example study feature creep by creating a feature build up graph, and then compare this to a project burndown. » Resource and allocation management across the portfolio, groups, teams or programs. Avoid bottle necks due to over allocation, optimize resources and view average allocation in real time.
  26. 26. Easy to install and maintain » Optimized for the “private cloud”, meaning low maintenance and top performance in cloud-like virtualized environments. » One-month contract with no lock-in period. » Top grade security with support for X.509 certificates, and AES-256 encryption on all communication. » Readymade LDAP integration » Modest demands on infrastructure: Low demands on CPU, RAM and disk space. » All access SDK supporting C, C++, Java or .NET. » Installation in a fraction of a minute – updates only a click away. Regardless of the size of the installation, you only need to update in one place. » No other software needed, only an operating system is required. » Implementation in a day – productivity gains in a week. Easy to get started with our help manual and renowned support.
  27. 27. » Integration SDK with C, C++, .NET, and Java layers, can access all data and functionality on the Hansoft server. » Can be used to synchronize with data in other systems, integrate with executive dashboards, business intelligence, automated testing, build systems etc. » Ready-made integrations with LDAP, JIRA and Perforce. "Hansoft's integration offers an intelligent agile solution that supports the workflow Perforce users are accustomed to. This integration once again demonstrates that Perforce's flexible architecture can support best of breed technologies like Hansoft". John Walker, manager of Perforce's Partner and Integration Program SDK and Integrations
  28. 28. » Hansoft is priced at € 25 per user per month, support and upgrades included. » One month contract with no lock-in period. » There is an additional small flat € 33 per month per server (instance) of Hansoft. » There is an optional time reporting module that is priced at an additional € 3 per user per month. » The optional integration SDK is priced at a flat € 270 per month per server. An unlimited amount of integrations can be created (“SDK users”) . » The license enables a capacity of how many users that can be created on the Hansoft server. » The license can be increased or decreased at any time. Billing is done monthly in accordance with current license capacity. » The Hansoft tool have continuously improved since 2002. The price has stayed the same. » Unlimited QA accounts for testers (limited to the defect tracking functionality) can be created free of charge. » Free “Start-Up License” for small teams up to 9 people. » Free “Educational License” for universities and other educational institutions. Pricing
  29. 29. » Standard support is included in the license fee. » All our support managers are certified scrum masters (CSM) and knowledgeable about the challenges of software development. » Program management best practice support by our Senior Productivity Experts. » SDK support by our SDK developers (dev to dev) » Training and production management consulting available remotely and onsite. » Hansoft Certified Trainers: Independent consultants with expert knowledge about Hansoft available for additional services. Benefit from the dedication of the Hansoft support team
  30. 30. Hungry for more? » Website: www.hansoft.com » Forum: http://forum.hansoft.com