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HRAMA Event: Social Media & Tech Trends
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HRAMA Event: Social Media & Tech Trends


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Erica Campbell, Director of Social Media for Dominion Homes Media, the umbrella division for Homes Media Solutions and For Rent Media Solutions and VP of Social Media for the Hampton Roads American …

Erica Campbell, Director of Social Media for Dominion Homes Media, the umbrella division for Homes Media Solutions and For Rent Media Solutions and VP of Social Media for the Hampton Roads American Marketing Association (HRAMA) discusses how to leverage social media and tech trends. Follow us @HamptonRoadsAMA #HRAMA or at

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Fighters from each group are eligible for a $5,000 bonus based on growth in number and percentage of followers. The UFC also gives an award in each category for the most creative tweets.
  • Foursquare is a location-based social networking website for mobile devices, such as smartphones. Users "check in" at venues, keep up with friends, discover what's nearby, save money and unlock rewards.
  • For its 2013 catalog teaser, IKEA has unveiled that they will be adopting augmented reality in their future catalogs to add a layer of information and interactivity through mobile. When the page is scanned, it will bring up extra content, like customization options or pictures of the furniture in use.
  • The Starbucksaugmented reality campaign “Cup Magic app” allowed you to send and receive virtual Valentine messages.
  • Released Valentine’s Day-themed cups that contain virtual experiences that can be unlocked through the use of a smart phone.
  • Send a tweet, get a price recommendation immediatelyJust send a tweet to @RetrevoQ indicating the brand name and model number and they’ll respond with a recommended price range and a fair price, so you can identify if you’re actually getting a good deal or if you need to take your business elsewhere. This information will give you a great knowledge base when you are browsing, comparing, and preparing to purchase. It gives you a little more power when making a deal for electronics, as you’ll know the price range a product is worth.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media &Tech Trends Erica Campbell Director of Social Media Dominion Homes Media @ericacampbell @HamptonRoadsAMA #HRAMA
    • 2. Agenda• Social Media Landscape• Strategy• Facebook• Photo Sharing• Video• Blogging/Microblogging• Google+• Mobile• Reviews/Ratings• Websites• Social Data
    • 4. 52 percent of a brand’s reputation can be attributed to how social it is online, according to global executives in a recent study.Source: Weber Shandwick &Forbes Insights 2011 Flickr: Creative Commons Mavis
    • 5. On Average, Facebook fans spend an extra $72 on products & are 41% more likely to recommend products vs. non-fans.Source: Knowledge Networks Flickr: Creative Commons Owenbrown
    • 6. Social Media Is Becoming More Influential At EachPhase Of The Connected World
    • 7. Two Giant Sources of Traffic
    • 8. Changing HowConsumers Shop Online
    • 9. STRATEGY
    • 10. Product Development Marketing Online Presence • Lead Generation • Feedback • Message Reach • Ratings & Reviews • Early Warning • Brand Reputation • Communities • New Product Ideation • Rich Media • Customer Stories • Influence Sales Customer Service HR/Legal• Leads & Referrals • Listening • Recruitment• Collaboration • Retention • Overall Counsel• Thought Leadership • OutreachA tool to be leveragedacross the fabric of thecompany: differentfunctions, uses and values Organization
    • 11. Create a Center of ExcellencePhoto: Mashable
    • 12. Find Your Superfans
    • 13. Content Strategy
    • 14. Paid, Earned &Owned Media
    • 15. Content Calendar
    • 16. Governance
    • 17. Brand AmbassadorsPhoto:
    • 18. FACEBOOK
    • 19. Capture Your Brand inYour Cover Photo
    • 20. Capture Your Brand inYour Cover Photo
    • 21. Use Bold Visuals
    • 22. Brand the Apps
    • 23. Use Milestones forStorytelling
    • 24. Use Milestones forStorytelling
    • 25. Fan Acquisition
    • 26. ‘Like’ Contest
    • 27. Visually CompellingPosts Win
    • 28. Fill-in-the-blank postsgenerate about 90%more engagementthan the average post. Fill-In-The-Blank Posts Source: Facebook
    • 29. Posts that end with a question have a 15% higher engagement rate. QuestionsSource: Facebook
    • 30. ‘Pin’ a Post
    • 31. Star Stories
    • 32. Brands can feature apromotion on theirpage, allow users toclaim it and have thecoupon sent directly tothe user’s email ormobile device. Offer Post
    • 33. Facebook Chat
    • 34. Facebook Ads Sponsored Stories Facebook Advertising
    • 35. Social Gestures/Frictionless Sharing
    • 37. Pinterest Account
    • 38. Pin Items for Sale
    • 39. Comments/Tagging/Hashtags
    • 40. Pinterest Facebook App
    • 41. Pinterest Contest
    • 42. Instagram Account
    • 43. Instagram Facebook App
    • 44. Instagram Contest
    • 45. Tumblr Account
    • 46. Slideshare Account
    • 48. VIDEO
    • 49. YouTube Account
    • 50. Video SEO
    • 51. YouTube Facebook App
    • 53. Twitter Chats/ Live Q&A
    • 54. Twitter Party
    • 55. eBooks
    • 56. “Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.” ~ Wikipedia UpcyclingPhoto:
    • 57. Socially EnabledDigital Outdoor
    • 58. Twitter Incentive Bonus
    • 59. GOOGLE+
    • 60. Google+ Account
    • 61. Google+ Hangout
    • 62. Exclusive Content
    • 63. MOBILE
    • 64. The mobile PC category is poised tosoar from 347 million units in 2012 tomore than 809 million by 2017 Touch ComputingPhoto:, Source: NPD DisplaySearch
    • 65. More than 500 million mobile monthly active users as of April 20, 2012. Facebook MobileSource: Facebook, Photo:
    • 66. Location-BasedSocial Networks
    • 67. Augmented RealityPhoto:
    • 68. Augmented Reality
    • 69. AR Virtual Experiences
    • 71. Reviews & Ratings
    • 72. Price Recommendations
    • 73. WEBSITES
    • 74. The Process of designing and developing websites that are able to react to user’s actions and detect the medium where the site is currently being watched in order to provide the best experience possible to the user in terms of Responsive Web Design navigability and readability.Photo:
    • 75. Share/Follow Icons
    • 76. Facebook Connect
    • 77. Social eCommercePhoto:
    • 78. SOCIAL DATA
    • 79. Social Sales Intelligence& CRM
    • 80. Capture Emails
    • 81. Surveys
    • 82. Follow Me
    • 83. Q&A