Kundalini Shakti and Chakras


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This chapter shall increase your knowledge about the Kundalini energy. No life is possible without kundalini energy because kundalini is nothing else but the cosmic life force coming from God that keeps all beings alive. No awakening of the Kundalini Shakti is possible as it is always flowing to a certain extent. What people often call the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti is a sudden reduction of resistance to its flow caused either by certain "accidents", special spiritual practices aimed at "awakening" the Kundalini Shakti, or more often just as a result of conscious spiritual development.

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Kundalini Shakti and Chakras

  1. 1. Kundalini Is The Divine Life Force From God The Physiology of Chakras and the role of Kundalini energy during spiritual development.This chapter shall increase your knowledge about the Kundalini energy. No life ispossible without kundalini energy because kundalini is nothing else but the cosmiclife force coming from God that keeps all beings alive. No awakening of theKundalini Shakti is possible as it is always flowing to a certain extent. What peopleoften call the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti is a sudden reduction ofresistance to its flow caused either by certain "accidents", special spiritualpractices aimed at "awakening" the Kundalini Shakti, or more often just as a resultof conscious spiritual development.
  2. 2. The picture above shows the 12 main Chakras and their direction of rotation aswell as the flow of the Kundalini Shakti flowing from God through all dimensions ofhuman consciousness and returning to God. All life is fed by God and linked toGod for eternity. The colors of chakrasThe colors have nothing to do with the sometimes seen colors of energy of theChakras. The colors seen are relative and just show that different Chakras havedifferent density and variety of Prana flowing through. Different persons beingattuned to each other may see the same energy in the same color. If detunedhowever may see different colors for the same energy. However even whenseeing different colors, they may at least see the same relative changes or
  3. 3. abnormalities within a metaphysical body. To quickly explain you the differencebetween absolute and relative colors here an example from wirelesscommunication. In CW - communication (continuous waves - used for Morse codetransmission), we have to different frequencies. Lets assume a CW-transmittersend a carrier frequency of 21 Mc/s, the operator at the receiving station howevermay fail to hear this frequency so if he prefers to hear a 1000 Hz tone, he tuneshis receiver to 21 MC/s plus or minus 1000 Hz, i.e. either at 20999 or 21001 KCs.Either way he hears a 1000 Hz tone. Someone else listening to the same CW-station at the same time may tune in to the same radio using a different beatfrequency in his receiver causing a different tone to appear in his headphone. Thesound frequency appearing in the headphone is relative to the adjustment of thereceiver and may be changed even if the transmitter sends an absolute signal at aconstant frequency. Similar principles may cause different people to see sameenergy in a different color with their astral eyes. However they may see anabsolute change or disorder appearing within a metaphysical body, for example atumor that has a totally different density and quality of vibration than a healthymetaphysical body or the difference between truthful words and a lye. With otherwords different colors in the aura show a different vibration or frequency of theenergy of that area. The first seven Chakras from bottom to top are commonlyknown. The proper names are in Sanskrit and are as follows (starting frombottom), the other Chakras are placed within the higher spiritual bodies and haveno commonly known denomination on this planet: ChakrasTable of chakra names in precise Sanskrit denomination and a popular name ascommonly used. Please note that some of the chakras shown in literature arewrongly shown. A typical example is Manipura chakra which of course is exactcenter - but often called navel chakra or spleen chakra - both navel and spleenare different chakras at different location and and shown shown often at incorrectlocations. Location of chakrasFor a precise location of the 7 main chakras as needed for human beings in aphysical body - please refer to the detailed graphic below:
  4. 4. We have many secondary chakras - thousands !! And near the anatomicallocation of spleen and liver we have such secondary chakras which are differentfrom manipura chakra !!Name of chakra in Sanskrit Popular nameMuladhara Chakra Root chakraSvadhisthana Chakra Sex chakraManipura Chakra Solar plexus chakraAnahata Chakra Heart ChakraVishuddha Chakra Throat chakraAjna Chakra 3rd eyeSahasraram Chakra Crown chakra - Door to God
  5. 5. All chakras have - along the spinal cord - an opening toward front and opening another toward back of body !Muladhara Chakra, Svadhisthana Chakra, Manipura Chakra, Anahata Chakra,Vishuddha Chakra, Ajna Chakra, Sahasraram Chakra. This sometimes is alsocalled Gods door. Lets first have a look at the divine life force coming from God. Itcan be compared to the white light of the sun being transformed into differentcolors of a rainbow. So is the Kundalini Shakti transformed into a different form ofPrana at each Chakras. Prana is the Sanskrit name for the life force, ametaphysical energy beyond the physical body of being. Prana in its differentforms is the life creating and sustaining form of energy within any kind of life, be itplants, animals, minerals, humans or purely spiritual beings. Without Prana no lifecould ever exist. Chakras are acting as some kind of transformers adapting thepure divine life force to the particular needs of each dimension of the metaphysicalbody of mankind. Kundalini energy comes from GodThe Kundalini energy comes from God and returns to God. The flow of this energyalong the great Nadis - sometimes also called meridians or energy channels -causes the Chakras to rotate. Each Chakra is rotating in the opposite direction ofits immediate neighbor-Chakras. One turning clockwise the next onecounterclockwise and so on. The Chakras of a women are rotating the oppositeway from male Chakras. A woman and a man facing each other however may bein harmony with each other because facing each others the Chakras are rotatingin the same direction relative to each other, creating attraction and harmony -increasing the power of the opposite body. Chakra radiation between male and female Chakra radiation between male and female are complimentary in polarity turning on - uplifting and inspiring each others!The energy may flow from male to female and vice versa while at the same timeflowing from lower Chakras upwards towards the higher Chakras. More onsexuality is explained in another chapter of the Spiritual Treasures, as sexuality onyour spiritual path is an extremely important topic to be truly understood by all, asmisunderstandings of this topic may cause severe problems physical as much asspiritual.However from the above mentioned, you may already see, that the divine creationhas planned sexuality in the sense of bipolarity attracting and empowering eachother, those sexuality is intentionally made by God to provide a means of learningto love and please each others. Sexuality is part of the divine creation - sexuality
  6. 6. has never been created to tempt people. The "awakening" of Kundalini Shakti Removing an obstacle caused by your ego frees kundalini shakti and increases the flow of divine life forceThe sudden onset of an increase of energy-flow is often called "awakening" of theKundalini Shakti. As mentioned earlier, the energy of the Kundalini is continuouslyflowing to some extent. To properly understand what the cause of a suddenincrease of this energy may be, we should first understand what could cause areduction of energy-flow. Below we shall see some examples of causes to reduceor almost completely stop the flow of Kundalini Shakti for different Chakras frombottom to top - i.e. for the lower 7 Chakras only. Within each point you will findsolutions for the most common problems.Attachments to the physical plane of existence, to persons, goods, money, yourhome, your country, culture, your physical body, greed, and more.Become free. Become aware that Gods divine home is beyond the physical planeand in order to get there, you first have to become completely free of anyattachments. Have as much as you need for a happy life, but share all yourexcesses with needy people all around the World. Open your heart and mind toother cultures, races, religions. Travel or change your domicile a few times withinyour present incarnation to realize the truth, that friendly people full of love towardyourself can be found in any country of this World. Care for your body but beaware of the truth that you are light, your body is but a tool - a vehicle - for yoursoul to make experiences and learn lessons on the physical plane. Light is thetruth of your being. The innermost and true core of your soul is divine, consciouslight. Your consciousness and awareness is completely free of your physical body.In fact, within your different spiritual bodies your consciousness and awareness isincreasing from level to level.Strong emotional problems, problems with father and / or mother and / or yourchildren. Complete or strong denial / suppression of sexuality or over-emphasis ofsexual life. Homosexuality, male and / or female. Trans-Sexuality. Mother and / orfather missing during childhood. Please note that sexual disorders of any kind arequite often a result of monastic life in previous incarnations, particularly monasticlife within Christianity as in other cultures or religions sexuality has never beenregarded as a "sin". Such misconception of divine creation is mainly unique toChristian education and almost or completely unknown in other religions.Learn to reconcile yourself with your sexual nature as being part of the divine willand creation for your learning the basics of the expression of divine love towardothers. Heal all emotional wounds left from past and current incarnations bydeveloping divine love toward everybody. Learn to love your family by acceptingthem as being part of your learning process of becoming an "adult" child of God.
  7. 7. Accept full responsibility for your current situation within your family, including yourpresent gender. A soul selects its place to reincarnate according to its Karma. Asoul is fully responsible for any Karma. Knowledge to prevent Karma has alwaysbeen existing. You either accept these rules and follow them or you live the seedsof your thoughts, emotions and / or actions of your past and learn by suffering.Dissolve the wounds and spiritual blockages suffered from your past experiencesin the fire of divine love, by asking God to remove all the burden of your past. Bythe power of divine mercy and grace God certainly will do so upon honest requestanytime one of his divine children is asking such in a deep prayer addresseddirectly to God.Lack of common understanding of your spiritual role in this incarnation.Suppression of free development of the Divinity of your soul and its expressionwithin your personality and all parts thereof, i.e. physical life including your job,family, recreation, your emotions in all aspects of your life, your thoughts includingyour mental work during job or recreation. Denial of your body or physicalexistence at all. Denial of your personality in regard size, shape or sexuality ofyour physical body. Auto aggression toward present body or personality.Committed suicide in previous incarnations. Anger toward self and / or others.Learn to accept your karma as the result of your very own choice in the past.Learn the deep spiritual truth of life, the true reason of being on this planet. Acceptyour present personality as being the best possible manifestation of your divinesoul to learn and practice your present spiritual lessons on this planet. Yourpresent personality including your physical body - male or female - shall become ahost of the divine within yourself. Allow this divinity to fulfill its purpose, allow Godto flow into every cell of your physical body, into every particle of your spiritualbody of light. Whatever you are is made by God, and sometimes altered by yourown free will according to possibilities created by the divine. Allow your innermostdivine love to flow from God through your soul into your personality and yourphysical body continuously.Aggression toward any part of the divine creation. Missing reconciliation withothers in current or previous incarnations. Hate toward others - humans, animalsor other beings. Missing devotion or love for other parts of the divine creation.Missing forgiveness for others in current or previous incarnations. Black magic -i.e. abuse of magic power for personal benefit or detrimental to part of the divinecreation. Asthma bronchitis is often caused by severe and long-lasting abuse ofmagic power detrimental to others - causing a severe restriction of Prana flow andlife-force intake to the extent that the person affected may become almostimmobile, thus causing him to stop any activity, even mental and / or emotionaland to fully concentrate on self-survival, resulting usually in a complete stop of anymagic activity. Dental fillings containing mercury - this very often results in severeand long-lasting depression, even if the fillings have been replaced by othermaterials such as synthetic or gold fillings, as mercury does leave the physicalbody extremely slowly, without proper measures taken to flush the body frommercury.Everything and everyone is part of the divine creation. Expand your love toward
  8. 8. every single being, human, animal, plant, the entire planet, the entire creation asfar as you can see or perceive it. If you exclude a single being from your love, youexclude part of God from your love, thus reducing the flow of love toward yourselfand separating yourself from God. Restore and protect the absolute and divinefreedom of all beings in the divine creation. Accept other people having the right ofbeing different from your, having a different attitude and opinion, conducting adifferent lifestyle than you. Each divine being has its very own spiritual lessons onearth and elsewhere. For that particular and absolute reason, different beings mayalways behave differently in order to fulfill the purpose of their existence. In orderto prevent problems due to mercury in dental fillings, make sure your fillings arefree of mercury whenever possible. Have mercury removed from your body byproper therapies. There are highly qualified therapists knowing different ways ofaccomplishing this task. One commonly known method may be a homeopathicremoval, orally or by injecting homeopathic remedies into certain acupuncturepoints. Other even more powerful methods are known may be practiced moreoften in the future.Abuse of power, lack of truthfulness toward others and / or self. Dental fillingscontaining mercury may almost completely block this Chakra, denial of Divinity ofyour self, denial of your soul to completely express its Divinity within all aspects ofyour life. A rightful life in honesty and truthfulness to all and with love for allLoving communication - say what you feel deep inside and do what you feel is divine communicationPractice absolute truthfulness and honesty toward yourself and others in all andany situations of life. Use your speech to express your divine love towardeveryone and anyone within the entire creation. Use your speech for theexpression of divine love, truth and wisdom. If what you want to say is anythingelse - learn to be quiet instead. Speak positive words that enforce the divinity ofall, restore or protect the absolute freedom of all, restore or support divine healthwithin all. Remove any negations or negative words within your vocabulary. Thesame applies to all of your emotions and thoughts as well. Emotions and thoughtsare even more powerful as they can travel through universes. Strive for absolutetruth rather than relative aspects of life. Beyond anything there is always anabsolute point of view, an absolute truth - make this absolute point of view to thestarting point of your very own consideration of the creation.Suppression of your intuition. Suppression of your divine truth. Missing expressionof your divine love toward the entire creation. Denial and / or suppression of theexistence of metaphysical life.
  9. 9. Developing divinity and love frees intuition and knowledge by oneness with GodDevelopment of your Divinity within is the only goal of your existence and being.Learn to express perfect divinity in all and any situations of life toward everyoneand anyone - toward the entire creation. Listen to your inner guidance – yourintuition - to follow the path of divine Love. Your intuition always shows you theshortest way, the easiest solution to any situation and lesson of life. By followingyour intuition, your life instantly can become a life filled with divine love andharmony with the entire creation, a loving harmony with all beings of Godscreation. Strive for God-Union as your first, only and final spiritual goal - now andfor eternity. True God-Union provides you with anything you have ever beensearching for. Eternal divine bliss and happiness, pure divine being and divineconsciousness resulting in enlightenment of your soul and your entire being.Missing devotion for God. Missing faith in God. Fear of God. Latter often appearswithin persons having one or several Christian incarnations in their past. God is love - devotion to God heals and dissolves ego- hence "awakens kundalini" by freeing kundalini!Beyond all physical and metaphysical creation, there is God as the un-manifestedCreator of all creation. God is love- nothing but divine Love. God gave mankindfreedom. This is one of the greatest proof of divine love toward his creation. Godloves all his creatures - whatever they are doing. He loves you and always did soever since he created you. Have faith in his everlasting divine love toward you. Itis his divine love that will lift you up into your divine home within God, as soon asyou ask him to do so. however he also fulfills all your wishes, whatever you mayimagine to need to be happy. Many or most wishes are of physical nature and canonly be fulfilled in a physical body. One of the utmost priority to become free forGod-Union, is freedom of any desires other than God-Union. Devote your entireearthly existence to God, all your action, work, your entire existence. It is your lovetoward God, your faith in his divine love that opens this door to God. It is thedivine Creator, the source of all sources, the source of all creation, the source ofall love that you ever felt, received from and / or emitted toward anyone. He is thesources of all fulfillment of your wishes and desires until there is only one wish,one single desire left, to re-become one with the source of all sources. Talk toGod through this door, communicate with him as being your gentle, loving, caringmother / father or beloved one whatever you prefer. He may be for you whateveryou need most, whatever makes you most happy. He is the fulfillment of alldesires and wishes at once at the same time.
