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Social Media - When & How to use it for Business


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Social Media - When & How to use it for Business. …

Social Media - When & How to use it for Business.

Hannah Smith, Digital Females, London.
21st August 2012.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Compare the Meerkat (2009 to date)Spoof online tomfoolery grows up and gets integrated – TV, press, radio, search and social – simples? Nuh uh. But it set the bar high.This is akin to the story – it’s clearly not true right? But unlike the story it doesn’t cause contraversy as no one feels manipulated by it.However – I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one getting bored now... It’s kind of a one joke campaign. Where do they go from here?
  • “Don't smell like sunsets and baby powder. Smell like jet fighters and punching.”2010 to date...Another integrated campaign – with amazing creative and copywriting. This arguably even more creative than Compare the Meerkat. Plus they went hell for leather creating specific videos for key influencers.This not only got links but managed to entirely reposition this product.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media When & How to use it for Business Hannah SmithDigital Females – August 2012 Hannah Smith @hannah_bo_banna
    • 2. Hannah SmithSEO Consultant – Associate & SEOChick.Speaker at MozCon; SearchLove;Think Visibility.No longer has red hair.
    • 3. what issocial mediafor?
    • 4. 2005-2007 I was the Marketing Manager for Coral Telephone Betting
    • 5. I wasobsessed with increasing brand loyalty
    • 6. we measured brand loyalty vianet promoterscore
    • 7. what has this got to do with social media?
    • 8. we’re getting there promise!
    • 9. back tonet promoterscore
    • 10. net promoterwhat?
    • 11. ametric created byFred Reichheld,Bain & company
    • 12. ask justone question...
    • 13. howlikelyis it that you would recommend Coral to a friend orcolleague?Customers respond on a 0-to-10 point rating scale.
    • 14. What are the scores George Doors?• Promoters (score 9-10) are loyal enthusiasts who will keep buying and refer others, fueling growth.• Passives (score 7-8) are satisfied but unenthusiastic customers who are vulnerable to competitive offerings.• Detractors (score 0-6) are unhappy customers who can damage your brand and impede growth through negative word-of-mouth.
    • 15. What are the scores George Doors?NPS = % promoters - % detractors10% of customers are promotersminus50% of customers who are detractors= NPS score -40%
    • 16. What are the scores George Doors?• NPS can be as low as −100 (everybody is a detractor) or as high as +100 (everybody is a promoter).• An NPS that is positive (higher than zero) is felt to be good• NPS of +50 is excellent.Companies are encouraged to follow this question with an open-endedrequest for elaboration, soliciting the reasons for a customers rating of thatcompany or product. These reasons can then be provided to front-lineemployees and management teams for follow-up action
    • 17. so NPS is a way to measure advocacy
    • 18. the implication being... advocacy is the best predictor of loyalty
    • 19. back at Coral HQeveryone agrees NPS is the metric…
    • 20. trouble was I hadno idea how to increase NPS
    • 21. Received Marketing Wisdom Said• I should find my most loyal customers• Engage with them• Enable them to spread my messages
    • 22. but no onemanaged to figure out how thef*ckto do that in a scalable or meaningful way in 2005
    • 23. So I did this stuff instead…• Welcome Packs for new customers• Segmented our customer-base & created benefits according to betting habits• Modelled attrition & created direct mail campaigns to ‘reactivate’ customers• Made huge changes to our call centre & how we operated• Press Advertising• Direct Mail• Sponsorship• Email• SMS odds• PR
    • 24. NPSimproved (a bit) & customer attrition decreased
    • 25. But I continued to puzzle over how marketers might…• Find their most loyal customers• Engage with them• Enable them to spread their messages
    • 26. Fast forward to 2012
    • 27. it’s a loteasiernow…
    • 28. Coralon Twitter…
    • 29. What’s changed?• Social’s allowed Coral to move fast• Social’s allowed Coral to engage with their customers• Social’s allowed Coral an easy way of allowing their advocates to spread their messages
    • 30. Remember what I was puzzling over?• Find your most loyal customers• Engage with them• Enable them to spread your messages
