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How can allergies occur

How can allergies occur






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    How can allergies occur How can allergies occur Presentation Transcript

    • How Can Allergies Occur
    • Cigarette Smoke Allergies
    • • Research shows that respiratory infections and asthma are higher in the family smoking individuals. Smoking can contribute to allergy. In fact, there are people who are sensitive to cigarette smoke. Smoking may aggravate the condition of individuals who are suffering from allergies.• Conducted research studies suggest that smoking may worsen allergies. Smokers can harm the people around them. Each time a cigarette is lit, it harms the people in the surroundings.
    • Latex Allergy Overview
    • • Medical equipment, gloves, and condoms with latex content are some of the products people with latex allergy should avoid. They are very offending products which will trigger allergic reactions. There are many symptoms of latex allergy. It includes skin problems such as urticaria or eczema. Tearing of the eyes and irritation may also develop. Respiratory problems may also occur such as cough, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Allergic reactions caused by latex can either be mild or severe. Skin rashes are considered to be mild symptoms and may disappear without treatment. Anaphylaxis, on the other hand, is the most severe allergic reaction that needs immediate medical attention. A person is experiencing anaphylaxis when he is having difficulty of breathing, development of hives, and gastrointestinal problems.• Part of treatment for latex allergy is removal of the latex product. Antihistamines and epinephrine are ideal drugs to treat allergy symptoms. If you are diagnosed with latex allergy, it is very important that you always wear a medicAlert bracelet. You should also carry an epinephrine emergency kit all the time.• People who are sensitive to latex should avoid latex-containing products to prevent allergic reactions to occur.
    • Cat Allergy
    • • A lot of people think that pet allergy is cause by their pet’s fur. Saliva proteins are considered major allergens by some researchers. Saliva remains as the animals lick their own fur. Skin and urine are two of the sources where allergens can be found. It is the drying of the substance that carries the protein that make makes the said protein float.• Contrary to dogs, cats lick often. Since cats are closer to humans, they can carry more allergens to the individuals. Rodents, like guinea pigs and gerbils are becoming more and more popular. Allergic reactions occur when urine from rodents such as mice and rats get in contact with some people.
    • Sulfite Allergy Overview
    • • Some food may be enhanced or preserved by adding sulfur-based compounds. These compounds occur naturally and are collectively known as sulfites. The Food and Drug Administration has given an estimate of 1 in 100 individuals who have sensitivity to sulfites. Sulfite sensitivity has an unknown cause. It may also be acquired regardless of age.• Sulfite reactivity may range from mild to severe. The use of sulfites on certain produce was banned in 1986 by the FDA. A law by the FDA mandates the listing of sulfites on product labels by manufacturers adding sulfites to their products. Processed and cooked foods may contain sulfites. Luckily, fresh foods do not. Naturally occurring sulfites may be found in the process of making beer and wine.• For sensitive individuals, the only way to prevent a reaction is to avoid foods that contain or may contain sulfites. Label reading is an important habit to develop by sulfite sensitive individuals. In a restaurant, ask the chef or waiter if sulfites have been used before or during food preparation.
    • Pollen Allergy
    • • For reproduction, Plants produce tiny, round or oval pollen grains which are too tiny to see with the naked eye. In some species, the plant uses the pollen from its own flowers to fertilize itself. Others should undergo cross-pollination.• Pollens must be transferred from the flower of one plant to another of the same species. Then, cross pollination, or fertilization and seed-forming, will take place. Flowering plants sometimes depends on the wind to carry their pollen and for some, they rely on insects. Allergic reactions are not usually caused by plants with showy flowers but rather by plain – looking types like trees, grasses, and weeds. In order to be suitable for air transport, the pollen grains produced by plants have to be light, small, and dry.
    • The editor writes reviews, feedback, & educational contents about allergy. Do you want to uncovermore regarding allergy symptoms? Get the answers straight from this author who actually experienced several hypersensitivity since childhood years.