  10. 10. Sudden reduction of ego causes "awakening of kundalini" energy!Because ego causes reduction of kundalini up to termination of life in bodyAny sudden removal of a spiritual blockage or receiving divine bliss either as aresult of your very own deep prayer to God or as a result of the blessing receivedthrough a Saint - with or without a physical body - may result in a sudden increaseor "awakening" of the Kundalini Shakti. If heat develops in the area of your spine -where Ida, Pingala and Susumna, the three main Nadis are leading through allspiritual levels of your being into your physical body - that simply means there isstill lots of resistance to the flow of this divine and powerful energy. Let faithfully allthis resistance be burnt up by the divine force of the Kundalini Shakti. But bewareof premature forceful "awakening" of this power. This could eventually result indestruction of the nervous system of your physical body for the remainder ofpresent incarnation. However if the "awakening" just happened as a result ofharmonious spiritual progress or receiving divine bliss, just let it do its work to freeyourself and consciously connect you to God. It is a process initiating the finalsteps toward God Union. Have faith in the power of divine love and bliss, relax,open yourself for God, keep your mind concentrating on nothing but divine loveand God. Take as much time as possible, reducing your daily duties and work tothe absolute minimum necessary and devoting as much as possible to continuespiritual progress even further. Ask for more spiritual guidance on your way toGod and you shall receive it and all the love and bliss necessary to accomplishthe final steps of your evolution. Be ready to offer to God anything left that couldkeep you from going these final and necessary steps to God - if you wish so youmay at this time even offer him all your physical existence on earth or where everyou may be at that time. The life on earth and in other spheres serves but onesingle purpose - to grow up as a divine child of God and to finally stay within ornext to God for the remainder of eternity. So one day you have reached this goal,just drop anything and everything left, that could eventually separate you fromGod-Union. Drop it by offering it to God, ask him to remove anything from you thatstill keeps you away from your Cosmic Lover. Some beings are working andwaiting millions of years for this moment to occur. For some it may be a veryfamiliar process, because they may have experienced it previously in earlierincarnations, for others it may be the very first time to experience it.God is Love - have faith in this omnipotent healing love. divine love can and willheal all the wounds left from your journey through all the spheres of the divinecreation. Metaphysical physiology of mankindMankind descended from God into the physical plane step by step by forming everincreasing density within their body. Forming different bodies adapted to theappropriate universes. Each level of universe serves a particular purpose in the
  11. 11. divine creation. All universes together may be considered like a huge schoolhousewith different classrooms - universes - and different lessons - planets - in eachclassroom. Different lessons may be learned step by step - incarnation byincarnation - using various teachers and environments.The picture on the left shows 2 souls having their common roots and source inGod.Each spiritual body contains the essence of present and previous incarnations ofthat particular human being. All the spiritual Bodies shown left are part of eachindividual physical body. Color filled circles are Chakras. Chakras are operatingon all different levels of the spiritual being of mankind, but some of the Chakrasare predominant during certain evolutionary steps of mankind. The lower 7Chakras are the most important during the period of physical incarnations of ahuman being. At present most people on earth being able to see the aura ofbeings have a limited aura sight of the astral body, some may see the mentalbody or even causal body. The remainder is most often only seen as light. But ofcourse even all higher spiritual bodies have a huge variation of vibration, but of amuch higher frequency. Each "body" may be considered a "container" that storesthe essence of a particular evolutionary part of that being. The Astral body is used
