Internet to telesurgery


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Internet to telesurgery

  1. 1. Using Internet
  2. 2. 2PresentedByH.N. GUNSINGHEAtUniversity of Sri Jayewardenepura – Sri LankaCSC 362 1.5 Seminar I on 14.05.2013
  3. 3. 3InternetOperationsiteSurgerysite
  4. 4.  High Quality image High speed transmission Secured transmission With above all, a static connection between twodestinations4
  5. 5. internetISDNB-ISDNSatellite5
  6. 6.  ISDN - Integrated Services Digital NetworkSending digital images over normal telephone wiresBetter qualityHigh Speedshort delaysTypical ISDN speeds range from 64 Kbps to 128 Kbps. B-ISDN - Broadband ISDNis similar in function to ISDN but it transfers data over fiber optic telephone lines Internet over Satelliteallows a user to access the Internet via a satellite that orbits the earth. A satellite isplaced at a static point above the earths surface, in a fixed position. It is slightlyslower than high-speed terrestrial connections over fiber optic cables. TypicalInternet over satellite connection speeds (standard IP services) average around 492up to 512 Kbps.6
  7. 7. 7security • Defined by theprivate networkTCP/IP• Shared IP• Basic communicationlanguage or protocol• IP move packet of datafrom node to node.• TCP verify the correctdelivery of dataPTP • Dedicated connectionVPNInternet
  8. 8. 8 extends a private network across theInternet (public network)Enable host computer to send and receivedata (images) across shared or public networks as ifthey were an integral part of the privatenetwork with all the functionality, security and management policies of theprivate network. establish a virtual point-to-pointconnection through the use of dedicatedconnections It is technically a wide area network (WAN)link between two sites. the extended network resources areaccessed in the same way as resourcesavailable from the private network
  9. 9. 9InternetVPNATM high-speed networking standarddesigned to support datacommunications. ATM is normally utilized byInternet service providers on theirprivate long-distance networks. ATM switches establish dedicatedpoint-to point connectionsbetweenendpoints and data (images)flows directly from source todestination. ATM utilizes fixed-sized cells. The decoder (codec) that does thisneeds an evenly spaced (in time)stream of data items. maximum speed of 10 Gbit/s.
  10. 10.  Technology for secure the network quality. QOS is the ability to guarantee a certain level ofperformance. QOS guarantees are important if the network capacityis insufficient, for real-time telesurgery, since theseoften require fixed bit rate and are delay sensitive. During the session it may monitor the achieved levelof performance, for example the data rate and delay,and dynamically control scheduling priorities in thenetwork nodes.10
  11. 11.  A remote surgery experiment between Japan-Korea using the minimally invasive surgicalsystem .pdf Telesurgery: Advances and Trends by David Holt,B.Sc (OT7), Ali Zaidi*, B.Sc (OT7), Joy Abramson, B.Sc(OT8),Ron Somogyi, M.Sc (OT8) Telementoring and Telesurgery in Urology.pdf byBen Challacombe and Prokar Dasgupta Quality of service - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia