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  1. 1. 1Derogatory (dirogutoree)Derogatory comments"Derogatory (expressive of low opinion)Ive been kinda lazy tooHis leg was caught in a snareSnare/trap/Snares (entices and trap)"The men snare foxesSnare ((hunting) catch in or as if in a trap)Snare (a trap for birds or small mammals; often has a slipnoose)"It was all a snare and delusion"Snare (something (often something deceptively attractive) thatcatches you unawares)Captain Shahid Afridi did a volte-face, claiming that he wasmisunderstood and quoted out of context.Volte-face/change/policy changeVolte-face (A major change in attitude, principle or point ofview)Miff/huff/annoy/irritation/anger"His behavior really miffed me"Miff (Cause to be annoyed)Miff (A state of irritation or annoyance)Eye candy ((informal) an attractive companion whoaccompanies someone in public in order to gain attention,enhance social status, etc., for the latter)He wanted to put some eye candy on their web siteEye-candy (Visual images that are pleasing to see but areintellectually undemanding)Im a brainiacBrainiac/genius/mastermind/Einstein/intellectual/Mozart was a child brainiacBrainiac (Someone who has exceptional intellectual ability andoriginality)
  2. 2. 2Fellatio (Oral stimulation of the penis)An exquisitely hot collection buddyExquisitely/fine/delicately/His face was gauntGaunt/bony/emaciated/Thin/LeanA nightmare population of gaunt men and skeletal boysGaunt (Very thin especially from disease, hunger or cold)He used all the resources at his disposal"Disposal (The power to use something or someone)Were at your disposalHuddleI cant turn the clock backI am gobsmackedGobsmacked (USAGE: BRITISH)(Utterly astounded)Gobsmacked/surprised/astounded/amazed/stunned/flabbergasted/The crowd is making a dinHis deep voice dinned through the hall"Din (The act of making a noisy disturbance)Din (A loud harsh or strident noise)Imbecile/idiotic/half wit/moron/retardedIan Chappell has just called Umar "frenetic" and Afridi "amaniac" which, if you think about, are pretty apt descriptionsfor their batting techniques"Frenetic screams followed the accident"Frenetic (Excessively agitated; distraught with fear or otherviolent emotion)Repo (An item that has been repossessed)Pak court indicts Davis for murderIndictment (A formal document written for a prosecutingattorney charging a person with some offense)Indict/accuse/chargeWhen they find a sufficient ground to indict, the case istransferred to the courtIndict (Accuse formally of a crime)
  3. 3. 3I dont think hed believe any of the shit i told himBlood money (Compensation paid to the family of a murderedperson)Clinical South Africa surge into quarter-finalsMercurial (Liable to sudden unpredictable change)Ludicrous/absurd/ridiculous/preposterous/foolish/humorousLudicrous (Broadly or extravagantly humorous; resemblingfarce)What goes around, comes aroundWhopping ((informal) very large)Helluva (HELL OF A)"Its going to be a helluva horse raceHelluva ((informal) hell of a: notable, big or used as anintensifier)It was Helluva noisy out hereBackfire/backlash/Your comments may backfire and cause you a lot of trouble"Backfire (Come back to the originator of an action with anundesired effect)Peril/danger/riskThe shell-shocked horse ran toward the statueShell-shocked (Stunned or mentally imbalanced by prolongedstress such as experienced in combat or under fire; sufferingfrom post-traumatic stress disorder)The boys are still shell-shockedBy winning the 1999 World Cup, Steve Waugh heralded an eraof Australian dominance in cricketI have to give my props to the governor for the way he handledthe problemProps (Proper respect)Cuisine/cooking/Stuart broad, looking a touch slimmer after his stomachtroublesHes touch nervous, Im touch hyper
  4. 4. 4Its been a while since my wife and I visited this place,I was rooting for Kenya to beat pakHis jaded face broke into a smileMy fathers words had left me jaded and depressedJaded/exhausted/tireASAP (as soon as possible)Galvanize/startleGalvanize (to stimulate to action)Housekeeping (the work of cleaning and running a house)Doppelgangers (a ghostly double of a living person that hauntsits living counterpart)Kit out/kit up/equipKitted out (supply with a set of articles or tools)I have reason to feel exasperated.Clarke is remonstrating with the England captainRemonstrate/object/criticize/Remonstrating (argue in protest or opposition)Antsy/itchy/fidgety/tenseAntsy (nervous and unable to relax)Pakistan looked fidgetyHide gleeLiposuction (lumpectomy (especially for cosmetic purposes) inwhich excess fatty tissue is removed from under the skin bysuction)Rebuff/turndown/snub/oppose/reject/"She rebuffed his proposal"Rebuff (reject outright and bluntly)Marauder/assailant/attacker/aggressorMaraud/raid/penetration/incursion/attackMarauding rebels overran the countrysideMaraud (raid and rove in search of booty)Marauder (someone who attacks in search of booty)Pillion passengerAccosted
