"Where Are They Going?" - The Future of Digital Community

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In late 2013, a barrage of reports made it clear that Facebook was dramatically losing relevance with teenagers. In fact, more than 11 millions teens have left Facebook since 2011. Till date, brands …

In late 2013, a barrage of reports made it clear that Facebook was dramatically losing relevance with teenagers. In fact, more than 11 millions teens have left Facebook since 2011. Till date, brands have relied primarily on Facebook and Twitter as tools to connect with teenagers and young adults who increasingly spend more and more time online and on social media. But what happens when our audiences aren’t paying attention to us anymore? What do we do when our markets are moving in droves to platforms where everything we know about “canned & planned” digital marketing is useless? It’s time to embrace a new approach to digital engagement. Gone are the days of disrupting people and shoving our products and services in their face. Instead, it’s time to become a part of their daily lives – even if this means sending them the occasional funny face on Snapchat.

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  • 1. Where are they going? The future of digital community @HamzaK @BaileyParnell
  • 2. Just when we got comfortable…
  • 3. What’s going on? Facebook usage: 2011: 82.2% 2012: 52.89% 2013: 43%
  • 4. In the news…
  • 5. But was any of this real?
  • 6. What is the industry saying?
  • 7. What are the numbers saying? - Snapchat: 26 million users - Vine: 40 million users - Instagram: 200 million users - WhatsApp: 450 million users - Facebook: 1.23 billion users - But while the rest increase… - Facebook (2013-14): - 13-17 y/o’s: 25.3% decline - 18-24 y/o’s: 7.5% decline - Total 59% decline since 2011
  • 8. Most importantly, what are the teens saying?
  • 9. There’s too much “drama” “If you are on Facebook, you see a lot of drama.” “Yeah, that’s why we go to Twitter and Instagram [instead of Facebook]. My mom doesn’t have that.” “OK, here’s something I want to say. I think Facebook can be fun, but also it’s drama central. On Facebook, people imply things and say things, even just by a like, that they wouldn’t say in real life.” It’s because [Facebook] it’s where people post unnecessary pictures and they say unnecessary things, like saying he has a girlfriend, and a girl will go and tag him in the picture like, me and him in the sun having fun. Why would you do that?”
  • 10. They don’t feel free “I have two [Facebook] accounts. One for my family, one for my friends.” “And so now I am basically dividing things up. Instagram is mostly for pictures. Twitter is mostly for just sayin what you are thinking. Facebook is both of them combined so you have to give a little bit of each. But yes, so Instagram, I posted more pictures on Instagram than on Facebook. Twitter is more natural.” “I have a Facebook, a Tumblr, and Twitter. I don’t use Facebook or Twitter much. I rather use Tumble to look for interesting stories. I like Tumble because I don’t have to present a specific or false image of myself and I don’t have to interact with people I don’t necessarily want to talk to.” “I don’t go on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, I prefer like talking to people face-to- face. Like I don’t – I honestly think that – I probably like only like talk to people that I’m really close to…”
  • 11. Instagram is “less social” “I got mine [Facebook account] around sixth grade. And I was really obsessed with it for a while. Then towards eighth grade, I kind of just – once you get into Twitter, if you make a Twitter and an Instagram, then you’ll just kind of forget about Facebook, is what I did.” “Yeah, some of the people that follow me on Instagram that I don’t know, they’re just really nice to me, and they always say nice things.” “I feel like over Facebook, people can say whatever they want to. They can message you. And on Instagram you can delete the comment really easily, and you don’t have to live with it, kind of. Whereas Facebook, if they say something mean, it hurts more. I don’t know why it does. And also [Instagram] it’s not public, so people tend to not come off so mean. Because all they really want is for people [to] like their photos.” “I mean Instagram is just basically like letting everybody else see what you’re seeing”
  • 12. “Friends convinced me to make a Twitter” “A lot of friends convinced me to make a Twitter. Because everyone’s saying Facebook’s dead.” “I’m on Twitter more often, and it’s easier. I mean Facebook is easy since I know how to do it, but Twitter is I think more addictive.” “Like, sometimes you just like express your feelings [on Twitter]. Like you feel like yourself.” “Facebook doesn’t have a limit to characters on it. So in Twitter, there’s only so much you can say. On Facebook, they say so many details of things that you don’t want to know. You’d be like, are you serious? No one really cares that much.”
