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International SEO - Be Wizard 2011
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International SEO - Be Wizard 2011



The presentation I did at Be Wizard 2011 on International SEO.

The presentation I did at Be Wizard 2011 on International SEO.



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International SEO - Be Wizard 2011 International SEO - Be Wizard 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • International SEO:The Challenges Facing International Brands
    Hannah Smith
  • About Me Slide Will Go Here...
    • Lead SEO at Distilled
    • 11 years in marketing
    • 5 years – retail marketing (POS / Sales Promo)
    • 3 years – direct response (press / direct mail / sponsorship)
    • 3 years online – (SEO, PPC, CRO)
    Email: hannah.smith@distilled.co.uk
    Twitter: @hannah_bo_banna
    LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com/in/hannahsmith
  • What I’ll Be Covering
    • What is the challenge?
    • TLD / Sub Folder / Sub Domain
    • Branding considerations
    • Ranking Factors for International SEO
    Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/umisef/586964512/sizes/m/
  • Good rankings in one country don’t necessarily ‘translate’ - even if there’s no language barrier...
  • French Results (France)
  • French Results (Canada)
  • UK Results
  • US Results
  • Why?
    A ‘good’ result for the USA; is not necessarily a ‘good’
    result for the UK & vice versa:
    • BestBuy – top USA result
    • Don’t ship to the UK
    • All prices in $
    • Play – top UK result
    • Don’t ship to the USA
    • All prices in £
  • This is true of all markets...
    So how do you get a site to rank in other countries?
  • Geotargeting
    Geo-target via:
    • Country Code TLD - www.yourdomain.it
    • Generic TLD - www.yourdomain.com
    • Sub Folder www.yourdomain.com/uk
    • Sub Domain www.uk.yourdomain.com
    • You can also geo-target sub-folders / sub domains and submit country / language specific sitemaps in in Google Webmaster Tools see - http://www.seo-chicks.com/1463/geotargeting-on-the-same-domain-using-xml-sitemaps.html
  • Brand Recognition
    Is your brand internationally recognised?
  • Brand Comprehension
    Does your brand ‘translate’?
    Image cedit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mtrichardson/4626549119/sizes/z/
  • Pros & Cons – ccTLD – www.yourdomain.it
    • Strongest geo-targeting signal
    • New site with no strength so it may not rank at all
    • You’ll need to put in some serious link building effort
    • Can be difficult to purchase ccTLD
  • Pros & Cons – Sub Folderwww.yourdomain.com/uk
    • Domain strength is passed to sub-folders
    • A single site will normally be stronger than many
    • Likely problems with the ‘wrong’ content ranking e.g. yourdomain.com ranking in the UK rather than yourdomain.com/uk
  • Pros & Cons – Sub Domainwww.uk.yourdomain.com
    • There aren’t any...
    • Little or no strength passed from the domain
    • Likely problems with the ‘wrong’ content ranking e.g. yourdomain.com ranking in the UK rather than uk.yourdomain.com
  • Which Approach is Right for you?
    If your brand ‘translates’ and/or is internationally
    recognised either:
    • ccTLD
    • Sub Folder
    If your brand does not ‘translate’ you may be better
    off with a new trading name and an associated ccTLD
  • ccTLD vs Sub Folder
    • Large brands which will generate links naturally
    • Brands with local teams / time / resource etc to build links
    Sub Folder
    • Where ccTLDs are unavailable
    • Where there’s a lack of local teams / time / resource
  • Multiple Languages
    Don’t forget countries with multiple languages!
    ccTLD solution:
    • www.yourdomain.ca/en
    • www.yourdomain.ca/fr
    Sub folder solution:
    • www.yourdomain.com/ca/en
    • www.yourdomain.com/ca/fr
  • Other Ranking Factors for International SEO
    • Local Links
    • Language
    • Physical Address / Telephone Numbers / Currency
    • Hosting
  • How to get Local Links...
    • If possible, get a local to build links for you
    • Find local link targets with commands like ‘business blogs site:co.uk’
    • Local directories
    • Local partnerships
    • Local customers
    • Local news
    • Local sponsorships
    • Local events
  • Language
    • Beware of cheap translation services
    • Language usage is different from country to country e.g. US v UK; Canada v France etc
    • Create language specific content for each country – don’t be tempted to replicate
  • More Local ‘Signals’
    Make sure you’re sending the right signals to the
    search engines...
    Include local:
    • Addresses
    • Telephone numbers
    • Currency
  • Hosting
    • If possible – host in your target country
    • Cache a copy of your website at a proxy IP
    NB – not likely to make a massive difference, but
    it may tip the balance in your favour...
    Further reading:
  • When the Search Engines Get it Wrong...
    Unfortunately the search engines won’t always serve
    the correct content (you can check this in Analytics)
    • You can use an IP redirect to serve the correct content
    • Search engines tend to come via a US IP
    • So, make sure they can crawl all of your content in every language
  • Key Takeaways
    To rank internationally you’ll need to:
    • Geotarget – use ccTLDs or Sub Folders (NOT Sub Domains)
    • Split countries into multiple languages if you need to
    • Build local links
    • Highlight other local signals – addresses / phone / currency
    • Consider local or proxy local hosting options