  5. 5. 5He was accosted by two motorcycle borne men who tried torob himGush (an unrestrained expression of emotion)She gushed about that new restaurantGushes (praise enthusiastically)Wont give up. Come what mayWhat follows is a thrilling, yet tongue-in-cheek battle betweenashes 20th century tactics and the minions of darkness.Theres an awfully large amount of tongue-in-cheek, below thebelt journalism pointed at PakistanTongue-in-cheek/jokingly/humorous/funny/amusing"I meant it tongue-in-cheek"Tongue-in-cheek (not seriously)"He spoke to her tongue-in-cheek""Tongue-in-cheek advice"Tongue-in-cheek (cleverly amusing in tone)Tongue-in-cheekSc upholds life sentence for dara singh who killed AustralianUphold/continue/maintain/sustain/Uphold the family tradition"Uphold (keep or maintain in unaltered condition; cause toremain or last)Sodomy/anal sex/Sodomy (intercourse via the anus, committed by a man with aman or woman)I am excited to have you featured on my siteStreaker (nude person)Streaker (someone who takes off all their clothes and runsnaked through a public place)Streaking (run naked in a public place)But things are not always what they seem on the surface.On his happy birthday a few days ago, hrithik roshan wastruly exultant.Exultant/jubilant/rejoicing/happy/joyous/exhilaratedExultant crowds filled the streets on vj day
  6. 6. 6Exultant (joyful and proud especially because of triumph orsuccess)Inconceivable/impossible/I am paraphrasing him here, not exact quotes but somethingclose to this.Paraphrase/repeat/translate/rephraseParaphrase (rewording for the purpose of clarification)They must paraphrase and rewrite the sentence"Paraphrasing (express the same message in different words)This total is well below parThank you for the heads up.Heads up/alert/warning/He sent a heads-up to the district attorneyHeads up (a warning message)Heads up (an advisory notice; a call to pay attention to or lookat something)Pop in/come in/enter/get in/"He popped in for two minutes"Pop in (enter briefly)I thought i should pop in and say helloTrashy/worthlessTrashy (cheap and inferior; of no value)Douche (cleanse from odorous contents)Douching (direct a spray of water into a bodily cavity, forcleaning)Tea bagging" refers to licking or sucking testicles.The dead mans stomach was bloated"Bloating (become bloated, swollen or puff up)This statement belies my intentions"Belied (Represent falsely)Shopping malls are energy guzzlers, vulgar display of wealthA drinker who swallows large amounts greedilyHes a beer guzzler every night"
  7. 7. 7Guzzlers (Someone who drinks heavily (especially alcoholicbeverages))Nymphomania Abnormally intense sexual desire in womenNympho A woman with abnormal sexual desiresFlashlight (A small portable battery-powered electric lamp)We drained the oil tankDrain (Empty of liquid; drain the liquid from)"Life in the camp drained himDrain (Make weak)The exercise class drains me of energyDrain/consume/deplete/eat up/exhaust/emptyDrain (Deplete of resources)Pansy (A timid man or boy considered childish or unassertive)Tenet/doctrine/dogmaTenets (A religious doctrine that is proclaimed as true withoutproof)Accustomed (akustumd)One becomes accustomedYou shouldnt have too much difficulty in finding itQuaint (Strange in an interesting or pleasing way)Hexed/bewitch/jinx/enchant/spellHexed (Cast a spell over someone or something; put a hex onsomeone or something)"This project is hexed!"Hexed (causing or accompanied by misfortune)Shes been hexedWarlock (A male witch or demon)Handrail/balustersHandrail (A railing at the side of a staircase or balcony toprevent people from falling)Spruce up/smartenup/beautify/embellish/groom/neaten/prettify/He spruced up for the party"Spruce up (Dress and groom with particular care, as for aspecial occasion)
  8. 8. 8Spruce up your house for spring"Spruce up (Make neat, smart, or trim)You have nothing to whine about"Whine (Complain peevishly in an annoying or repetitivemanner)It wasnt til we woke, the next morning, that I realized quitewhat a minger she was. I left pretty damn sharpish before sheasked for my phone"Minger ((slang) a physically undesirable, smelly, or uglyperson)Demented/crazy/mad/sick/insaneA man who had gone dementedDemented (Affected with madness or insanity)Im pretty much into `demented` stuff and I have tatasSuggestive/indecent/revealing/vulgar/obscene/improperSuggestive (Tending to suggest something improper orindecent)Have you undertaken to demonstrate appreciation and createcamaraderie?Camaraderie/sociability/good c fellowshipCamaraderie (The quality of affording easy familiarity andsociability)I second that"Ill second that motionSecond (Give support or ones approval to)Hallucinate (have illusions)Zionist/Jew/IsraeliteZionStash/save up/stockStash (A secret store of valuables or money)Stash (Save up as for future use)ISI will again stash those in their Swiss accountsOld habits die hardAlibi/excuse/self a justificationEvery day he had a new alibi for not getting a job
  9. 9. 9Alibi (A defense of some offensive behavior or some failure tokeep a promise etc.)US scathing about Indias security forcesIll make a note of it for future reference.I felt no sense of remorse whatsoeverWhats bothering you?Squander/waste/throw away/Spend thoughtlesslyYou squandered the opportunity to get and advanced degreeSquanderA long-winded talkerI’d like to talk to you longer, but I’m pressed for time.(Extremely formal)What course of action would yourecommendWhat course of action would you recommend?Intricate/complexDrive me bunkersIm so fabulously impressedTights (Skintight knit hose covering the body from the waist tothe feet worn by acrobats and dancers and as stockings bywomen and girls)If only I had a nephewAttract the best and the brightestRespond to our global customer base. Adapt to changingeconomic conditions.Choose the right person to deliver the message.Each leader has his or her own style. Some have a flair for thedramatic. Others focus on being inspiringDon’t get hung up on picking the perfect word; rather, find astyle that works for your personality.Mobster/gangster/criminal/outlawMobster (A criminal who is a member of gang)With a positive frame of mind support the Pakistan team towin next years World Cup,Expedite/Process fast and efficiently"I will try to expedite the matter"
