Duurzaam The Electrification Of The Vehicle Driveline, Han Automotive


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Duurzaam - The electrification of the vehicle driveline

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Duurzaam The Electrification Of The Vehicle Driveline, Han Automotive

  1. 1. The electrification of the vehicle driveline The HAN perspective HAN Automotive op weg in duurzaamheid Bram Veenhuizen May 28, 2009
  2. 2. JP Balkenende (Autorai, 1 april ’09) “Ik vind het doel wat u heeft, 1 miljoen auto’s in 2020 ontzettend goed. En je hebt zo’n stip aan de horizon nodig. Ik ben er volstrekt van overtuigd dat we die kant op moeten.” In Zeist opent Elipo, een nieuwe dealer in elektrische voertuigen, op woensdag 27 mei officieel zijn deuren. Herman Wijffels verzorgt de openingsspeech.
  3. 3. Contents Hybrid, electric and fuel cell drive trains: trends and developments – International automotive – National automotive – National energy companies Consequences for Han University of applied science Where are we now? Hymotive project. See also parallel session and student exposition Future plans Conclusions
  4. 4. HAN R&D activities on sustainable mobility (visit afternoon sessions) Alternative fuels – Ethanol – LPG – … Light weight vehicle design Sustainable manufacturing, efficient use of resources (C2C) Hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles, electric power components in the vehicle driveline
  5. 5. Trends and developments Macro developments – Oil resources are deminishing, demand increases – Unstable oil price, political unstability in oil/gas supplying countries – Emissions have increasing influence on public health and global warming Consequences: – CO2 legislation/ Euro 6 – Strict regulations for inner city emissions – Tax incentives for cleaner vehicles – Trend for smaller vehicles Trends – Niche players emerging for E-mobility – Test pilots by OEM’s – Major investments in battery and e-drive components
  6. 6. Mercedes / Daimlers’ view
  7. 7. Toyota’s view
  8. 8. The ICE – EM continuum
  9. 9. Honda Clarity Fuel cell vehicle Proton exchange membrane stack 100 kW 3.9 kg H2 @350 bar 400 km range
  10. 10. Daimler – Mercedes collaborates with Evonik, Tesla Motors en RWE Blue Zero E-cell: 200 km (Li-ion) E-cell plus: 600 km with 1.0 l ICE from Smart Fortwo F-cell: 400 km with fuel cell
  11. 11. GM-Opel prototype Opel Ampera (Chevy Volt) Series hybrid with 1.4 l gasoline engine 60 km e-range Over 500 km with range extender
  12. 12. BMW Collaborates with E.on Pure electric vehicle 150 mi range 260 kg lithium-ion battery pack, 35 kWh 95 mph 500+ on the road
  13. 13. Tesla Model S 300 mi range Battery swap option 190 kph top 65 kWh 45 min. charge option (480 V outlet)
  14. 14. Mitsubishi with Peugeot/Citroën i-MiEV 47 kW RWD 16 kWh 130 km 130 kph
  15. 15. The Plug-In Hybrid, Toyota Source:Toyota
  16. 16. Toyota Plug in Prius
  17. 17. Gemco Series hybrid w/o batteries Separate motors at each rear wheel
  18. 18. Superbus motors by E2M Direct Drive Two identical motors, back to back on test rig
  19. 19. Drive Train Innovations Hybrid power shift module
  20. 20. E-traction Wheel hub motors
  21. 21. Duracar Battery electric vehicle
  22. 22. Hytruck: fuel cell range extender Nedstack Fuel Cell System H2 tank: 400 km Batteries, also charged from the grid Electronics E-traction in-wheel motors
  23. 23. Source: ATC
  24. 24. HAN automotive strategy towards electrified powertrain engineering Create strategic alliances with (regional) stakeholders: HTAS, ATC, TNO, TU/e, PDE, Exendis, SMC, Nedstack, E-traction, E2M, ECE, Duracar, Evisol, KEMA, TU/e, TUD, HRo, authorities, Epyon, Friend, Essent, DTI, Alphatron, Centurion, ECN, AGV,… Participate in technology projects (example later) Create own HIL testing environment (example later) Research: modeling, power electronics, control, electric machines, drive train, batteries, fuel cells. Collaborate with electric engineering dept. on vehicle to grid R&D. Incorporate R&D in BaMa education: projects, lecture examples, practical exercises, etc.
  25. 25. Sustainable Mobility Innovations; a Learning Experience - SMILE On top of regular education emphasis on aspects like: – C2C, w2w analysis, Recyclability, Emissions regulations, etc. – Sustainable Mobility projects – Starting with first grade 25 students in 09-’09
  26. 26. PHBO power electronics for hybrids/EV’s onderwerp Inleiding management systemen Inleiding Hybride Systemen Inleiding wisselstroom theorie Inleiding filtertheorie met decibels etc. Inleiding theorie 3 fasen systemen Vermogenstransistoren (Bipolair, MOS, IGBT) DC-DC conversie (choppers etc) Practicum opdracht 1 Wisselstroom systemen en filters met Multisim DC-motoren met H-brug en PWM sturing theorie + berekeningen Practicum opdracht 2 Choppers etc. AC-motoren/generatoren (Hoofdzaak synchroon, kort asynchroom) Practicum opdracht 3 DC-motoren Frequentie omvormers, Inverters Practicum opdracht 4 AC-motoren Accu’s en Supercaps Brandstofcellen CAN en Flexray Energie management Casus of Simulatie
  27. 27. Some Results Hymotive project (parallel session 1) Hymotive: “hydrogen implementation projects for automotive SME’s”. Fuel cell power pack for fork lift truck Controller hard- and software for power pack Hydrogen hardware in the loop test facility …
  28. 28. Fork lift power train layout proposal
  29. 29. Component sizing by simulation 0.08442 kg H 2 P P_EM P_in_FC P_in P_out P_in P_FC P_fuel kg H2 1.198 e+007 I Energy Electrical power link Fuel Cell U U _SC P_in_SC Energy [J] Energy Consumption E PI control Duty Cycle 1 FC + SC parallel Battery load U_SC P_SC Detailed loss modeling profile Scope 1 Supercapacitor • Resistive losses in the supercapacitor modules • Compressor losses • Hydrogen pump losses • Water circulation pump losses • Cooling fan losses For more info: visit parallel session 1
  30. 30. Outlook Electric Power Train laboratory
  31. 31. V-Cycle Product Development System System definition testing ePT-LAB Scope Data acquisition, HIL testing, Modeling and Controller Simulation, testing prototyping Targeting & Detailed design
  32. 32. HAN ePT-LAB Consortium Programmateam HAN Adviesbureau Subsidies Fuel Cell systems, Chargers, Converters, Motors, Transmissions Batteries and Inverters, Chargers and Energy Management Mechanical Systems Projects Projects Projects
  33. 33. Conclusions Electrification will play a major role in drive train research, development, design, testing, production, sales Automotive engineers (mbo, hbo, wo) should become knowledgeable about drive trains with electric components and systems HAN incorporates the electrified drive train in its curriculum (Smile, PHBO electronics, etc.) HAN carries out applied R&D in this field Thanks for your attention