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Film Synopsis

  1. 1. CharacterThe character is female, last year at college who has had her life turned upsidedown by these three girls and plots her revenge.What does she want?She wants revenge for those that have done her wrong.What has she got going for her? She is a bright student so she has manyopportunities in the future but she has been pulled back by these three girls whoconstantly pick on her because she is an “outsider” at school.What impediments does she have? Being caught, being accepted by others, shebelieves that she is doing right when she schemes to murder these three girls.
  2. 2. Other charactersWhat connections to other characters does she have? She is a loner, an outsider and very independent so she is mainly on herown, the only person who she could have a connection with is her motherbut still there is a barrier between her and other people its as if she is livingin her own bubble.Who does she meet?She definitely doesn’t meet anyone its more herself that she wants to figureout and meet.What choices have to be made?She has the choices of whether she is right or wrong
  3. 3. settingsHome?It is mainly based around the home and her lonely life.Locations in this town?As I am using the Submarine as a prime source which has a lot of location shots Iwill be using quite a few shots of the scenery in Hastings mainly along the beachand the East and West hill.Locations further afield?Probably not very further afield as I want the trailer centred around Hastings but Imight use some shots of woods to add more of a contrast with the beach.
  4. 4. StructureInvent a 5 part story form-Introducing characters life Equilibrium-The main issues (villain)-A decision about what should happen disequilibrium-An action that will sort out the issue (villain)-Conclusion that will change their lives EquilibriumWhat do audiences know at the start (or think they know)?I almost want the audience to judge the main character to be a horrible person butthen they will realise her issues and start to feel sorry for her.What will audiences hope for or dread as the film progresses?They hope that she comes to her senses but they also hope that she can move onwith her life, I think that they will might dread the fact that she will get caughtbecause she is a good person at heart.
  5. 5. narrativeClassic – cause / event / consequence?There will definitely be a consequence to her actions and I wont make itobvious in the trailer about what that consequence is.Unexplained event or decisions?Decisions about what is right or wrongFlashback or time lapses?A lot of flashbacks which will give the audience an idea of her life.
  6. 6. miseWho will the camera follow most? Between victim and killerHow much CU There will be more close ups than long shots but I will be usinglong shots mainly for sceneryHandheld? Naturalistic, as it is a low budget film.Use of dark? Shadow? Lighting? Costume? A lot of night time shots and alsoshadows, as I will be using the old town as my main location there are a lotof alleyways that I can use. As for costumes, it will just be “everyday”clothes, possibly dark clothes for when she will murder someone. I willprobably add some sort of lighting in the night shots as I don’t want it to betoo dark but I can use the lights from the street lights.
  7. 7. dialogueWhat trigger words do you need spoken by characters?Mainly words that give a sense of lonelinessVoiceover is likely to say…?I don’t want the voiceover to say very much because I mainly want people toget an idea of what the film is about by watching what actually happens inthe trailer- like Submarine.I want the dialogue to be very quiet so you get a muffle of words that youcan just about work out so you can get a vague idea of the film.
  8. 8. modelsWhat films will it be like?In the style of wakewood, unusual like Amelie (camera angles) but mainlybased around the film Submarine because it is very niche and relates quitewell to how I want my film to be.What films will it borrow from (and what exactly is borrowed)?Submarine- the use of scenery and the quaintness of the film is somethingthat I quite like.Amelie- I like the camera angles that have been used and the unusualcolouring, although it will be very hard to manipulate I will attempt to tryand bring all of the odd colours that Amelie has to my film.Wakewood- The sense of the unknown and more of a horror aspect than theother films that I am looking at.
  9. 9. audienceWhat will it recognise? Its not the typical horror, its mainly for a niche market and the audience willrelate more to characters than they would do in most horrors.What will it have to work out?They will have to ask who the actual “bad” person is in the film; the bulliedmurderer or the victim that is the bully.Who will it identify with?I think the audience will probably identify more with the murderer becauseyou see more of her side of the story.