  10. 10. 10This should expedite the processBottleneck/blockade/obstruct/narrowing/slow downInextricably linkedPerusal/studying/readingPerusal (reading carefully with intent to remember)Shopper (a commercial agent who shops at the competitorsstore in order to compare their prices and merchandise withthose of the store that employs her)Shopper/customer/agentA plausible excusePlausible (apparently reasonable and valid, and truthful)Plausible reasonsSadist (someone who obtains pleasure from inflicting pain onothers)Sadism (sexual pleasure obtained by inflicting harm (physicalor psychological) on others)Masochism (sexual pleasure obtained from receivingpunishment (physical or psychological))MasochismInnate/inborn/naturalNeeds can be either innate or learnedYou squished my canker soreDont prick me with needleDont sneak up on me like thatThe customers are too stingy to give tipsStingy/ungenerous/tightfistedStingy (unwilling to spend)Carious/unhealthy ("the carious enamel and dentin must beremoved from the teeth")Shaved their heads in a practice called nazar to ward off evilspirits in the finalPonting looks very grumpy in the dressing roomHe is a fine umpire, but I’m equally impressed at his flawlesscoiffureCoiffure/hairstyle/curl/lock/ringlet/dress/
  11. 11. 11Coiffure my hair for the weddingCoiffure(style or arrange hair attractively)Coiffure (the arrangement of the hair (especially a womanshair))Monogamous couplesBetter late than neverSissy (having unsuitable feminine qualities)Replicate/copy/repeat/duplicate/reproduceReplicate (reproduce or make an exact copy of)I have some business to take care offIngratiating/pleasing/flattering(calculated to please or gainfavour)Ingratiating/pleasing/flatteringShe refused to use ingratiation in order to gain favourIngratiate/manipulate/controlDespite all his attempts to ingratiate himself with hisprospective father-in-law, the young man found he couldhardly do nothing to please him"Ingratiate (gain favor with somebody by deliberate efforts)Slander/defameSlander (words falsely spoken that damage the reputation ofanother)Blathering like the nincompoop that you areBlather/babble/gibberish/gabble (idle or foolish and irrelevanttalk)Blather/babble/gibberish/gabbleThe two women blathered and crooned at the babyBlathering (to talk foolishly)Nincompoop/silly Billy/stupid/foolishNincompoop (a stupid foolish person)Avariciousness (extreme greed for material wealth)Avaricious/greedy/voracious/plundering"They are avaricious and will do anything for money"Avaricious (immoderately desirous of acquiring e.g. Wealth)You are such an avaricious person
  12. 12. 12Idiom: easy come, easy go this idiom mean.s that money orother material gains that come without much effort tend to getspent or consumed as easily.John spends his money as fast as he can earn it. With john itseasy come, easy go.Ann found twenty dollars in the morning and spent it foolishlyat noon. "Easy come, easy go," she said.Easy come, easy go(cliché said to explain the loss of somethingthat required only a small amount of effort to acquire in thefirst place.)Les could certainly spend money. Easy come, easy go it waswith him.Easy come, easy go (something that you say in order todescribe someone who thinks that everything is easy to achieve,especially earning money, and who therefore does not worryabout anything)Easy come, easy goBuckle upRetribution (the act of taking revenge (harming someone inretaliation for something harmful that they have done)especially in the next life)Retribution/payback/vengeance/retaliation/penaltyRetribution (a justly deserved penalty)Whats your business here?"This young man refuses to work and is freeloading"Freeload/mooch (live off somebodys generosity)Freeloader/borrowerFreeloader (someone who takes advantage of the generosity ofothers)Well I wouldve been burnt alive if it werent for JohnnyHe has killed twice as many of mineU have grown a big mouth since I last saw uIt’s impossible for any human body to incinerate this quicklyIncinerate/burn up
  13. 13. 13"Incinerate garbage"The paper incinerated quickly"Incinerated (become reduced to ashes)It gives me the skivviesEvery single oneIf I hadnt been so distracted I wouldve realized somethingwas wrongId used up all of my energy just to finish up this jobCould u just not do that at the breakfast?U used up all of the films"It used up three hours to get to work this morning"Use up (require (time or space))This car uses up a lot of gasUse upIs it crime to be creative in this family?What have u been photographing honey?SkivviesThe boy often skives"Skives (play truant from work or school) bunk off/play truantOvulation dayChap Stick ((trademark) a lip balm, applied to help prevent orrelieve cracking of dry lips)Chapstick"Horrendous explosions shook the city"Horrendous/dreadful/terrible/horrific/frighteningHorrendous tortureHe bamboozled his professors into thinking that he knew thesubject well"Bamboozled/hoodwink/lead astray/deceive (conceal ones truemotives from especially by elaborately feigning good intentionsso as to gain an end)Ive been bamboozledHer son is just bumming around all dayBum (be lazy or idle)Bum (person who does no work)
