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Presentation by Hanneke Verhelst, public affairs consultant at Fleishman-Hillard on Digital Public Affairs at the Hanze University in Groningen (April 2012).

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Digital Public Affairs by Fleishman-Hillard

  1. 1. Digital, digital, digital* Groningen, 23 April 2012*Making it work for you in Public Affairs
  2. 2. Introducing myselfMaster International Relations Public Affairs Consultant & Board Member BVPA
  3. 3. What is Public Affairs?
  4. 4. Program today1. Starting point2. Supporting your traditional activities3. Towards a new Public Affairs model4. Where to start?
  5. 5. 1. Starting point
  6. 6. What type of issue? “We’ve only got an audience of 1,000” “Only some policy-makers and a few of other stakeholders care about this issue” “This issue isn’t on the public radar and frankly we don’t want it to get there”
  7. 7. MEP survey 2011 www.epdigitaltrends.eu80% of MEPs visit YOUR CONTENT 92% of MEPs use ainterest group sites search engine everyevery week day
  8. 8. 2. Supporting yourtraditional activities
  9. 9. Scope of traditional advocacy ii. Establishing i. Communicating relationships with message to policy policy makers + makers and influencers and influencers building alliances iii. Monitoring to identify engagement opportunities & keep track of debate
  10. 10. 1
  11. 11. i. Communicating message topolicy makers and influencers
  12. 12. MEP survey of MEPs 63% of MEPs 78% of MEPs YOUR CONTENTvisit interest read blogs visit Wikipediagroup sites every week every weekevery week
  13. 13. MEP survey 2011 YOUR CONTENT92% of MEPs use asearch engine every day
  14. 14. CONTENT**Presenting your positions onlineDRIVING TRAFFIC* *Ensuring that target audiences view your positions
  15. 15. Online advertisingLegislative Office, Work in the European Anyone in Brussels and majorInternational Affairs, Commission, European capitals who search for:Government Administration, Parliament and Council of Energy efficiency, eu energyExecutive Office, Political Ministers OR live in Brussels policy, renovate europe,Organization, Government are above the age of 22 and guenter oettinger, hedegaardRelations, Public Policy, have interests in the EuropeanNon-Profit Organization Union, politics and energy Total clicks: 515Management Total cost: 393 Euro Total clicks: 234Total clicks: 199 Total cost: 23 EuroTotal cost: 248 Euro
  16. 16. ii. Establishing relationships with policy makers + influencers and building alliances
  17. 17. MEP survey 2011 www.epdigitaltrends.eu69% of MEPs use social 34% of MEPs are on ENGAGEMENTnetworks (primarily Twitter (15% growthFacebook) per year)
  18. 18. Who does Neelie talk to?
  19. 19. LinkedIn community
  20. 20. Dedicated online communities for key stakeholders
  21. 21. iii. Monitoring to identify engagement opportunities & keep track of debate
  22. 22. M(E)Ps tweeting
  23. 23. Tracking blogs and sites
  24. 24. Monitoring keyword activity
  25. 25. 3. Towards a new public affairs model
  26. 26. The constituent consumer 1. What’s in it for me? 2. What matches my values?
  27. 27. More political actors:a pressure group upsurge
  28. 28. A new model of influence Centralised powerFew political actorsTechnical arguments Rational Emotional Many political actors Value-based arguments Diffuse power Source: Simon Titley
  29. 29. Heard at the EP:“I’m on your side, butmy constituents are not”(nor are the papers and blogs they read)
  30. 30. The disciplines… Reputation Government management relations Marketing
  31. 31. … are converging Reputation Government management relations Marketing
  32. 32. A broadening scope of Public Affairs Communications Public Affairs Government relations
  33. 33. Bid adieu to your comfort zone
  34. 34. Meaning what?
  35. 35. Think (and act)like campaigners
  36. 36. Narrative:be a storyteller
  37. 37. Where doesdigital fit in?
  38. 38. Digital allows “Every company is now a media company”
  39. 39. How?Intelligencegathering & Delivery analysis
  40. 40. Intelligence Intelligencegathering & → Delivery analysis narrative Insights CONTENT STRATEGY
  41. 41. 4. Where to start? 43
  42. 42. Digital checklist Where do you appear in Google (you and your issue(s)) To what key-words is your issue linked to? Is your company/issue(s) Wikipedia page appropriate? How many people are visiting your issue Wikipedia page Do you appear elsewhere i.e. 3rd party content? Are people tweeting about you/your issue? For your issue, do you know the top 5 best blogs & Twitter feeds
  43. 43. Thanks 45
  44. 44. Contact @hannekeverhelst 46