Prince Hal


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research assignment for year 10 english 2012

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Prince Hal

  1. 1. General Background Information.• The play is King Henry the IV Part 1.• Historical Play.• Set in England in the years 1402-1403.• Prince Hal is the protagonist.
  2. 2. Plot Synopsis.King Henry IV is recent to the throne and isplanning to cleanse his conscience when there isa rebel uprising. His son, Prince Hal, is a low lifedrunkard. He decides to earn respect from hisfather and become a general in the army. Hevanquishes the rebel leader, Hotspur, and gainsthe respect from his father.
  3. 3. Conflict• The conflict for King Henry IV is ‘Man against Man’ (Prince Hal vs. Hotspur) and ‘Man against Society’ (Prince Hal when he is drunk and robbing people).• The main conflict is the rebel uprising vs. the English army.• Prince Hal resolves the conflict by slaying the rebel leader, Hotspur.• Another conflict is the conflict of guilt within King Henry IV after killing Richard II.
  4. 4. Plot Structure-Beginning• Exposition/Introduction: King Henry talks of his trip to the Holy land but cannot go because of the rebel uprising. Also he wishes that his son, Prince Hal, could be more like Hotspur, a brave and noble soldier(but later leads the rebel uprising).• Exciting Force: In this play there are two plots running simultaneously; the rebel uprising and Prince Hal becoming a hero from a slob.
  5. 5. Plot Structure-Middle• Conflict/rising action: This would be the rebel uprising and Hal realising that foolishness is not the way to being a good Prince/King.• Turning Point: One would be Hotspur turning against King Henry IV and joining the rebels and Hal joining the army.• Catastrophe/Falling Action: Hal and Henry teaming up and planning to kill Hotspur.
  6. 6. Plot Structure-End• Resolution: The resolution is Prince Hal killing Hotspur at the battle of Shrewsbury.• Denouement/Untangling: The untangling is Prince Hal becoming a hero from a low life drunkard.• Comic Relief: is Sir John Falstaff, Hals not-so- smart friend who is the comedy throughout the play. For example he plays dead on a battlefield.
  7. 7. Character-Beginning• Prince Hal is a low life drunkard who just drinks and steals at the start of the play.• He has a bad relationship with his father because his father wished he could be more. He has many friends.• He has no motivation at the beginning but seeks to be more throughout the play.• He behaves as the ‘top dog’ of his group.
  8. 8. Character-Development• Prince Hal changes from a low life slob at the start of the play to a Hero and noble prince by the end.• Prince Hal is influenced by Hotspur, who is a local hero. Hal decides to be more like him.• Hal effects the change by leading the attack against the rebels.• Prince Hal keeps the conflict going, and also ends it but does not necessarily start it.
  9. 9. Character-End• Prince Hal is a Nobel, respected person by the end of the play.• Hal has achieved great things and earned respect from his father.
  10. 10. Quotes…• King Henry: “ Brake off our business for the Holy Land” meaning he wants to cleanse himself of guilt with a trip to the Holy Land.• Prince Hal: “ Thou art so fat-witted with drinking of old sack and unbuttoning thee after supper.” this is Hal Insulting Falstaff in a friendly manner.• Prince Hal: “Who, I rob? I a thief? not I, by my faith.” This is Hal denying being a robber
  11. 11. QuotesKING HENRY IV“Stay, and breathe awhile:Thou hast redeemd thy lost opinion,And showd thou makest some tender of my life,In this fair rescue thou hast brought to me.”PRINCE HAL“O God! they did me too much injuryThat ever said I hearkend for your death.If it were so, I might have let aloneThe insulting hand of Douglas over you,Which would have been as speedy in your endAs all the poisonous potions in the worldAnd saved the treacherous labour of your son.”This is a conversation between Hal and King HenryIV where King Henry expresses his respect for Halas Hal has redeemed himself, from a low life slobto a Hero.
  12. 12. Bibliography-Websites• Synopsis and other background info.• Character and background info.• General info.• Quotes.
  13. 13. Bibliography-Books• SHAKESPEARE, William, The Complete Work Of William Shakespeare.1996 Wordworth Limited. Quotes.• WALTER, J.H, King Henry IV Part One. Heinemann Educational ltd. Quotes.