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HRAMA Event: Advanced Social Media & Tech Trends

HRAMA Event: Advanced Social Media & Tech Trends



Speaker: Erica Campbell, Director of Social Media for Dominion Homes Media. ...

Speaker: Erica Campbell, Director of Social Media for Dominion Homes Media.
Session Date: Thursday, October 25, 2012
Event: Hampton Roads American Marketing Association (HRAMA)

Building and maintaining an on-going positive relationship with consumers and customers through advanced social media tactics and technology is critical to your company’s success! The use of social media and new technology holds tremendous opportunities for companies looking to drive new business, retain customers, create engagement and increase revenue. Whether you are completely clueless, somewhat familiar, or advanced, Erica Campbell, Director of Social Media for Dominion Homes Media, the umbrella division for Homes.com and ForRent.com discussed how to leverage social media and become part of the consumer dialogue. This session provided attendees with strategic insight into creating a center of excellence, how and why social media works for businesses across all touch points, improving consumer engagement and other emerging opportunities.



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  • Paid Media: Involves purchasing media which is important and needed in key periods to drive more engagement. Owned media: Is where a brand controls the media channel like a website or social media channel. This makes you more portable. Earned Media:  "Earned media" is an old PR term that essentially meant getting your brand into free media rather than having to pay for it through advertising. However, this has really evolved to more of permanent word- of –mouth that is being created through social media. There is no money being exchanged but it isn't free. You are paying in time.
  • Social media signals show extremely high correlation and associate with good rankings in Google. The correlation coefficient is displayed on the x-axis. Greater values along the x-axis (e.g. Facebook Shares) have a positive correlation (the more, the better) while lower values (Title Character Length) have a negative correlation. Therefore, we can say that the largest correlation occurs between Facebook Shares and the lowest between the Position of Title Keywords.
  • A study found that Google + 1’s had a significant result of 0.41 which allows us to assume that the quantity of +1s has the strongest correlation of any of the metrics analyzed
  • Increase sharing and site trafficBoost visitor engagementGive users a personal experience
  • You have to start paying for content and find a way to make yourself an authority, to make a rockstar out of one of your writers, or suck it up and hire someone who already is a rockstar and get them to write for your site. In today’s Web economy, the actual writer matters for ranking and it matters for links. It comes down to great content and relationships. Just like in the offline world. With a verified email: If you have an email address on the same domain as your content, you can go to plus.google.com/authorship to verify it. Using the form on that page will add your email address to the Work section of your profile, which by default is viewable only by your circles. You can keep your email private if you wish. It will also add a public link to the domain of the email address to the Contributor to section of your profile.Without a verified email: If can’t verify an email address on the same domain (say if you’re a contributor to the Huffington Post but don’t have a Huffington Post email address) you can still link your content to your Google+. In these circumstances, you’ll want to do it from your Author page on that site. Just link to your Google+ page in the bio area and Google will be able to pick that up. You can do it directly from the content, itself, but you don’t have to. You’ll also want to add the rel=me tag.
  • People make decisions based on the trust of their friends. Facebook has created a social layer that exposes those relationships that have always been there, between people's real friends. Because those relationships are visible, think of all these dots with lines connecting them. This created an advertising system that sits on top of that and allows you to inject your content. Now let's say your content is testimonials, specials, videos, whatever kinds of content might be interesting. Identify who your best customers are; not people who could be customers, but people who already love you. Amplify what you already have that's great. That's what Facebook is; it's a word of mouth amplifier.
  • Amplify your organic content and positive fan behavior via Sponsored Stories. Beating Google 3:1, highly relevant content and you enlists friend’s recommendations.
  • Rolled out in August
  • Create a pinboard that features the bestphotos and video footage of the annualevent you host to help you generate buzzand promote the next one. You can create a “Behind TheScenes” board that features a lot of picturesfrom events that we have hosted.
  • For its 2013 catalog teaser, IKEA has unveiled that they will be adopting augmented reality in their future catalogs to add a layer of information and interactivity through mobile. When the page is scanned, it will bring up extra content, like customization options or pictures of the furniture in use.
  • The Starbucksaugmented reality campaign “Cup Magic app” allowed you to send and receive virtual Valentine messages.
  • Released Valentine’s Day-themed cups that contain virtual experiences that can be unlocked through the use of a smart phone.

