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On the Edge Digital - Throwing Shit Against the Wall - Redux

On the Edge Digital - Throwing Shit Against the Wall - Redux



This is an updated version of the deck I originally presented at the Content Marketing Show in November. ...

This is an updated version of the deck I originally presented at the Content Marketing Show in November.

Here I explore why content designed to be shareable is important and some lessons we've learned when creating and promoting it.



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    On the Edge Digital - Throwing Shit Against the Wall - Redux On the Edge Digital - Throwing Shit Against the Wall - Redux Presentation Transcript

    • HANNAH SMITH CONTENT STRATEGIST throwing sh*t against the wall & analysing what sticks
    • that has negative connotations @hannah_bo_banna
    • I beg to differ
    • present an idea & testthe reaction @hannah_bo_banna
    • is the only way to succeed @hannah_bo_banna
    • but I’m jumping ahead… @hannah_bo_banna
    • what do I actually do? @hannah_bo_banna
    • this is my approach @hannah_bo_banna
    • here are some things we’ve made @hannah_bo_banna
    • http://www.concerthotels.com/ipod-visualized-as-vinyl @hannah_bo_banna
    • http://www.simplybusiness.co.uk/microsites/googleplus- for-small-businesses/ @hannah_bo_banna
    • http://www.thetrainline.com/tools/festival-finder/ @hannah_bo_banna
    • we endeavour to create content that… @hannah_bo_banna
    • will blow people’s minds
    • for a precious heartbeat or two…
    • create things that are useful
    • things that will blow their minds
    • create things people will love
    • that sounds hard @hannah_bo_banna
    • do you really need to do that? @hannah_bo_banna
    • yes I think you do @hannah_bo_banna
    • content marketing is notnew @hannah_bo_banna
    • but howwe consume content online @hannah_bo_banna
    • has & will continue to change @hannah_bo_banna
    • we surface content through filters… @hannah_bo_banna
    • do you actually see updates from the companies you follow? @hannah_bo_banna
    • facebook protects us from unwantedcontent @hannah_bo_banna
    • & they’re protecting us from content we do want @hannah_bo_banna
    • Mark says you have to pay to play
    • but it’s not just facebook @hannah_bo_banna
    • our technology protects us from unwanted content too @hannah_bo_banna
    • With four months of steady decline, it’s apparent that tabs are affecting opens in Gmail. After the introduction of the tabbed inbox in May, Gmail opens have dropped 20% Justine Jordan, Litmus @hannah_bo_bannahttps://litmus.com/blog/48-of-emails-are-opened-on- mobile-gmail-opens-down-20-since-tabs
    • permissionmay no longer be enough… @hannah_bo_banna
    • to bypass the filters your content must be shared by lots of people - not just you @hannah_bo_banna
    • people need to love your marketing
    • today I bring you @hannah_bo_banna
    • the stumbling blocks & pitfalls @hannah_bo_banna
    • that I’ve encountered when creating content @hannah_bo_banna
    • & what I’ve learned along the way @hannah_bo_banna
    • stumbling blocks @hannah_bo_banna
    • can’t we just create something that shows why people should buy our stuff? ~ The Client @hannah_bo_banna
    • me: the sort of content that drives conversion? @hannah_bo_banna
    • yeah, do that & get people to share it ~ The Client @hannah_bo_banna
    • me: you want me to get you free advertising? @hannah_bo_banna
    • yeah! ~ The Client @hannah_bo_banna
    • content should be goal-driven @hannah_bo_banna
    • what you create depends on what you want to achieve @hannah_bo_banna
    • advertising isn’t sharedunless it also entertains / educates @hannah_bo_banna
    • content to ‘persuade’ isn’t sharedunless it also entertains / educates @hannah_bo_banna
    • @hannah_bo_banna
    • @hannah_bo_banna
    • sometimes it works @hannah_bo_banna
    • sometimes it just ‘appears’ to @hannah_bo_banna
    • @hannah_bo_banna
    • yay! @hannah_bo_banna
    • but people see through this… @hannah_bo_banna
    • time to start buying food for Christmas! (says supermarket chain) @hannah_bo_banna
    • you’re getting coverage… @hannah_bo_banna
    • it’s even hitting your target audience @hannah_bo_banna
    • but @hannah_bo_banna
    • self-serving messaging can alienatethe people you seek to engage @hannah_bo_banna
    • people need to love your marketing
    • pitfalls @hannah_bo_banna
    • limitedcreative scope @hannah_bo_banna
    • that’s off-brand ~ The Client @hannah_bo_banna
    • sometimes this is true… @hannah_bo_banna
    • but @hannah_bo_banna
    • your brand is not whatyou sell @hannah_bo_banna
    • your brand is howyou sell it
    • it’s about your values @hannah_bo_banna
    • your content must not contradict your brand values @hannah_bo_banna
    • but @hannah_bo_banna
    • don’t limityour content @hannah_bo_banna
    • don’t limityourself @hannah_bo_banna
