Hamish	  Renton	  Associates	     Cost	  effec,ve	  	  Social	  Media	  Campaigns	                    Creativity – Insight ...
About!Hamish Renton Associates!Background:	  •  Retail	  -­‐	  Head	  of	  Own	  Label	  for	  Tesco	  &	  Category	  Buyi...
What	  is	  cost	  effec,ve	  marke,ng?	  •  Consignia	  (2002)	  -­‐	  £2m	  logo	  redesign.	  •  Sponsorship	  of	  The	...
How	  not	  to	  use…TwiXer	  •  McDonalds,	  Feb	  2012.	  Campaign	  aimed	  to	  highlight	  the	  origin	  of	  its	  ...
Watch	  out..	  Social	  Media	  is	  ‘always	  on’	   •  Keep	  a	  clear	  focus	  on	  the	  product	  &	  customer	  s...
Social	  media	  –	  cost	  effec,ve	  way	  to:	  1.    Research	  -­‐	  listen	  and	  learn	  from	  your	  consumers	  ...
Driving	  VALUE	  in	  your	  social	  media	  	         V	        Video	         A	        Ac,vate	         L	        Lif...
V	  is	  for…	  Video	                      	  •  You	  Tube	  is	  free,	  wildly	  popular	  mechanic	  for	  bringing	 ...
A	  is	  for…	  	  Ac,vate	  	  •  Your	  goal	  is	  to	  drive	  web	  traffic	  to	  your	  website,	  impel	     consume...
www.hamishrenton.com                                     Number	  of	  followers	                                  6000	  ...
L	  is	  for…	  Lifestyle	                     	  	  •  If	  you	  are	  not	  talking	  to	  your	  customers	  where	  a...
www.hamishrenton.comExamples	  of	  Facebook	  ads	                                                                      1...
U	  is	  for…	  	                        Understand	  •  To	  establish,	  or	  regain	  trust,	  you	  need	  to	  show	 ...
E	  is	  for…	  	                        Evaluate	    	  •  Growing	  Facebook	  fans	  isn’t	  just	  about	  winning	  a...
www.hamishrenton.comEngagement	  on	  Facebook	  Page	  	  (non	  adver,sing	  period)	  -­‐	  ‘make	  mine	  Milk’	  Enga...
Caveat	  •  Email	  and	  direct	  mail	  aren’t	  dead!	  	  Neither	  is	  the	  phone!	  	  •  Email	  marke,ng	  allow...
Summary	  •  Geyng	  followers,	  fans,	  likes,	  pins	  and	  the	  rest	  is	  not	  why	     we’re	  on	  social	  med...
www.hamishrenton.comAny	  ques,ons	  ?	  Further	  informa5on:	  	  •  Find	  a	  PDF	  copy	  of	  this	  presenta,on	  o...
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The Tweet Small of Success - Social Media


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Transcript of "The Tweet Small of Success - Social Media"

  1. 1. Hamish  Renton  Associates   Cost  effec,ve    Social  Media  Campaigns   Creativity – Insight – Delivery! 1   Creativity – Insight – Delivery
  2. 2. About!Hamish Renton Associates!Background:  •  Retail  -­‐  Head  of  Own  Label  for  Tesco  &  Category  Buying  Manager  at  Argos.  •  FMCG  -­‐  board  member  at  both  St  Ivel  and  Milk  Link  (Marke,ng  &  Innova,on  Director)  •  Industry  -­‐  Gold  Awards  Judge,  write  for  The  Grocer  (logo)  &  Dairy  Innova,on  (logo)      •  Professionally  –  Member  of  Chartered  Ins,tute  of  Marke,ng  &  Market  Research  Society  Associate.  Bou5que  agency  focused  on  food  and  drink:  –  small  team  of    ‘blue  chip’  specialists.  •  Marke5ng  –  strategy,  research,  branding,  packaging  &  New  Product  Development  •  Ge;ng  &  keeping  supermarket  lis5ngs  –  category  analysis,  sell  in  &  promo,ons  •  Workshops  –  product  brainstorms,  strategy  &  sales  genera,on  •  Wri5ng  &  Research  –  crea,ng  Books,  Ar,cles  &  Apps  about  Food  &  Health.    •  Current  clients:   2   Creativity – Insight – Delivery   Delivery
  3. 3. What  is  cost  effec,ve  marke,ng?  •  Consignia  (2002)  -­‐  £2m  logo  redesign.  •  Sponsorship  of  The  River  CoXage  series-­‐    c£250,000.  •  Product  sampling  in  UKs  largest  80  Tescos  for  a  weekend  -­‐   £92,000  •  Crea,on  of  A4  press  adver,sement  -­‐  £20,000.  •  One  A4  page  inser,on  cost  in  Observer  Food  Monthly   magazine  or  Olive  -­‐  c£5,000     3   Creativity – Insight – Delivery