  • 13. Snapchat as a replacement for texting “And it’s just kind of fun. Because it’s like texting, but you get to use your face as the emoticon instead of an actual emoticon.” “[Snapchat] it’s really great. I have to admit, it’s better because I could pick the most embarrassing photo, and know that they’ll [the recipient will] see it for 10 seconds, and then I’m done.” “And [Snapchat] it’s really fast like if you sent it over a text it takes like tow minutes to load.” “Well, because Facebook, everyone sees what I’m doing. But Snapchat is just to one person, unless they’re a jerk and they screenshot it and post it on Facebook. But mostly it’s just the person that you're ‘sending it to, so it’s like a conversation.”
  • 14. In sum… Where are they going?
  • 15. Instagram
  • 16. The Idea "Our goal is to not just be a photo-sharing app, but to be the way you share your life when you're on the go” Kevin Systrom Founder, Instagram
  • 17. Why & How • Simple Clean • Daily Real-time • Narrative Self-promotion • Aesthetics “Everyone’s a photographer”
  • 18. Unwritten Rules • Regram #Regram @user is how you give credit to someone else’s post • Latergram #Latergram for photos posted next calendar day or after • Medium Specifying if the pic was taken with anything other than a mobile phone (i.e. #DSLR)
  • 19. Traditions • Throwbacks Throwback Thursday #TBT Flashback Friday #FBF • Birthdays For close friends and family • Special Holidays Mothers/Fathers Day National Sibling Day • Crushes Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW Man Crush Monday #MCM • Others #SundayFunday #TransformationTuesday #SorryNotSorry
  • 20. Trends • #NoMakeUpSelfie Women with no make up in support of breast cancer • #SelfieOlympics The craziest possible selfies • #100HappyDays Something that makes you happy every day
  • 21. Why People Leave & Unfollow Text / QuotesAdvertisements
  • 22. Winners UFC StarbucksTopshop
  • 23. Best Practices 3 Reasons for a Like 1. Caption is inspiring or funny 2. Beautiful “photography” 3. Relatable Know Your Medium • No print ads, text or too many videos • Links don’t work on pictures • Separate long hashtags with capitals • Captions should compliment your picture, not repeat it • Don’t use #nofilter
  • 24. Vine
  • 25. The Idea "We felt that video was on the brink of becoming this new medium that everyone would use, in the same way that photos had become that medium over the previous fifteen years… We wanted to get big fast, we wanted to get this out in the world and let people connect in this way. I think it worked out really well." Colin Kroll Founder, Vine
  • 26. Why & How •Immediate Twitter with videos •Comical Can’t determine how people will use medium •Addicting Not wasting time
  • 27. Unwritten Rules Be funny or creative
  • 28. Traditions • Do it for the Vine Really crazy or obnoxious things for good reception • Collaboration Working with other Viners as much as possible • Vine Meet-Ups Meet up in a location and help each other make Vines
  • 29. Trends Songs • Let Me Take A Selfie – The Chainsmokers • Don’t Drop That Thun Thun Thun - Finatticz • Gas Pedal – Safe the Gemini • What Does the Fox Say – Ylvis • Do You Want to Build A Snowman – Frozen Soundtrack • Thrift Shop - Macklemore • A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carelton
  • 30. Why Would You Leave? Longer Videos Blatant Advertising
  • 31. Winners Etsy Samsung Urban Outfitters
  • 32. Best Practices • Too Much Content 6 seconds • Don’t Neglect Sound AV for a reason • Informative – Funny – Creative At least 2
  • 33. Snapchat
  • 34. The Idea “Snapchat is intended to counteract the trend of users being compelled to manage an idealized online identity of themselves, which has taken all of the fun out of communicating.” Evan Spiegel Founder, Snapchat
  • 35. Why & How • Now! Now! Now! All about present • Extremely Personal Embarrassing or questionable content • New Texting Texting with pictures
  • 36. Unwritten Rules •Repetition Once is enough •Screenshots Don’t
  • 37. Traditions & Trends None.
  • 38. Why People Leave & Unfollow •Advertising •Lack of Immediacy Previously taken photos
  • 39. Best Practices •Be Personal •Be Human •Use Features •Unlearn Analytics
  • 40. Winners HBO Girls New Orleans Saints Taco Bell
  • 41. Advice For All • Be • Be • Be
  • 42. In conclusion Age of interruption is over We are partially to blame
  • 43. Don’t be “that” brand
  • 44. “You can’t yell your way to winning.” Seth Godin
  • 45. @HamzaK @BaileyParnell