  14. 14. 14Arse/vulgar slang for anusHe deserves a good kick in the Arse"Arse (the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on)BumScum bagSnap offA cheque which cannot be encashedMy company permits employees to encash air tickets if they donot go on vacationEncashed (to turn into cash; to cash)I wonder if there was some sarcasm in that last sentenceWell get you the presentation details in a bitThe story could have been different had those chances beensnappedI think it’s a little presumptuous of Sri Lanka to think they canroll WI overDrawers (drorz)Clutter (a confused multitude of things)Inept/awkward/clumsyLook for less cluttered environmentIm obsessed to master both accentsFirst of all, I am totally indebted to you for the great effortsand information materials that you have provided usDiscernible/evident/observable/noticeable (capable of beingperceived clearly)This show zaps the viewers with some shocking scenes"Zapping (strike suddenly and with force)Archaic/primitive/old/early period (As extremely old asseeming to belong to an earlier period)Archaic lawsArchaic/primitive/old/early periodautomobile (o-tu-mu,beel)Resonate/vibrate/sound
  15. 15. 15Strong environmental forces propel consumers to makepurchases"Bestride a horse"Bestride/get up on the back of/climb on/mount up/get onBloomer/error/mistake/fault (An embarrassing mistake)This propelled me to sacrifice my career"Propel (Give an incentive for action)Propel (Cause to move forward with force)Locomotive (A wheeled vehicle consisting of a self-propelledengine that is used to draw trains along railway tracks)Consortium/pool (A group of individuals or companies formedto transact some specific business or to promote a commoninterest)Bounty (government) payment or reward (especially from agovernment) for acts such as catching criminals or killingpredatory animals or enlisting in the military)I’m announcing a bounty on himI’m not sure I know whatre you talking about?Snuggling/smooch/kissing/Snuggling (Affectionate play (or foreplay without contact withthe genital organs)Are you snuggling with me?Berserk (Frenzied, out of control)Spectators that go berserk when the camera is pointed in theirdirectionTalent has always been there in Pakistan but its the attitudethat makes the difference in the endHoodlums (An aggressive and violent young criminal)Gambit (A tactic or maneuver intended to gain an advantage)It was a gambit to disrupt the ProteaseNavel gazing (Literally, the contemplation of ones navel,which is an idiom usually meaning complacent self-absorption)Navel gazingThe police cordoned off the area where the crime occurred"Cordoned off (Divide by means of a rope)
  16. 16. 16Army personnel cordoned off the area and launched a rescueoperationVendetta (A feud in which members of the opposing partiesmurder each other)Feud/conflict/fight/quarrel/blood feud (A bitter quarrelbetween two parties)Feud/conflict/fight/quarrel/blood feudThis is Luthers vendettaBrood (Think moodily or anxiously about something)Don’t play dumb with meDefiled/assault"Defile someones reputation"Place under suspicion or cast doubt uponDefiled (Morally blemished; stained or impure)All that matter is that youre backInterlocutors/middlemanI would not have had to see this day if they had taken actionYou are nerds like meThe incubusSnob (A person regarded as arrogant and annoying)Flummox/baffle/beat/dumbfound/bewilder/confuse/puzzleThese questions flummox even the expertsFlummoxed (Be confusing or perplexing to; cause to be unableto think clearly)Smith is flummoxed by AfridiLudicrous/absurd/ridiculous/preposterous/stupidHes sweating bucketsWajibul qatal (fit to be murderedLukewarm/half hearted/unenthusiasticA lukewarm responseBeef up securityThis exercise will beef up your upper bodyBeefing up/strengthen (make strong or stronger)Beefing up efforts in eliminating terrorism in the region
  17. 17. 17Im officially off dutyIdiosyncrasy (a behavioral attribute that is distinctive andpeculiar to an individual)We all have our own idiosyncratic gesturesIdiosyncratic (peculiar to the individual) individualisticIdiosyncratic (peculiar to the individual)That guy gets on my last nerveOn top of thisBeleagueredIt works the other way aroundAn army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lionsled by a sheepShmuck/jerkThe far flung areasOn what kind of yardstick is he basing his judgment?Yardstick/criteria/measure/standard (a measure or standardused for comparison)Yardstick/criteria/measure/standardClock out/clock off (register ones departure from work)Clock out (register ones departure from work)Clock in/clock outClumsy/awkward/bunglingClumsy/unskilledLousy (very bad)/dirtyHomicide/kill (the killing of a human being by another humanbeing)Homicide/killClock in (register ones arrival at work)The tour to England this summer has also brought its ownspecific repercussions.Economic growth of less than 1% per year is considered to beeconomic doldrumsDoldrums/inactivity/stagnancy a state of inactivity (in businessor art etc)