HRAMA Event: Advanced Social Media & Tech Trends HRAMA Event: Advanced Social Media & Tech Trends Presentation Transcript

  • AdvancedSocial Media &Tech Trends Erica Campbell Director of Social Media Dominion Homes Media @ericacampbell @HamptonRoadsAMA #HRAMA
  • Agenda• Social Media Landscape• Social Signals• Facebook• Photo Sharing• Video• Blogging/Microblogging• Google+• Mobile
  • 52 percent of a brand‟s reputation can be attributed to how social it is online, according to global executives in a recent study.Source: Weber Shandwick &Forbes Insights 2011 Flickr: Creative Commons Mavis
  • On Average, Facebook fans spend an extra $72 on products & are 41% more likely to recommend products vs. non-fans.Source: Knowledge Networks Flickr: Creative Commons Owenbrown
  • The mobile PC category is poised tosoar from 347 million units in 2012 tomore than 809 million by 2017 Touch ComputingPhoto: agbeat.com, Source: NPD DisplaySearch
  • More than 955 million monthly active users & more than 543 million mobile monthly active users as of June 20, 2012.Source: Facebook, Photo: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com
  • Social Media Is Becoming More Influential At EachPhase Of The Connected World
  • Source: 1 digimind.com, 2 reviewpro.com, 3 beesocial.com
  • Consumers are Engaged inSocial Commerce on Facebook Facebook Users in US 1 Billion Shared Product 35 Million (1 out of 4) 25% Asked for Recommendation 19% 26 Million (1 out of 5) 16% Driven to Purchase 22 Million (1 out of 6) Source: Social Commerce IQ
  • Two Giant Sources of Traffic
  • Changing HowConsumers Consume Information
  • Product Development Marketing Online Presence • Lead Generation • Feedback • Message Reach • Ratings & Reviews • Early Warning • Brand Reputation • Communities • New Product Ideation • Rich Media • Customer Stories • Influence Sales Customer Service HR/Legal• Leads & Referrals • Listening • Recruitment• Collaboration • Retention • Overall Counsel• Thought Leadership • OutreachA tool to be leveragedacross the fabric of thecompany: differentfunctions, uses and values Organization
  • 2009
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • POEMSource: http://www.onetoomanymornings.co.uk
  • Social media signals show an Google Searchextremely high correlation & Ranking Factorsassociate with good rankingsin Google.
  • • Followers/Likes/Check-ins/Google+/Shares• Mentions• Frequency• Topic/Relevancy• Reputation/Authority/Influence Social Signal• Engagement (Klout) Ranking Factors• Length of time online
  • • Increases sharing & site traffic• Boots visitor engagement• Gives user a personal experience Share/Follow Icons
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Google Author Tag &Google+ Circles
  • Social Extensions (ConnectGoogle+ to Ad Words)
  • Social Signals• Optimize all of your social profiles• Google is indexing Facebook comments so use the Facebook Comment Plug-In to power your blog comments• Google Authorship Tool to ad value, personality & increase CTR• Automate minimally• Associate with people that will share your message• Have a keyword focus (without stuffing) Social Signals Tips
  • Capture Your Brand inYour Cover Photo
  • Capture Your Brand inYour Cover Photo
  • Brand the Apps
  • Brand the Apps
  • Use Milestones forStorytelling
  • Fan Acquisition
  • ‘Like’ Contest
  • Visually CompellingPosts Win
  • Fill-in-the-blank postsgenerate about 90%more engagementthan the average post. Fill-In-The-Blank Posts Source: Facebook
  • Posts that end with a question have a 15% higher engagement rate. QuestionsSource: Facebook
  • ‘Pin’ a Post
  • Star Stories
  • Brands can feature apromotion on theirpage, allow users toclaim it and have thecoupon sent directly tothe user‟s email ormobile device. Offer Post
  • Facebook Chat
  • Facebook Advertising SystemSource: BlitzMetrics.com
  • Page Post Story (Your „Likes‟) & Page Likes Page Post Like (Friends of fans who have (Friends of your fans) liked your posts)Amplify your organic content and Sponsored Story Adspositive fan behavior. Source: BlitzMetrics.com
  • Click-through rates are in therange of 3%-10% and CPC isbetween 1 cent and 10 cents. Sponsored Results Source: BlitzMetrics.com
  • Social Gestures/Frictionless Sharing
  • Facebook Connect
