5 Ways To Start A Conversation To Get Business Using Twitter


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5 Ways To Start A Conversation With Prospects and Influencer's Using Twitter

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5 Ways To Start A Conversation To Get Business Using Twitter

  1. 1. MAKE SURE YOU ARE BEING STRATEGIC ABOUT IT • What is your goal in initiating a conversation? • How can you help this person? • Is this conversation that you are following, participating in, going to attract the people you are looking to build relationship with? • Are they your target customers? • Are they people you can learn from?
  2. 2. HASHTAGS • Search for conversations you have interest or expertise in by using hashtags (#keyword). This will pop up a feed of all of the tweets that contain those keywords and discussions. • You can also type in geographical location to connect with local people. • If you have something to share that can solve a problem or add to the conversation, you can reply or use the @ sign and the person’s username (ex. @hannahchatmedia). To join in.
  3. 3. FOLLOWING CHATS ON TWITTER • Often there are chats designated towards a particular subject matter. • Follow along, and if you have something to helpful to add, or have a question jump on in! • You can find interesting chats related to specific keywords here: http://tweetchat.com
  4. 4. ATTRACT PEOPLE BY ASKING THOUGHTFUL QUESTIONS Ask questions in your tweets and make sure to use relevant and trending hashtags (#keywords) to “tag” the conversation, so people interested in the same topic can easily find you.
  5. 5. SHARE INFORMATIVE TWEETS WITH OTHERS WHO FOLLOW YOU • Open a dialogue and give credit to the original poster or creator of content. • Don’t just hit RT. Put a comment in, and share to inspire conversation. • Also, reply back to the person who originally shared and let them know your thoughts on the piece of content.
  6. 6. FOLLOW AND KEEP UP WITH “HOSTS” OF RELEVANT TWITTER CHATS Participate in the chats, help them by retweeting their posts, leaving comments, and adding to the conversation with relevant points or helpful links and questions.
  7. 7. KEEP IN MIND … • Twitter moves quickly, so always try to respond to people in a timely manner. • Most people expect a response within an hour to a tweet. While this may not be possible, try to keep it within 6 hours max.
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