  18. 18. 18Doldrums/inactivity/stagnancy state of inactivity (in businessor art etc)It just got my head twistedIt never rains but it pours (unfortunate events occur inquantity)It never rains but it poursMedievalIt is this sort of barbaric, medieval mentality prevalent in oursociety that has led us to our current state of affairsThat video cracks me upLoathe/abhor/hate/dislikeI loathe that man"The other teachers loathed himSmooch/snuggleFollow the footstepsCan I have your number if something crocks up?If something crocks upDaunting (cause fear or to lose courage)Its quite dauntingWeed (any plant that crowds out cultivated plantsMy blueberry nightsCan you tinker with the TV? set--its not working right"Tinkering (try to fix or mend)Concubine/doxy/paramourShould a concubine get maintenance?As tinkering with software is my passionDisillusionedHe was angry at first and then completely disillusionedIt was really like a courtroom slugfestAddict, nut, freak, junkie, junky: fan, buff, devotee, lover:An ardent follower and admirer/ someone who is so ardentlydevoted to something that it resembles an addiction
  19. 19. 19I dont worry abt her one bitShag/fuck ([brit, vulgar] slang for sexual intercourse)Thats novelPleasantries/jokes/jestsTainted/corrupted/place under suspicionQualms/anxietiesWanker ([offensive] terms of abuse for a masturbator)(Vulgar) jerk off/masturbateWhat would you like to commend?UshersVandalism/destruction (Deliberate destruction, defacement ordamage of public or other peoples property)Warns case may flounderBanter/taunt/humor/tease"I suspect there might be a little bit of humor thrown in, with afew comments, but we wont let anything go beyond light-hearted banterThis is a conspiracy to malign pak cricketSkullduggery/trickery/hanky panky/deceitSkullduggery (verbal misrepresentation intended to takeadvantage of you in some way)Repercussions/effects/consequences/results/outcomes/backlashesHe is concerned about the long-term repercussionsPakistan slump to massive defeatGrizzle/whine/yawp/cryI wouldnt grizzle about cook for the ashesSchizophreniaCouldnt agree with him moreHe hit the nail on the headEvery word that came out of this man is worth the weight ingoldArguments still rage about the exact causes of the loss
  20. 20. 20I wasnt lazing about.Laze (exist in a changeless situation)The seamstress quickly made the mourning clothesSeamstress/dressmakerOn one hand they take tens of billions in their begging bowl onanother hand they plot the killings of us citizensGranted that it is dangerous, all the same i still want to go"Dont let yourself be lulled into a false state of security"Still up!It sounds preposterous/absurd/ridiculous/idioticI appreciate your concernsJuggernaut/power/force (a massive inexorable force that seemsto crush everything in its way)Lucrative/moneymaking/profitableMuppets (UK) (informal) a stupid or weak person"Venomous criticism"(marked by deep ill will; deliberatelyharmful)Venomous snakesVenomous/virulent/vicious/deadly/extremely poisonousVenomous (extremely poisonous)He is both venomousAdvertising hoarding (large outdoor signboard)Apart from nuclear testing where India started first, pakistanhas always been a little ahead in warheads, fissile material anddelivery systems,Pakistans president asif Ali zardari has had a shoe thrown athim at a rally in BirminghamMohammad yousuf hasnt had much of a chance to practicelatelyBrobdingnagian/big/vast/immensBrobdingnagian
  21. 21. 21Wench (a woman who engages in sexual intercourse formoney)Wench/prostitutes/whore/slut/call girl/hookerStrike off (remove from a list)Strike out/cross off/remove from list"Grammatical mistakes are his pet peevePet peeve (an opportunity for complaint that is seldom missed)Felicitation/congratulationZing/activeness/energetic"I’ll give you this gratis"Gratis/Free/ Costless/Free of charge/Complimentary/withoutPaymentGregarious/sociable/Multiethnic/social/FriendlyEdible/eatable/Suitable for use as foodFatalism (A submissive mental attitude resulting fromacceptance of the doctrine that everything that happens ispredetermined and inevitable)Fatalist (Anyone who submits to the belief that they arepowerless to change their destiny)Torso (Body)DazeFlamboyant way of talkingContemplate (Consider as a possibility)Contemplate (Look at thoughtfully; observe deep in thought)"I contemplated leaving school and taking a full-time jobContemplate/ponder/think/consider/cogitate/think about/mulloverContemplating/pondering/thinking over/mulling overSuave (Having a sophisticated charm)SuaveBerserk/possessedBerserk (Frenzied as if possessed by a demon)Gleefully (In a joyous and gleeful manner)GleefullyMed School (medical school)
  22. 22. 22ChiropractorsAlimony/maintenance/support payment (Court-orderedsupport paid by one spouse to another after they areseparated)Alimony/maintenance/support paymentGin and tonic"The job was finished in the span of an hour"Span (The complete duration of something)Dazzling (Amazingly impressive)"The dancer dazzled the audience with his turns and jumps"Her arguments dazzled everyone";Dazzling (Amaze or bewilder, as with brilliant wit or intellector skill)She was dazzled by the bright headlights"Dazzling (To cause someone to lose clear vision, especially fromintense light)She is dazzlingA gritty half-century"Lets recapitulate the main ideas"RECAP (Recapitulate) (Summarize briefly)As of today, this site will no longer provide movies for viewing.We can play it safe (avoid risk)Punch in the information (enter information by pressing thekey)Just give me a minute to pull up ur record"Her melancholic smileMelancholic/depressive/sadMelancholic (Characterized by or causing or expressingsadness)Subtle/elusive/Difficult to detect or grasp by the mind oranalyzeCandid (Characterized by directness in manner or speech;without subtlety or evasion)"A candid interview""I gave them my candid opinion"
