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Questionnaire analysis

  1. 1. From this graph, we can see that 58% of my target audience are females and 42% are males which tells me that my target audience is a mix of genders. Therefore, my film would do good to address issues that affect both male and female. This also helped me to get mixed responses for the other questions.
  2. 2. We can see from the graph that 71% of my target audience are from the age group of 13-18 which tells me that teenagers would be more interested in watching a social drama film.
  3. 3. When asked whether or not they’ve watched short films previously, I found that majority i.e. 97% said they did which tells me that my target audience will have a general idea about how short films are.
  4. 4. The graph shows that 31% of my target audience watch films monthly which is very good .
  5. 5. 25% of my target audience said that they usually get to know about a film through internet. This is good for me since apart from designing a magazine review I’ll be using the Internet to promote my film i.e. by posting the film poser etc.
  6. 6. You can see from the graph that 76% of my target audience watch short films online. The reason being, its quick, cheap and easy to use. I’ll also upload my film on the internet so that more people can access and watch it.
  7. 7. Since my questionnaire is filled by mainly teenagers, so 60% of them prefer watching films alone while 26% of them watch with friends.
  8. 8. The graph clearly tells us that 94% of my target audience do watch drama films means they’ll have a general idea bout drama films which is beneficial for me as they’ll be able to grasp my drama film easily.
  9. 9. I asked this question to see whether my target audience know what drama genre is about. 56% of them believe the drama genre to be about real life issues . My short film also highlights real life issues.
  10. 10. My target audience would like to watch a drama film if it has a good plot. Therefore, I’ve made sure that the plot of my short film is good enough to attract the audience.
  11. 11. This question was aimed at knowing more about the genre and sub-genre. My questionnaire revealed that 23% of my target audience would be interested in watching a social drama film. I’ll also be making a Social Drama short film.
  12. 12. When asked which theme my target audience would prefer in a drama film, an equal percentage of people i.e. 28% chose both Poverty and Unemployment. Moreover, I’ll also be focusing on these two themes in my short film.
  13. 13. 64% of my target audience thinks that a drama film should have a tragic ending. I’ve also planned to end my short film on a tragic note to add more emotions and drama.
  14. 14. The films listed above are my reference films that’s why I’ve included them to see if my target audience have seen any of these films and can relate to it. The most closely related film chosen by 72% of my target audience is “Raincoat” . My film is also most relatable to “Raincoat”.
  15. 15. A large percentage – 76%, of my target audience would like children to be featured in a social drama film. And that’s what I’ll be doing in my short film, featuring 3 children.