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The unique challenges of 3 diverse educational locations require a handheld solution

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Dov Bruker

  1. 1. Mobile Science with the Nova5000
  2. 2. 21st Century Needs • The world is flat! Labour intensive industries migrate East • Developed countries are focusing on Hi-Tech and Knowledge-based industry • Increasing demand for Science, Math and Technology skills • The main challenge: To prepare our youth
  3. 3. World Wide Education Trends Emphasising Science & Math • Singapore – Production shifted to Malaysia, MOE is focusing on Bio-Tech • Korea – Announced 5-year plan for enhancing and computerizing school science Labs • Russia – Archimedes project for improved student science skills • USA – NCLB legislation
  4. 4. Data Logging: Hands-on Approach What you hear… you forget; What you see… you remember; What you do… you understand! • Automatic data collection • Fast and accurate • More time for Data Analysis • Self experimenting is powerful and fun • But still… a computer is needed for Analysis and Lab reports
  5. 5. Nova5000: All-in-one Solution The computer with built-in data logging & educational content
  6. 6. Mobile Science Data Logging PLUS essential Windows® tools: • Multimedia • Productivity • Analysis • Connectivity • Reporting • Management
  7. 7. The UK: Brings IT to the Field Woodland Education Centre • Woodland Wildlife Trust • Situated in Devon • Pioneering the use of IT in environmental education • Receiving more than 1.5 million monthly hits on their Web • Leaders in structured activities in natural habitats
  8. 8. UK: The Challenge • IT in the field, not confined to a room • Small and robust tablet device – key tool • Instant-on – a must • Good sound – a necessity • Cost effective – to satisfy low budgets
  9. 9. UK: The Right Solution’s Results Q3 Rangers Discovering Their Environment “It’s just so cool!” said one youngster. “Yes” said another. “It’s as cool as my Nintendo.” “Its brilliant!” said one teacher. “It adds a whole new dimension” offered another. “I've been in environmental education for over 20 years and this is the biggest single step forward that I have seen.” Mr. Lawson, Head of the Woodland Center
  10. 10. Russia: Science & Math Super-power Archimed Science Labs • Archimed Project – Computerizing Russia’s school Labs with data loggers & probes • Lead by the Moscow Institute of New Technology • Preparing the Scientists and Engineers of tomorrow's Russia • Probware used by 200,000 students…to date The challenge: No Lab computers
  11. 11. Russia: Moving to Latest Mobile Technology Lack of computing solutions: – 2003 to 2006 PALM PDA used with Bluetooth data logging 2007: Move to Nova5000 “The Nova5000 is a perfect extension of the PALM-TriLink project because it basically combines the features and benefits of both, at no extra cost” Dr. Boris Berenfeld
  12. 12. Israel: Bringing IT to a Rural Area The Challenges of a desert school attended by 900 students from 18 Bedouin tribes: Isolation - Until 5 years ago the school had no electricity, today the school is supplied by generator • Socio-economic disadvantage – for years the Computer Science room stood empty. • Long distances - many also arrive by foot or donkey from long distance • Lack of attendance – many students forced to stay at home, needed by their families “We must avoid being left outside of progress”. School Director
  13. 13. The Hand-held Rural Solution – Cost effective: All in one: Data logging &computer – Long lasting: Battery (6-8 hours) – Light-weight: Less than 1.1kg – Motivating: Students excited to be using technology – Home studies: Students take turns to use the machines from home – Integrating: Parents receive Nova5000 IT training at school The project has connected families and community in the common goal of IT education advancement.