  23. 23. 23Candid/outspoken/frank/openHow so? (What do you mean?)Bargaining chip/leverage (Leverage in the form of aninducement or a concession useful in successful negotiations)For the most part (for the most time)Vivid sentencesFurrow/groove/line/easy and straight pathPull up Record /take out/extractPull up/take out/extractLets hear it for HamidWe made a significant progressThey might have had a difficult start.Whos up for the challenge? (Who is ready for this challenge?)Whos up for the challenge?Lets have a round of applause for HamidRedundant (More than is needed, desired, or required)extra/excess/uneeded/surplus/superfluouseChap/fellow (A boy or man) lad/fella/We want to make this transition as smooth as possible for youand your family.I’ll be doing an internship in a few months timeWe appreciate everything youve done for our DeptI wish I’d better news for you.Severance/split/breakup/separate (A compensation Packagegiven to laid off employee (health insurance) (job searchassistance) (some salary) (retirement plan contribution)(employment counseling)Egalitarian/equalitarian/favoring social equality/Freebie (Something that is free (usually provided as part of apromotional scheme))That’s a freebie,Aamer’s opening spell was prodigiousWhat is the weather like today?Snickers (A disrespectful laugh)/Laugh quietly
  24. 24. 24Media lovers to poke fun at Arnolds AccentWithout a lot of hassleEcstatic/happy/joyous (Feeling great rapture or delight)Afridi is ecstaticBabysit/gaurd (Take watchful responsibility for)She dashed off a letter to her lawyerShe dashed off a note to her husband saying she would not behome for supper"Dash off (Write quickly)"The shop beside the station"Beside/alongside/next to/at the side ofScruffy (Shabby and untidy)"Rancid butter" "rancid candy"Rancid/sour/ill-smelling/stinky/unpleasen-smelling/melodorousDetestable/Hateful/offensive"An unorthodox lifestyle"Unorthodox/Heterodox (Breaking with convention ortradition)An orthodox view of the world"Orthodox (Adhering to what is commonly accepted)"He found it in the Sears catalogue"Catalogue (A book or pamphlet containing an enumeration ofthings)Catalogue (Make an itemized list or catalogue of; classify)Vehicle (Veeikul)Baby buggy/Stroller/Go-Cart/Baby carriageBaby buggy (A small vehicle with four wheels in which a babyor child is pushed around)Baby-faced (Having a youthful-looking face)Tycoon (A very wealthy or powerful businessman)Cliché (Klee’shey)For those of you who dont know me, I’m HamidLet me just start by introducing myself, I’m Hamid
  25. 25. 25I appreciate you taking the time to come here today.Let me thank you all for being with here today(On phone) I’m sorry but the line is breaking upNemesis (something causing misery or death)Mass exodus of Hindus and Muslims in 1947The father remained an extricable knot to keep all togetherSounds like a huge hassleI dont blame for feeling angryEmpathize with caller/customerHe labeled his sister with bad characterIt was a never ending tussleObjectives (operational)Mission (educational)Vision (inspirational)Feedback (response to output)Pump money into project (supply money)When the going gets tough, the tough get going, so lets go forit!Fit the momentAre you ready? Lets give it a goSolidify futureHigh-flying companies came crashing downRapid fall(The economy was soaring)Give me a minute to pull up your records.Can I put you on hold for a moment?Let me transfer you to the sales dept.Im sorry but I dont follow you, could we run through thatagain?There’s too much background noise (static on line! Could youplz repeat that)Difficult speaker (I’m afraid I’m not with you)Thanks for your business, enjoy the weekendThank you for your patience, well be in touch soon
  26. 26. 26Thank you for choosing (company name) for your insuranceneedsNo that should do it!Well I think that covers everythingIts been a pleasure serving youThanks for calling and have a great day!Anything else I can do for you today?Did you have any other question?Is there anything I can help you with?Follow you (understand)Im afraid I didnt follow you, I’m not sure I’m following youStatic on the line (noise effecting the connection)Noise effecting the connection.I think we have a bad connectionStatic (a crackling or hissing noise caused by electricalinterference)(On phone) I’m sorry theres static on the line (noise)Im sorry theres static on the lineBigwig (the most important person in a group or undertaking)Bigwigs/important person/influential person /top bananaGiving a presentation to a companys bigwigsDerogatory (expressive of low opinion)A derogatory languageHedonismFrolic (play boisterously)Sedated/tranquilizedShe was raped after being sedatedThis will be a fitting reply to them for exportingLeft over/odd (we ate leftovers for the lunch)Left over/oddPleasantries/jokes/jests (an agreeable or amusing remark)Tuck your shirttail in"Tuck (fit snugly into) insertWhimpering (Cry weakly or softly)
