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Feature on Hanley Morgan Cooper & Andrew Bonehill

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Blanchardstown Gazette Feature

  1. 1. 1 & 8 August 2010 GAZETTE 27 M50 Interview: Andrew Bonehill – Principal, Hanley Morgan Cooper BUSINESS A FOODIE SUCCESS STORY ... Taking account ANDREW Bonehill is the principal accountant at Hanley Mor- Andrew says: “We’re delighted with the amount of inter- gan Cooper in D15. est we have had from the public so far. The processing of the In addition to servicing the usual demands from its business paperwork fits naturally into our existing internal processes for customers, the firm is currently also very busy looking after pri- the other tax work we do, so it just made sense for us to offer this vate individuals who are not in business, but who are, instead service to the general public. Why restrict your client base to employees of other businesses. This is as a result of the firm now businesses and companies, when there are hundreds of work- offering a Personal Tax Back facility to all PAYE workers in the ing people out there who are paying too much tax, not claiming Sadhbh Gash-rudy, from Grange, and Deirdre Collins Dublin 15 area. their full entitlements, but don’t know where to go for help?” from Veggie Burgers in the English Market to celebrate the achievement of eight innovative Cork food companies Q&A Q: When you were a kid, what did you want to be? A: Yes, I regularly swim three times a week shop for clothes? A: Probably only once really, and it’s Dragons’ gaze A: A naval officer, like my cousin, Liam Q: What was your first job? Q: Would you ever bungee jump? A: I very much doubt it Q: Do you play any sport? usually on-line Q: What is the name of your favourite shop? brings new A: After leaving school, as a trainee accountant, although I worked in a nightclub at weekends while at school Q: And your first pay cheque? A: Well, my rugby days are over unfor- tunately, and I just don’t get golf, but I really do enjoy sailing with friends out in Skerries, whatever the weather A: Coolers Off-Licence in Ongar – they don’t mind making the effort to find and stock lesser-known drinks if you ask them to – they really understand opportunities A: £56 per week (and that was before Q: What is your favourite food and what it means to be in business and HEALTH-conscious con- convenience stores. any tax deductions!) as a trainee – train- drink? how to look after customers sumers will be delighted to The award-winning range ees have it really good these days, they A: A good Balti, a home-made La- Q: How many pairs of shoes do you learn that Dee’s Wholefood is considered unique because earn about nine and ten times that now sagne, or a beef stew – washed down own? Burgers will soon be available Dee’s products are made Q: How many people do you have to with Fuller’s India Pale Ale, or Timothy A: Not sure, but definitely less than my at select SuperValu and Cen- from natural, non-processed talk with every day? Taylor Ale wife tra outlets across Ireland. ingredients such as pro- A: It varies from day to day, and from Q: Who would you rather have dinner Q: Where is your favourite holiday Widely-recognised as tein- rich seeds, wholegrains job to job with, Brian O’Driscoll or Brian Cowen? destination? being one of the most suc- and vegetables – the type of Q: What is the greatest thrill of your A: Brian O’Driscoll – we could boast A: Malta, Orlando and Scotland cessful business ideas show- simple ingredients that you working week? to each other about our rugby injuries Q: When do you wish to retire? cased on last season’s Drag- would find in your kitchen. A: When a former client returns to our and scars A: When I’m not able to enjoy my ons’ Den, Dee’s Eat Well, Be Dee’s burgers are not just practice because they found that the Q: How many times each week do you present work anymore Happy range has been stead- meat-free, but also wheat- firm they left us for either did not look go to the ‘hole in the wall’? Q: What will you do then? ily growing in popularity ever free, gluten-free and made after them as well as we did, or they A: Hardly ever – I’m a laser and Visa A: Head off to the Virgin Islands, and since the show aired. without using dairy ingre- found us to be better than the other man, I’m not into carrying cash around either buy that yacht or start those Dee’s organic Omega dients, soy or eggs. As the firm Q: How many times each year do you novels! Burger and Dee’s organic range has no added salt or Q: And what part of your job do you Spicy Bean Burger will be sugar, the burgers are proving dislike the most? stocked in the chilled section extremely popular with par- A: At the moment being asked to of many of the Musgrave- ents looking for meal options liquidate insolvent companies, because owned supermarkets and for their children. everybody is losing out. Even though it’s still business for us, it is very disheart- ening, as we are dealing with former employees who have lost jobs and It’s a Material World livelihoods, directors whose personal M AT E R I A L Wo r l d , a the globe, they now provide guarantees are being called in by the retailer of designer curtain their full range online at banks and who may lose their homes, and upholstery fabrics, has www.materialworldireland. and creditors who are unlikely to see launched one of Ireland’s com. much (if any) of the money they are first online fabric stores. With 25 years experience owed by the company being liquidated Sourcing all of their cur- of fabric retailing, Peter and – there is a very human side to account- tain and upholstery fabrics, Paula Whyte have built a ants, which we don’t often get credit for tiebacks, fringing and acces- reputation as one of Ireland’s Q: What car do you drive? sories directly from the man- premier suppliers of designer A: A Saab 93 ufacturers and mills across quality fabrics. Q: Can you swim? Andrew Bonehill, principal accountant