    • your content doesn’t have to be *just* about what you sell @hannah_bo_banna
    • sell soft drinks @hannah_bo_banna
    • but their content is about extreme sports @hannah_bo_banna
    • @hannah_bo_banna
    • because that’s what their target audience love & share @hannah_bo_banna
    • it’s our job to persuade brands to think beyond their products @hannah_bo_banna
    • & think about their audienceinstead @hannah_bo_banna
    • http://www.concerthotels.com/ipod-visualized-as-vinyl @hannah_bo_banna
    • http://www.simplybusiness.co.uk/microsites/googleplus- for-small-businesses/ @hannah_bo_banna
    • http://www.thetrainline.com/tools/festival-finder/ @hannah_bo_banna
    • so @hannah_bo_banna
    • howdo you figure out what your audience love / need / want? @hannah_bo_banna
    • what will blow people’s minds?
    • to succeed you’ll need to… @hannah_bo_banna
    • research your audience @hannah_bo_banna
    • surveys & focus groups @hannah_bo_banna
    • • what problems do they have? • what do they love? • what do they hate? • what do they share? • what sites do they read? • how do they spend time online? • what about offline? @hannah_bo_banna
    • research what sticks @hannah_bo_banna
    • study what works & try to deconstruct why @hannah_bo_banna
    • but don’t spend too much time on this! @hannah_bo_banna
    • what works for one company may not work for you @hannah_bo_banna
    • frame your content appropriately @hannah_bo_banna
    • @hannah_bo_bannahttp://www.cordless-phones.uk.com/blog/ligo/news/social-media- bad-phone.htm
    • there’s some stuff about being bad for your phone… @hannah_bo_banna
    • @hannah_bo_banna
    • but there’s also some stuff about your well-being… @hannah_bo_banna
    • @hannah_bo_banna
    • find your story @hannah_bo_banna
    • @hannah_bo_bannahttp://www.multivu.com/mnr/70425518-tripadvisor-tripindex-reveals- las-vegas-most-expensive-for-room-service
    • meh @hannah_bo_banna
    • not even slightly surprising @hannah_bo_banna
    • but it got coverage @hannah_bo_banna
    • @hannah_bo_bannahttp://qz.com/194339/the-inexplicable-prices-in- hotel-minibars-around-the-world/
    • wait! @hannah_bo_banna
    • there’s gold buried in this release @hannah_bo_banna
    • @hannah_bo_banna
    • @hannah_bo_bannahttp://www.multivu.com/mnr/70425518-tripadvisor-tripindex-reveals- las-vegas-most-expensive-for-room-service
    • where vodka is cheaper than water… @hannah_bo_banna
    • @hannah_bo_banna
    • but remember there are no guarantees @hannah_bo_banna
    • it’s incredibly hard to predict what will resonate @hannah_bo_banna
    • at some point, you have to @hannah_bo_banna
    • @hannah_bo_banna
    • if you don’t launch anything you can’t learn anything @hannah_bo_banna
    • throwshit against the wall, & analyse what sticks @hannah_bo_banna
    • 5 tips to help you succeed @hannah_bo_banna
    • @hannah_bo_banna
    • pick your battles @hannah_bo_banna
    • if there’s no appetite for content to entertain / educate @hannah_bo_banna
    • focus on content to persuade or convert first @hannah_bo_banna
    • @hannah_bo_banna
    • recognise the pitfalls & stumbling blocks @hannah_bo_banna
    • don’t just power on through @hannah_bo_banna
    • you risk wasting time & effort on something which might never be launched @hannah_bo_banna
    • acknowledge & address issues @hannah_bo_banna
    • be prepared to start over if you have to @hannah_bo_banna
    • @hannah_bo_banna
    • make your content go further @hannah_bo_banna
    • make sure your content works across all browsers & devices @hannah_bo_banna
    • make sure your social share buttons work @hannah_bo_banna
    • make your headline & social share copy ‘clicky’ @hannah_bo_bannahttp://www.upworthy.com/you-will-not-believe-how-easy-it-is-to-make-something-go-viral
    • create images for social sharing @hannah_bo_bannahttp://www.upworthy.com/you-will-not-believe-how-easy-it-is-to-make-something-go-viral
    • place retargeting pixels on all of your content @hannah_bo_banna
    • retarget these audiences with more content @hannah_bo_banna
    • test paid promotion @hannah_bo_banna
    • @hannah_bo_banna
    • be honest @hannah_bo_banna
    • talk openly about the risks & why it’s important to try anyway @hannah_bo_banna
    • manage expectations @hannah_bo_banna
    • agree what ‘success’looks like before you launch @hannah_bo_banna
    • @hannah_bo_banna
    • learn from failure @hannah_bo_banna
    • deconstruct what did and did not work @hannah_bo_banna
    • shareyour learning with everyone @hannah_bo_banna
    • and keep going @hannah_bo_banna
    • howwe consume content online @hannah_bo_banna
    • has & will continue to change @hannah_bo_banna
    • permissionmay no longer be enough… @hannah_bo_banna
    • people need to love your marketing
    • hannah.smith@distilled.net @hannah_bo_banna Caffeine Addict Moz Associate Writes on State of Digital, Medium & SEO Chicks HANNAH SMITH Content Strategist
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