    • 31. now we have ascalableandmeaningfulway to do this
    • 32. SPEAKER NAME - EDIT FOOTER What’s Social Media good for?
    • 33. ‘Good’ uses of Social Media...• Get people talking about you – Brand awareness / engagement / PR / advocacy• Shift consumer opinion – Reposition your brand• Customer Service
    • 34. SPEAKER NAME - EDIT FOOTER Get people talking about you…
    • 35. The Campaign• TV ad spots• Compare the Meerkat website• YouTube• Twitter & Facebook
    • 36. Results• 500k Facebook fans• 25k Twitter followers
    • 37. Results• 80% increase in quotes• CPA reduced by 73%• Brand awareness increased from 20% to 59%• All their competitors put their creative out to tender
    • 38. The Campaign• YouTube ad (cost $4,500)
    • 39. Results• 5.9m views on YouTube
    • 40. Results• 12,000 people purchased within 2 days of launch• It’s rumoured that this was also part of their VC pitch – yielded $1m investment
    • 41. The Campaign• An advocacy campaign – The more you tweet, the cheaper you can eat.• 6 levels of discount from ‘50p off’ to a completely ‘free’ (based on numbers of tweets)
    • 42. Results• 18,000+ #tweetandeat tweets• Trending topic 4hrs after launch• 40,000 people downloaded a coupon
    • 43. Results• Veg Pot brand awareness increased by 11%• Pre campaign 16% of their audience was buying; post campaign this increased to 31%
    • 44. SPEAKER NAME - EDIT FOOTER Shifting consumer opinion…
    • 45. The Campaign• TV ad spots (built the initial audience)• 205 30 second YouTube videos talking directly to key influencers & fans alike• Twitter & Facebook• Perhaps the first real-time social campaign of it’s size
    • 46. Results• 100m views on YouTube• 80k Twitter followers in 2 days• 740k Facebook fans
    • 47. Results• Repositioned a dying brand• Sales doubled
    • 48. SPEAKER NAME - EDIT FOOTER Customer service…
    • 49. KLM – Customer Service• KLM announce a new direct service from Amsterdam to Miami
    • 50. KLM – Customer Service• Dutch DJ Seid van Riel & Producer Wilco Jung tweeted KLM asking them to move their inaugural flight forward a week so that they could attend a music festival in Miami.
    • 51. KLM – Customer Service
    • 52. Dance Party on a Plane• KLM brought forward the inaugural flight by one weekAND• They broke a Guinness World Record for the ‘highest’ dance party
    • 53. SPEAKER NAME - EDIT FOOTER Where does it all go wrong?
    • 54. everybodyelse is doing it, why we? can’t
    • 55. SPEAKER NAME - EDIT FOOTER 1) Poor Creative / Product / Service
    • 56. Gio Compario• Poor Gio never hit the same engagement (or even follower levels of his meerkat adversary)• It’s gone so badly their only option to drive engagement now is to think of creative ways to kill him off• Even that doesn’t appear to working that well
    • 57. Why the Failure?• A great TV ad doesn’t necessarily translate into a social campaign• Irritating works on TV• But not necessarily on social media
    • 58. SPEAKER NAME - EDIT FOOTER 2) Inappropirate Metrics / KPIs
    • 59. ‘Good’ uses of Social Media...• Get people talking about you – Brand awareness / engagement / PR / advocacy• Shift consumer opinion – Reposition your brand• Customer Service
    • 60. ‘Good’ Metrics & KPIsPurpose: Get people talking about you / Shift consumer opinionMetrics: – Brand awareness / Brand perception • measure before & after • branded traffic – Engagement / Advocacy • Fans / Followers (kinda weak) • Interaction - Retweets / @Mentions / Posts / Comments (much better) – PR value • use traditional PR ‘cost of advertising space’ model• Also measure conversions - pre & post campaign but don’t expect them to be 100% directly attributable
    • 61. ‘Good’ Metrics & KPIsPurpose: Customer ServiceUse traditional customer service metrics: – Queries answered via social media – Drop in calls? Xbox use this formulaUnique customers engaged with Xbox on Twitterx% people who say they would have called instead of tweetingxaverage cost per call= $$ saved in call centre costs.
    • 62. SPEAKER NAME - EDIT FOOTER Takeaways
    • 63. Takeaways• You’ll need a good content (or Customer Care) strategy• Remember what social is for – engagement – it doesn’t exist for you, it exists for the communities already there• Make sure your metrics / KPIs are appropriate & achievable
    • 64. &don’t forget thefun
    • 65. questions?
    • 66. Want to Learn More?SearchLove Conference - 29th & 30th October 2012£100 Discount for Digital Females AttendeesEnter DIGIFEMSLLON2012VIP up before midnight tomorrow to take advantage of our $20 per monthBeta rate
    • 67. Image CreditsBack in time - Media -