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    Future 2 Future 2 Presentation Transcript

    • There is NOT just one future tensein English.How to express thefuture then?
    • 1. With the modal WILL. (Future Simple)There are several ways to expressthe future. Let’s see two of thoseways.2. With BE GOING TO.
    • FUTURE SIMPLEAFFIRMATIVEAFFIRMATIVE:Subject + WILL + base form of verbYour brother WILL become famous soon.Will = ‘llYour brother’ll become famous soon.
    • FUTURE SIMPLENEGATIVENEGATIVE:Subject + WILL + NOT + base form of verbMy friend WILL NOT marry that man.WILL + NOT = WON’TMy friend won’t marry that man.
    • FUTURE SIMPLEINTERROGATIVEINTERROGATIVE:WILL+Subj.+ base form of verb ?WILL IT rain tomorrow ?Short answersShort answersYes, it will.No, it won’t.
    • Future SimpleWe use the modal WILL + the base form ofthe main verb for:1. Predictions.You will get marriedand have 10 children!2. Quick decisions.I’ll have another cupof coffee, please!3. Promises.Ok! I’ll call youtomorrow.I WILL (’ll) callYou WILL (’ll) callHe / She WILL (’ll) callWe WILL (’ll) callYou WILL (’ll) callThey WILL (’ll) call
    • “GOING TO”I am (I’m)You are (You’re)He is (He’s)She is (She’s)It is (It’s)We are (We’re)You are (You’re)They are (They’re)going to(base formof verb =Infinitivewithout“to”)AFFIRMATIVEAFFIRMATIVE:
    • “GOING TO”I am notnot (I’m not)You are notnot (You aren’t)He is notnot(He isn’t)She is notnot (She isn’t)It is notnot (It isn’t)We are notnot (We aren’t)You are notnot (You aren’t)They are notnot (They aren’t)going to(base formof verb =Infinitivewithout“to”)NEGATIVENEGATIVE:
    • “GOING TO”Iyouhe /she /itwe/you/theygoing to Base ?INTERROGATIVEINTERROGATIVE:AmIsAreShort answersShort answersYes, + Subject pronoun + amam / is / are.is / are.No, + Subject pronoun + isn’t / aren’t.*(Note: No, I’m notI’m not).
    • BE GOING TOWe use BE GOING TO + the base form ofthe main verb for:1. Plans / Intentions.I am going to practisehard to become a rockstar!2. Predictions based on clear signs.Look at those clouds!It is going to rain! I am going to + VYou are going to + VHe / She is going to + VWe are going to + VYou are going to + VThey are going to + V
    • WILL WITH « BE »WILL WITH « BE »When the main verb isWhen the main verb is BEBE, we can use, we can usethe simple future tense even if we have athe simple future tense even if we have afirm plan or decision before speaking.firm plan or decision before speaking.Examples:Examples:• IIll bell be in London tomorrow.in London tomorrow.• Im going shopping. IIm going shopping. I wont bewont be very long.very long.• WillWill youyou bebe at work tomorrow?at work tomorrow?
    • QuestionsQuestions• HowHow are you going to spendare you going to spend your nextyour nextvacation? Are you going anywhere?vacation? Are you going anywhere?• WhenWhen will the new machine arrivewill the new machine arrive??• WhatWhat are you going to doare you going to do next?next?• Is anyone going to travelIs anyone going to travel with you?with you?• What do you thinkWhat do you think the party will bethe party will be like?like?IF YOU HAVE FIRM PLANS USE «GOING TO »IF YOU HAVE FIRM PLANS USE «GOING TO »BUT IF YOU DON’T USE « WILL ».BUT IF YOU DON’T USE « WILL ».
    • PRACTISE!Choose the right way to express the future inthe following situations.SITUATION 1 SITUATION 2 SITUATION 3You’re thirsty,aren’t you? I (get)you a glass ofwater.Oh no! He really(paint) the room thatcolour?ANSWERI WILL (’ll) get youa glass of water.(QUICK DECISION)ANSWERIS he really GOING TO paintthe room that colour?(INTENTION)ANSWERWe WILL not (won’t) be back late.(PROMISE)The film finishes at 10 p.m.We (not be) back late.The film finishes at10 p.m.
    • ANSWERIn Scotland it WILL raintomorrow. In the south ofEngland it WILL be sunny.(PREDICTION)SITUATION 4 SITUATION 5ANSWERI WILL (’ll) call the doctor.(QUICK DECISION)You’re not well.I (call) the doctor.In Scotland it (rain)tomorrow. In thesouth of England it(be) sunny.SITUATION 6Ketchup ormayonnaise?I (have)mayonnaise, please.ANSWERI WILL (’ll) have mayonnaise,please.(QUICK DECISION)
    • Will / Be Going toWill / Be Going to• 1. A: Why are you holding a piece of paper?1. A: Why are you holding a piece of paper?B: I (write)___________ a letter to my friends back homeB: I (write)___________ a letter to my friends back homein Texas.in Texas.• 2. A: Im about to fall asleep. I need to wake up!2. A: Im about to fall asleep. I need to wake up!B: I (get)_________ you a cup of coffee. That willB: I (get)_________ you a cup of coffee. That willwake you up.wake you up.•3. A: I cant hear the television!3. A: I cant hear the television!B: I (turn) __________ it up so you can hear it.B: I (turn) __________ it up so you can hear it.•4. We are so excited about our trip next month to4. We are so excited about our trip next month toFrance. We (visit) ___________Paris and Nice.France. We (visit) ___________Paris and Nice.Am going to write‘ll turnare going to visit‘ll getAm going to write‘ll get‘ll turnAm going to write‘ll get
    • • 5. A: It is so hot in here!5. A: It is so hot in here!B: I (turn)________ the air conditioning on.B: I (turn)________ the air conditioning on.•6. I think he (be)_________ the next6. I think he (be)_________ the nextPresident of the United States.President of the United States.• 7. I am ___________to work in ten7. I am ___________to work in tenminutes.minutes.• 8. I guess I ____________stay home8. I guess I ____________stay hometonight.tonight.• 9. I________be in Texas next week.9. I________be in Texas next week.‘ll turnwill begoing towillwill‘ll turnwill begoing to‘ll turnwill bewillgoing to‘ll turnwill bewillwillgoing to‘ll turnwill be‘ll turnwill be