  4. 4. How  not  to  use…TwiXer  •  McDonalds,  Feb  2012.  Campaign  aimed  to  highlight  the  origin  of  its  food  with  the  hashtag   #MeetTheFarmers  •  Whilst  McDonald’s  tweets  were  at  the  top  of  the  search,  the    majority  were  nega,ve.    Real   tweets  from  consumers:    “My  father  used  to  bring  us  to  McDonalds  as  a  reward  when    we  were  kids.  Now  he’s  horribly  obese  and  has  diabetes.    Lesson  learned  #McDStories”    “#McDStories  Take  a  McDonalds  fry,  let  it  sit  for  6  months.  It  will  not  deteriorate  or  spoil  like  a  normal  potato.  It  will  remain  how  it  was.”    “I  once  ate  at  McDonalds.  Never,  ever  again.  #McDStories  #truestory”     Lesson  =  regardless  of  the  care  taken  to  plan  a  social  media  campaign,  detractors  will   inevitably  chime  in.     4   Creativity – Insight – Delivery
  5. 5. Watch  out..  Social  Media  is  ‘always  on’   •  Keep  a  clear  focus  on  the  product  &  customer  service.     •  In  a  now  famous  incident,  Southwest  airlines          kicked  famous  Kevin  Smith  off  of  a  plane  because          he  was  too  large  to  fit  into  just  one  seat.   •  He  got  angry  &  tweeted  about  the  incident,  and          the  event  became  an  instant  scandal.   •  In  this  age  of  instant,  it  is  more  important  than          ever  to  have  a  posi,ve  company  mission  and  treat          clients  respeciully.   Lesson  =  all  your  customers  have  megaphones,     not  just  the  loyal  and  happy  ones.     5   Creativity – Insight – Delivery
  6. 6. Social  media  –  cost  effec,ve  way  to:  1.  Research  -­‐  listen  and  learn  from  your  consumers  about   their  needs  &  wants.  2.  Adver5sing  –  build  brand  awareness  &  followers.  3.  Brand  building  –  create  posi,ve  associa,ons  and   personality.  4.  Influence  –  power  to  form  and  change  consumer  opinion.  5.  Sales  -­‐  channel  to  sell  directly  &  drive  traffic  to  other   channels   6   Creativity – Insight – Delivery
  7. 7. Driving  VALUE  in  your  social  media     V   Video   A   Ac,vate   L   Lifestyle   U   Understand   E   Evaluate  •  Key  is  integra,ng  social  media  channels  to  drive  value.    •  The  ‘BIG  3’  are  Facebook,  You  Tube  &  TwiXer  –  all  can  be  used  very  effec,vely   for  free  !   7   Creativity – Insight – Delivery
  8. 8. V  is  for…  Video    •  You  Tube  is  free,  wildly  popular  mechanic  for  bringing   your  brand,  and  its  story  alive.    •  Most  consumers  watch  the  first  30  seconds.  •  Supports  your  Google  ra,ng  (SEO).  •  Done  well,  is  powerful  combina,on  of  sight  and  sound.  •  Allows  product  features,  associa,ons  &  personality  to   show.  •  BeXer  a  short,  well  constructed  20  seconds  than  an   "epic"  5  minutes.  •  Vimeo.com  is  higher  quality  alterna,ve  (also  free).   8   Creativity – Insight – Delivery
  9. 9. A  is  for…    Ac,vate    •  Your  goal  is  to  drive  web  traffic  to  your  website,  impel   consumers  to  DO  something  or  lead  their  conversa,on.  •  Consumers  trust  social  media  recommenda,ons,  its  a   key  tool  to  drive  sales  which  is  why  likes  and   recommenda,ons  are  important.  •  Over  190m  tweets  every  day  -­‐  make  sure  your  brand   has  something  to  say.  •  Giving  a  personal  touch  to  your  brand  is  best  done   through  TwiXer,  you  can  tweet  jokes,  pictures,  links  to   your  website.  •  TwiXer  is  also  very  effec,ve  in  providing  24/7  customer   service.  •  Be  professional,  but  informal  and  make  it  true  to  your   brand  and  story.     9   Creativity – Insight – Delivery
  10. 10. www.hamishrenton.com Number  of  followers   6000   5000  Number  of  followers   4000   3000   2000   1000   0   10   Creativity – Insight – Delivery
  11. 11. L  is  for…  Lifestyle      •  If  you  are  not  talking  to  your  customers  where  and  when  they   work,  rest  and  play,  your  brand  is  missing  out.  •  What  leisure  ac,vi,es  do  you  your  customers  enjoy  -­‐  sports,   entertainment,  the  arts  or  cooking?  •  Then  incorporate  that  leisure  ac,vity  in  your  tweets.  The  more   you  can  be  part  of  their  total  life  the  stronger  your  brand   loyalty  will  be.  •  TwiXer  is  adding  nearly  500,000  new  accounts  per  day  –  90%   are  consumers  driven  by  their  interests.  •  Your  brand  has  a  great  story  behind  it  –  how  and  where  will  you   make  this  relevant?   11   Creativity – Insight – Delivery
