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Middleware in the cloud   platform-v2
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Middleware in the cloud platform-v2






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Middleware in the cloud   platform-v2 Middleware in the cloud platform-v2 Presentation Transcript

  • SINGAPORE PLATFORM, ADVANCED Hammad Rajjoub Architect Evangelist, Microsoft SingaporeWindows AzureAppFabric – TheMiddleware for theCloud
  • The Cloud.
  • All Apps Move To The Cloud.
  • I would also like ….
  • Cure for Cancer…
  • World Peace..
  • Get rid of Famine…
  • Finish the book I am writing “on time”…
  • All Apps Move To The Cloud.
  • No They Don’t.
  • Analogy: Rural vs. Urban living ..
  • We need to connect the dots…
  • Agenda• Windows Azure AppFabric –The Middleware for the Cloud• Building Blocks• Service Bus
  • Speaker Intro• Architect Evangelist at Microsoft• Published Author• Microsoft Business Platform Technology Advisor• Microsoft Cloud Advisory Council• IASA Speaker and Member• 7 times MVP• @hammadrajjoub• http://www.hammadrajjoub.net
  • Likewise for software, we need middleware…
  • … all sorts of middleware, in fact
  • Windows Azure AppFabric
  • Windows Azure AppFabric Cache• A distributed, in-memory cache for apps running in Azure: – In-memory cache located near your Azure applications – Based on Windows Server AppFabric Caching• Benefits: – Highly scalable with low latency and high throughput – Can dynamically increase and decrease as needed, without redeploying or modifying your application – User doesn’t have to bother with configuration, deployment, or management of their cache infrastructure
  • Key Capabilities & Benefits Web Role• Easily integrates into existing apps Local Cache – Cache-Aside Model – One API for Server and Cloud Output – ASP.NET Session State Provider Sessions – ASP.NET Page Output Caching Provider Reference Data• Very low latency with Local Cache Activity Data• Caches any serializable CLR object Resource – No serialization costs for local caching Data• Secured w/ Access Control Service DB
  • A quick look at Cloud Cache...DEMO
  • Windows Azure AppFabric Access ControlAccess Control Free till Jan 2012• Federated Identity and AuthZ for any Application – Web, Desktop, Mobile – Identity Providers: OAuth WRAP • Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Live ID OAuth 2.0 • Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 Access Control WS-* Service • OAuth 2, OAuth WRAP • WS-Trust 1.3 Open ID Rules – Tokens Formats Google, Yahoo • OAuth WRAP SWT Facebook Websites and web • SAML 1.1, SAML 2.0 Live ID services• Authorization Rules
  • Windows Azure AppFabric Application ManagerWeb Services Workflow• Application Server Infrastructure – Deployment and Placement – Execution Lifecycle – Scale Out – High Availability – Isolation – Resource Management – Routing – Usage Monitoring
  • Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus Service Bus• Interconnect services across networks – Naming and Discovery – Connectivity w/ NAT and Firewall Traversal – Access Control Integrated Authorization• Cloud-Based Message-Oriented Middleware – Next Generation Message Queue Technology – Rich Publish/Subscribe with Filtering – Transaction Integration
  • Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus ? Connectivity Messaging Service Integration Service Relay Queuing Management Routing Protocol Tunnel Pub/Sub Naming, Discovery Coordination Eventing, Push Reliable Transfer Monitoring Transformation Rich options for Reliable, Consistent Content-based interconnecting transaction-aware management routing, document apps across cloud messaging surface and service transformation, network infrastructure for observation and process boundaries business apps. capabilities coordination.
  • Queues! P Queue C • Reliable, durable storage – up to 1GB per Queue* • Queues stay in the system once created, no TTL limit • Max message size 256KB, Sessions allow grouping • Messaging API, WCF, and HTTP/REST Interfaces
  • My Queue runs in the cloud. How about yours?DEMO
  • Topics! S C P Topic S C S C• All the Features of Queues + Publish/Subscribe• Up to 2000 Subscriptions on a Topic• Each Subscription is a virtual queue getting message copies• Subscriptions can have filters and actions
  • We have “Topics” in the cloud. Do you?DEMO
  • Bridging on premise messaging with the Cloud SB Queue C Cloud On Premise P MSMQ Broker• Messages are pushed to MSMQ• Broker reads off MSMQ and publishes to SB Queue• Service Bus Queue Client can reads it off the queue
  • Look ma! I can do HYBRID messaging…DEMO
  • Runtime API Choices Apps WCF Service Model WCF Bindings HTTP SOAP REST WS-* (Relay Clients) Service Bus Relay Protocol Implementation Messaging API (private) .NET Framework 4.0 Any Platform Service Bus
  • Summary- The Cloud Middleware- Service Bus enables connectivity between On-Premise and Cloud Apps- AppFabric applications are inherently cloud ready- Integration Services will bring BizTalk to the Cloud
  • Learn more..- Rayan’s Master Class on Windows Azure- Channel9 Videos - http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/ServiceBusTopicsAndQueues - http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/BUILD/BUILD2011/SAC-862T- Windows Azure AppFabric Samples: - http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=2742 1- The Developer’s Guide to AppFabric – Alan Smith- Windows Azure Development Cookbook- Neil McKenzie- Customer Advisory Team: http://www.windowsazurecat.com/- @hammadrajjoub - www.hammadrajjoub.net
  • Thank Youhamadr@microsoft.com /@hammadrajjoub /Microsoft Virtual Academy IT Pro Trials Developer Downloadshttp://wwww.hammadrajjoub.net
  • http://azureug.sghttp://www.facebook.com/MWAPSG