  27. 27. 27She was whimpering in ecstasy.Denigrating other womenSlapdash (In a careless or reckless manner)"The shelves were put up slapdash"Slapdash workSlap-dash/sloppy/carelessMy nerves are all shot to hellHe kept wailingDebris/rubble/junk/dust/The remains of something that hasbeen destroyed or broken upI dig it"The estate was sequestered"Sequester (Keep away from others)Make ones body limber or suppler by stretching, as if toprepare for strenuous physical activityLimber up/warm up/loosen/ stretch bodySprinting (Run very fast, usually for a short distance)India secured a clean waiver for nuclear commerce,RendezvousThey exchange pleasantries"PleasantriesStupendousThey are stupendulousSycophants/Ass-kisser/Flatterers/boot-lickersSmug/ self-satisfied/ self-complacentHazy/foggy/blurred/mistyHazy (filled or abounding with fog or mist)Where I get hazyFlatly speaking there is no scope for comments.Scruples/moral senseScruples (sense of right and wrong)Pakistan has no scruples when it comes to IndiaSolace/comfort/consolation
  28. 28. 28Solace (the comfort you feel when consoled in times ofdisappointment)Finding solaceRedemption (the act of delivering from sin or saving from evil)Wailing mourners"; "the wailing wind"She wailed with painWailing/crying/weeping/lamenting/loud cries made whileweepingWailing (loud cries made while weeping)Negative walingYou guys crack me upIm tired of your backstabbingDouche bag (a small syringe with detachable nozzles; used forvaginal lavage and enemas)Douche bagDont flatter urselfI feel so flattered.You’re way too skepticalMenopause (the time in a womans life in which the menstrualcycle ends)Im just being honestI was just inseminated a few days agoInseminate/impregnate/introduce semen into (a female)Pedicure (care for ones feet by cutting and shaping the nails,etc)Pedicure (professional care for the feet and toenails)Heave/can heaves a sigh of reliefShe heaved a deep sigh when she saw the list of things to doHeave/utter a soundEvery buddy obey to the rising sunHe is cute and gullibleSelf-complacentI dont like Sinbad, hes so obnoxiousFeigned ignoranceDecimated/kill in large numbers/wipe out/eradicate/killed
  29. 29. 29Mohammad Sami decimated the Australian batting orderI want to make films that are fun but not frivolousFrivolousDiminution (change toward something smaller or lower)Without the slightest diminutionEnjoined (give instructions to or direct somebody to dosomething with authority)Detestable vicesDetestable/Hateful/offensiveDevoid/freeGlass blowersSquealFinkThat would be a heck of a lot of funAlienateReprobate/perverted/someone with no moral principlesIngenuity/the power of creative imaginationStudents ingenuityBurp/belchIn china it is polite to burp at the tableBum (person who does no work)Began the process of burping himGross/vulgar/badThis is grossA formidable attackNobody gives a crap about this piece of newTo Lull a child to sleepLullaby (the act of singing a quiet song to lull a child to sleep)Sing lullabies for a baby boyJittery/nervy/tensedA jittery rideThe item girl confesses she is jittery about marriageIf we end up being with a partner who is not adventurousenough, we might just as well will die without everexperiencing anything
  30. 30. 30My partner and I love being with each other, enjoy longsessions of lovemakingGranted, you are married but I still love uI cannot think of anything elsePreoccupied/obsessed/lost/takenup/seized/haunted/prepossessedI am so preoccupied by himI have been working for nearly ten years nowHer sexual desire will stabilizeI dont want a loveless marriageCorrect me, if I’m wrongI prefer people who pander to meHe preferred sycophantsFancy their chancesI wish I hadn’t chickened outWhopper/lie/a gross untruth; a blatant lieTo tell that big whopperI wouldn’t have told him anywayMy coffee lay forgottenJust because you’re pretty, Sarah, you can’t go thinking otherpeople are uglyI’d kept that book as good as new for yearsI’d kept that book as good as new for yearsGosh, your ears are pointyGosh/used to express surprise)Nosy/curious/offensively curious or inquisitiveWhy children have to take so long to grow upWhat is that stinking smell?I peeked out of the windowManiac/an insane person/lunaticPoliticians talk, leaders actHis declaration had unforeseen repercussionsRepercussionsWay out/exitAisle (a long narrow passage)
  31. 31. 31Holiday resort (a hotel located in a resort area)Holiday resortOpticiansBed and breakfast (an overnight boardinghouse withbreakfast)Arthritis (inflammation of a joint or joints)Painful arthritisWe’re halfway through! Have a cup of tea and some fresh air –or just hang outMy pussy got juicier with each lick of his tongueHoly shit, theyre beautifulIve fantasized about meeting a woman like you so many times.I was the first woman hed hooked up withHes a newbieI don’t really want to get more specific than thatU dwell on past you dwell on lossProperty tycoon Donald trumpBigwigs/the most important person in a groupA belated birthday cardA commercial bribe paid by a sellerA landmark judgment in the judicial history of PakistanAbsconder/fugitive (a fugitive who runs away and hides toavoid arrest or prosecution)All that talk of match fixing is humbugAn irreparable mistakeBanged his head on the floorBelated (after the expected or usual time; delayed)Beleaguered us dollarCasanovaCoterieCrackpot Pakistani politicosCrackpot/nut/crank/foolish; totally unsoundCrony/buddy/chum/friend/a close friend who accompanies hisbuddies in their activitiesDeals with punishment to an absconder