  12. 12. for physical life to create emotions and learn about emotions, as well as to emitand receive emotions from the "outside" World, thus also affecting physicalbehavior. Part of the Astral body is the mental body, receiving and emittingthoughts from and to the "outside" World. It also receives feedback from thecausal body, which is a memory containing all information about past incarnationswithin a physical body. The essence of all information derived from physicalincarnation, astral incarnations and causal incarnations is stored in Atman -sometimes also called soul. The soul continuous to make additional experiencesin a variety of spheres, learning, teaching, healing, helping and experiencing asmuch of the different divine principles and creation as necessary before returninghome. All the combined essences of the entire existence of a being is combined inParamatman, the divine innermost core of each being. Everything that you everinvented or created has already been potentially existing ever before. But youneeded to make most or all of this experiences yourself in order to become an"adult" child of God. Or could anyone ever truly call himself a "driver" without everhaving physically driven a vehicle, or call himself a captain without ever havingflown an aircraft ? Of course not. So does every divine child of God live throughpart of the divine creation, before being a true child of God - made to the image ofGod. Beside the many main-levels mentioned here, there are manifold variationsof sub-levels within each sphere mentioned. Gods divine creation is infinite. Justthink for a while about the true meaning of the word infinite and you may soonrealize that the part of the divine creation mentioned and / or explained here arebut the beginning of infinity.We start learning the basic lessons of love in the physical body. Once we havelearned all the basics on earth and / or other planets, we may then succeed to thenext higher - smoother - level of universes, the astral universe. Here we are usingour astral body. The astral body may vary in its density / vibration depending onthe state of development of a being. Many people on earth leaving their physicalbody after "death" are moving to this sphere. It serves to fulfill all the open wishesand desires, to live emotions and learn about emotions and to wait for the nextphysical incarnation to learn more and fulfill some or all of the remaining wishesand desires. Later on some astral bodies may move on to the next higher level,the causal body and continue their experiences. Some may then still return to thephysical plane, to fulfill some voluntary accepted tasks here, or live through someKarma left or following the attraction by the attachments to some other soulsincarnated in a physical body. Once all the links and attachments to the physicalplane have been dissolved, all the energy of astral and causal body may bewithdrawn from these 2 bodies and purged into the next higher level of existence -
  13. 13. Atman or Soul. Once this step of evolution is reached, there is no Karma thatcould ever cause to incarnate physically. Actually most "Karma" that ever hascaused to physically incarnate is due to ignorance of divine principles, the mostimportant one being the divine truth of love of God. If you become fully consciousand aware of the power of divine love that dwells within your soul and has itsoriginal source in God, you can virtually dissolve anything and everything in thisalmighty fire of divine love that could ever stop you from returning to God anytime,whenever you wish so. You can dissolve anything that ever could bother you inthis almighty fire of divine love and it instantly vanishes. Finally there must besome sort of interconnection from one body to another. Each body must have atleast 2 "exits". One to communicate within that particular sphere, another one towithdraw all energy into the next higher body as a result of spiritual progress.Communication takes places through the various main Chakras and secondaryChakras. Withdrawing the life-force to the next higher level is done at theMuladhara Chakra the Kundalini Shakti opens and flows into the physical bodyand all pertaining physical and metaphysical organs. As long as the attachment tophysical matters and physical life persists, most of the divine life-force is bound tothis lowest and densest dimension of existence. Near the Manipura Chakra fromastral body to causal body. Near Ajna Chakra from the causal body to Atman orSoul. Having reached this level of development or consciousness, such a personis called having a Christ-consciousness or Krishna-consciousness. The wordChrist or Krishna is a description of level of consciousness and could beconsidered as some kind of spiritual "title" rather than a name. It can be added toany name. One of the most famous being Jesus Christ. Similar to this is Buddha.In Buddhism people are aware of the fact that many persons became Buddhas.When talking about Buddha Buddhists usually refer to one specific soul havingachieved this level of freedom and consciousness, however in other scripturespeople often refer to other Buddhas.Please read all other chapters about sudden kundalini awakening, spontaneouskundalini and psychotic break and follow the precise online instructions for KriyaYoga including the complete teachings of love to assure a smooth and gentle flowof your kundalini. Additional topics on kundalini and related meditation techniquesare all part of the Spiritual Treasures from the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga,God and Love.May Bliss and love free your soul and guide your divine being back home to God.