  12. 12. www.hamishrenton.comExamples  of  Facebook  ads   12   Creativity – Insight – Delivery
  13. 13. U  is  for…     Understand  •  To  establish,  or  regain  trust,  you  need  to  show  your  brand  understands  its  shoppers.  •  E.g.  Social  media  mandatory  for  youth  brands  -­‐  48  %  of  18  to  34-­‐year-­‐olds  check   Facebook  immediately  upon  waking  up.    •  Facebook  polls  -­‐  quick,  immediate  and            accurate  way  to  gauge  opinion.  •  Use  survey  monkey  (free)  to  design  a  10  ques,on  survey  and  tweet  the  link  (use  a  prize   draw).  •  Invite  consumers  to  post,  email  or  tweet  their  sugges,ons  for  new  flavours,  recipes  and   product  usage   13   Creativity – Insight – Delivery
  14. 14. E  is  for…     Evaluate    •  Growing  Facebook  fans  isn’t  just  about  winning  a  popularity   contest;  it  can  actually  have  an  impact  on  your  company’s   boXom  line.    •  Average  fans  spend  $71.84  on  products  they  “like.”.  On   average,  fans  are  28  percent  more  likely  to  con,nue  being   loyal  users.  •  The  average  fan  is  41%  more  likely  to  recommend  the   product  or  service  to  friends.    •  What  is  that  worth  to  your  business?  •  Set  targets  for  each  month  -­‐  followers  on  TwiXer,  Facebook   and  You  Tube.  Measure  your  progress  to  get  a  sense  of   momentum.  •  Sign  up  on  Google  Analy,cs  to  look  at  how  your  website  is   performing.   14   Creativity – Insight – Delivery
  15. 15. www.hamishrenton.comEngagement  on  Facebook  Page    (non  adver,sing  period)  -­‐  ‘make  mine  Milk’  Engagement  of  Facebook  page  over  Oct/Nov.  This  includes  likes,  comments,  shares  and  picture  views  (between  15/10/11  –  12/11/11)   4000   Number  of  people  engaged  with  page   3500   3000   2500   2000   1500   1000   500   0   15/10/11   16/10/11   17/10/11   18/10/11   19/10/11   20/10/11   21/10/11   22/10/11   23/10/11   24/10/11   25/10/11   26/10/11   27/10/11   28/10/11   29/10/11   30/10/11   31/10/11   01/11/11   02/11/11   03/11/11   04/11/11   05/11/11   06/11/11   07/11/11   08/11/11   09/11/11   10/11/11   11/11/11   12/11/11   Date 15   Creativity – Insight – Delivery
  16. 16. Caveat  •  Email  and  direct  mail  aren’t  dead!    Neither  is  the  phone!    •  Email  marke,ng  allows  you  to  send  messages  when  you  want,   and  consumers  to  respond  when  they  want.    You  aren’t   interrup,ng!  •  Consumers  have  given  you  permission  to  contact,  so  they  want   to  hear  from  you!  •  Electronic  newsleXers  allow  you  to  add  colour,  depth,   personality  and  humour  to  your  brand  story.  •  Create  and  keep  a  database  of  interested  consumers  (even  if   they  don’t  buy)  using  free/low  cost  tools  like  Constant  Contact   16   Creativity – Insight – Delivery
  17. 17. Summary  •  Geyng  followers,  fans,  likes,  pins  and  the  rest  is  not  why   we’re  on  social  media.  •  We’re  business  people  and  we’re  using  social  media  apps   to  help  to  build  our  businesses.  •  Facebook,  TwiXer  &  You  Tube  are  all  free.  Take  these   channels  seriously  and  find  a  process  to  gradually  build   your  presence.  •  Benchmark  where  you  are  now:  followers,  likes  &  page   views.  •  Set  objec,ves  and  measure  yourself  against  them.  •  Dont  stop  all  your  other  marke,ng  –  it’s  a  mix  of  channels   that  will  get  you  results.  •  Make  social  media  the  responsibility  of  one  person  in  your     company  and  start  now!   17   Creativity – Insight – Delivery
  18. 18. www.hamishrenton.comAny  ques,ons  ?  Further  informa5on:    •  Find  a  PDF  copy  of  this  presenta,on  on  www.hamishrenton.com.  •  For  a  free  report  into  how  to  op,mise  Social  Media,  drop  me  an  email.  Contact   Office:  01803  203387   Mobile:  07740  840071   in   uk.linkedin.com/in/hamishrenton   t   twiXer.com/hamishrenton   18   Creativity – Insight – Delivery
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