  • Facebook• Facebook Insights• Facebook Offers• Optimize your profile• Facebook advertising• Consider Edge Rank & Open Graph factors for Facebook‟s algorithm• Run contests• Include photos Facebook Tips
  • Promote values & lifestyle, not Pinterest Accountjust products
  • Pin From Your Website &Add Links in Description
  • Create an Event Board &Video Library Board
  • Create a Hashtag
  • Include Prices
  • Comments/Tagging/Hashtags
  • Pinterest Facebook App
  • Pinterest Contest
  • How It WorksRally together some of the industry‟s toppinners and trendsetters to collaborate onphotos and pins that will be an inspirationto your followers.Engage Your FansEncourage your fans to follow your PinningParty board and have them repin 10 oftheir favorite images to their own boardtitled the same as your board. Ask them toadd a link to your Pinterest board in acomment on your blog. Pinning Party
  • User Insight & Competitive Intel
  • Instagram Account
  • Instagram Facebook App
  • Instagram Contest
  • Flickr Account
  • Post Event Eblast
  • Tumblr Account
  • Slideshare Account
  • Memes
  • eBooks
  • Photo Sharing• Pinterest is the fastest growing site ever• Pinterest delivers more referral traffic than Twitter & Google+• Great product shots• Phonto app to add branding• Submit photos, voting, caption contests• Regular engagement with audience• Create a Pinterest board for your blog posts• Use hashtags• PinAlerts, Pinreach, Pinpuff, Pinerly, Repinly Photo Sharing Tips
  • YouTube Account
  • Video SEO
  • Playlists & Annotation Players
  • Videos Drive Traffic
  • YouTube Facebook App
  • Video• Keep it concise (2 min or less)• How-To videos, testimonials, answer top questions, product videos• Create playlists• Create community• Optimize: titles, descriptions, keywords, tags• YouTube Analytics (demographics, audience retention, traffic sources, playback locations)• Link to AdSense for monetization Video Tips
  • Twitter Party/Twitter Chat
  • Socially EnabledDigital Outdoor
  • Linky Party
  • “Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.” ~ Wikipedia UpcyclingPhoto: http://www.alittletipsy.com
  • Upcycling
  • Blogging/Microblogging• Blogger outreach• Make tweet less than 120 characters for the RT• Use hashtags• Use @Replies• Include URL in the first 25% of the tweet to get more RT‟s• Bring old content back to life• Link blogger profiles to Google+ profiles• Wefollow.com – top tags and people• Twellow – top Twitter users by city• Tweriod – gives you the best times to tweet• Pitchengine.com – create better content to share via social networks, search engines and mobile devices• Bitly/Tinyurl – Shorten & track URLs Blogging/Microblogging Tips
  • Google+ Account
  • Google+ Hangout
  • Exclusive Content
  • Google+• Social Signals are the new links. Add the +1 button to your site• Create your Plus page, link to your site• Add important people to circles• Optimize your Circle names• Create how-to content• Recycle existing content• Connect your HOA to your YouTube Account• Tag people & other brands• Use hashtags Google+ Tips
  • The Process of designing and developing websites that are able to react to user’s actions and detect the medium where the site is currently being watched in order to provide the best experience possible to the user in terms of Responsive Web Design navigability and readability.Photo: webdesignshock.com
  • There are 6 Billion mobile subscribers worldwide & over 1.2 Billion people accessing the web from their mobile devices. Facebook MobileSource: Digitalbuzzblog.com
  • Google earns 2.5 Billion in mobile ad revenue annually. Facebook MobileSource: Digitalbuzzblog.com
  • Mobile searcheshave quadrupledin the last year. Facebook Mobile Source: Digitalbuzzblog.com
  • • Users “check-in” to local businesses & events• Earn badges for more check-ins Location-Based• Discover new places Social Networks• Find deals
  • Augmented RealityPhoto: agbeat.com
  • Augmented Reality
  • AR Virtual Experiences
  • Mobile• Prepare your websites & optimize for search & social• Keep mobile in mind• Experiment with QR codes & Augmented Reality• Mobile loyalty programs• Engage consumers• Run contests Mobile Recap
  • Integrated Campaign
  • Integrated Campaign
  • Follow Me
  • Q&A