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  • 2008 – The Hoax Story – links from 123 domainsPA 51 How? PR & social seeding Cue much controversyWhat do we learn?This stuff works, but your client may not be happy to court such controversy. This is really cheap!
  • Compare the Meerkat (2009 to date)Spoof online tomfoolery grows up and gets integrated – TV, press, radio, search and social – simples? Nuh uh. But it set the bar high.This is akin to the story – it’s clearly not true right? But unlike the story it doesn’t cause contraversy as no one feels manipulated by it.However – I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one getting bored now... It’s kind of a one joke campaign. Where do they go from here?

Content Marketing - Beyond the Bullshit Content Marketing - Beyond the Bullshit Presentation Transcript

  • Content Marketing Beyond the Bullshit Think Visibility Hannah Smith Smith Hannah @hannah_bo_bannaSeptember 2012 @hannah_bo_banna
  • Hannah SmithSEO Consultant – Associate & SEOChick.No longer has red hair.
  • I set myself a aboutcontentmarketing
  • without mentioning...old spicedollar shave clubok cupidoyster
  • becauseyou’ve heardit before
  • #yawn
  • everybody’s talking about content marketing
  • butwhat the hellis it?
  • &why should you care?
  • hopefully this presentation will help
  • I am anseo
  • withproblems
  • which I’mhoping
  • you canrelate to
  • Problem 1.
  • Problem 1.I need to buildlinks
  • (sometimes) my clients reject my link building ideas & thereforepreventme from building links
  • why?
  • we’revictimsof our own success...
  • we know whatthelinkerati <3
  • BUTmost clients do not want their brand associated with zombies, bacon, cats, conspiracy theory, controversy or dramaeven if they’ll get links out of it...
  • the lesson?
  • content needs to supportbrand positioning
  • SPEAKER NAME - EDIT FOOTER Using Content Marketing to support brand positioning…
  • it’s a tough niche & we*need* links
  • BUTthe client did not want their brand associated withzombies, bacon, cats,conspiracy theory,controversy or drama
  • solution - support the brand’s positioning as the small business champion
  • handily enoughthey were already creating some content...
  • we figured we could help by creating remarkable content
  • that would support their brand position asthe small business champion
  • & that would support theirexisting content strategy
  • 411 links from 111 domains
  • 160 links from 36 domains
  • 147 links from 48 domains
  • the client is  and so are we
  • but there’s a trade off...this sort of content will befar less successfulthan
  • zombies, bacon, cats, conspiracy theory, controversy or drama
  • but that’s ok
  • their CEO loves the content
  • their customers love it
  • This isn’t *just* content for links –this is content for their customers.They include it in email newsletters& other marketing activity.
  • so content marketing is just using content forlink buildingright?
  • wrong.
  • remember I said I was an seo with problems?
  • Problem 2.
  • how do you ‘get found’ by customers whodon’t know theyneed you yet?
  • SPEAKER NAME - EDIT FOOTER Using content marketing for Lead Generation
  • Salesforcehave a strong domain & already rankwell for keywords customers are likely tosearch for when they’re ready to buy.
  • but how could they attract customers higher upthe sales funnel who don’t know they need a tool like Salesforce yet?
  • create content
  • strong domain - it’ll likely rank
  • we need to considermorethan just search engine visibility...
  • because search enginesare notthe only way we find content
  • so Salesforce created content people wouldwantto share
  • then Salesforce let people know it was there
  • via the corporateFacebook/Twitter/Google+accounts
  • home page takeoverof the corporate site
  • enlisted the help of15 expert advocates
  • email newsletters
  • guest blogging
  • PR
  • advertising onTwitterLinkedInGoogle Display Network
  • Results• Traffic for January was up 80% YoY• Traffic from social sites was up 2500%See -
  • Results (you actually care about)• 6500 newsletter sign ups• 10,000 eBook downloadsSee -
  • leads = money #justsayin’
  • do links = money?
  • Problem 3.
  • rankings are great butno one’s buying
  • SPEAKER NAME - EDIT FOOTER Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • grosslysimplifiedCRO process
  • sorry @pav
  • find outwhy people buy&why they don’t
  • figure out which benefitsaren’t being communicated & which objections aren’t being addressed
  • create new pages totestimproved messaging against your current pageRead more - or speak to Pav 
  • end result?more money
  • & your boss / client loves you
  • right now you’re probably thinking
  • wait, that’s CRO not content marketing
  • SPEAKER NAME - EDIT FOOTER What is Content Marketing?
  • it’s the creation and sharing of content in order to: attract, acquire and engage current and potential customerswith the objective of: driving profitable customer action
  • it’s about creatingprofitablerelationships with customers
  • not just link building...
  • SPEAKER NAME - EDIT FOOTER Content Marketing Misconceptions
  • misconception 1:content marketing is‘free’
  • Cute? Surejust not true.
  • also, it’s notcheap
  • Cheap “SEO content” looks like this
  • Cheap article marketing looks like this
  • Cheap “articles” read like this
  • the creation and sharing of content in order to: attract, acquire and engage current and potential customerswith the objective of: driving profitable customer action
  • Misconception 2:when it comes to content marketingmore is more
  • SPEAKER NAME - EDIT FOOTER 33% fewer posts; 40% more traffic Kerry Lauerman, Editor in Chief, Source:
  • misconception 3:content marketingbelongs on yourblog
  • - FAQs
  • Misconception 4...if you build itthey will come...
  • you are notKevin Costner...
  • sometimes people don’t take seosseriously
  • because often our activitiesaren’t fully alignedwith branding and marketing goals
  • content marketing is a discipline thatcomplementsseo & we ought to leverage it
  • because
  • attracting, acquiring and engaging current and potential customerswith the objective of: driving profitable customer action
  • is something your client / boss is going to
  • significantlymore than
  • it gives you and your clients; or you and your marketingdepartment / boss the opportunity to align your objectives,
  • & stop fighting against each other
  • thinkbeyondlinks
  • thinkbeyondsearch engine traffic
  • &make more money
  • questions?
  • Image CreditsZombies - - - - - to communicate - of marketing - of dreams -