  32. 32. 32Delinquent/guilty of a misdeed/young offenderDirty minds think alikeDoctors declared her husband as impotentDoris day filmsDufus (a stupid incompetent person)Emaciated (very thin especially from disease or hunger orcold)Erogenous zonesErogenous zones (any area of the body especially sensitive tosexual stimulation)Erogenous (sensitive to sexual stimulation)Fiasco/sudden collapseGeez (used to express surprise)He is in irrepressible moodHe lured the boy to the bathroomHumbugHumbug/fraud/hoax/deception/deceit/I never would’ve figured this out without youImperiousIncapacitate/disable/make unable to perform a certainaction/injure permanentlyIncumbents/officials/the official who holds an officeInexperienced/tyro/rookie (an awkward and inexperiencedyouth)Irreparable damages"Irreparable harmIrreparable lossIrreparable/impossible to repair, rectify, or amendIt is pertinentIt seems obviousIt takes a delinquent to catch a delinquentIt was so rambunctiousLured/tempted/enticed/false promiseMascotMud-slinging (making defamatory remarks at an opponent)
  33. 33. 33MultitaskingMultitasking (perform more than one task at the same time;originally of computers, now also more generally)Muzzled/prevent from speaking out/tie a gag aroundsomeones mouth in order to silence themNecessitates a quick trialNecessitates/require as useful, just, or proper/callsfor/needs/requires/demandsNiftyNifty/very goodPay a kickback; make an illegal paymentPertinent/to the point/logically rightPhenomQuandary/prediamentQuintessential (representing the perfect example of a class orquality)RendezvousRookie (an awkward and inexperienced youth)School mascotScintillating inningsScintillating personalitySehwag gets a reprieveSly: I think it is clever and slySly/marked by skill indeception/foxy/crafty/cunning/elusive/manipulativeSpewing venom against Pakistan all year roundStriking down the national reconciliation ordinance (nro)Such anomalies shouldnt be given too much of importance.Surveillance/close observation of a person or group (usually bythe police)That cow is emaciatedThe attacker muzzled himThe Englishman was under surveillanceThunderboltUnilateral/one sided
  34. 34. 34Unrequited loveVegan/vegetarianWe can make our relationship better off through heard me right.Delirious/excited/mad/wild/uncontrolled emotionJazzed/us, vulgar] have sexual intercourse withBall tampering was a raging issue in the 1990sNo amount of money can produce another Gavaskar"Horrendous explosions shook the city"We must snap all ties with PakistanIndias rhetoricHard-line/firm and uncompromising/stance/posture/sturdyHard-lineGilani is a hard linerCapitulate/surrender under agreed conditionsCapitulateRequesting new powers of surveillance is just a smokescreen tohide their failuresSmokescreen/hiding/concealment/obscureSmokescreen/ an action intended to conceal or confuse orobscureThese indo-pak meetings are just a smokescreen..Sitting duck/a defenseless victim/easy mark/victimDupe/trick/swindle/fool/deceive/Duped/fool/hoax/misleadCleverly duped bush for eight yearsAcrimony/bitterness/End months of acrimonySo long asIntriguing dayFor this to happen both have to talk Know how long they were going to have to bat out there.Manicure/cute/groom/neatenTie makes you look manicured
  35. 35. 35Brain-teaser/a difficult problemHes got plenty of brains but no common senseSome men dislike brainy womenBrainy/brilliant/smart/intelligent/sharpBrainyFella/boy or man/fellowOpinionatedFrom that vantage point he could survey the whole valleyVantage point/viewpointVantage pointLowball/underestimateFor the exam, you must be able to regurgitate the informationRegurgitate/repeat after memorizationI never would have gotten it wrongFlossing/cleaning teethChuffed to bits/ very pleasedCurvaceous womanFlossing/showing offChin wag/chit chat/small talkBootlegging/sell illicit products such as drugs or alcoholCan bootlegging flourishAdeptA flagrant defianceIf my memory serves me right thenI had consensual sex with herWe must not marginalize the poor in our societyMarginalizeGay sex against tenets of Islam: deobandBut this is utter bootlickingIm finding this very hard to say but . . . Well done Mr. Butt.I am a die hard afridi fanHearty congratulationsLast of all, i congratulate the Pakistani peopleYour decision is an eye opener for our old boysReminiscent of akram
  36. 36. 36Frankly speaking i was holding back my emotionsCommiseration/pity/sympathyKudos PakistanWhy do u guys indulge in mud sledging?It was such a sweet nostalgic moment, like the one about 17years back.GimmickI think t20 is gonna be death knell for testIt goes without saying that pak is integral part of the worldcricketI now don’t really care whether or not Pakistan wins this timeDeliriouslySouth Africa is "chokersHate mongers/one that arouses hatred for othersHate mongersBut the other batsmen faltered against the spot-on attack.The loser packs their bags and goes homeIts sudden-death timeUr treachery knows no boundsPakistan will become twice as dangerous as they are nowMercurial Pakistan wallop New ZealandHis knees wobbledWobbling/tremble or shake/move unsteadilyI shot the picture and headed out the door.This seemed like a reasonable trade-offRamp up aid to PakistanHope I didnt jinx itHave lacked the pizzazz we were expectingPandemicBack packYou have shed light on several areas that guys often ignore intheir personality.An excess of anything is badWhereas the woman continuously seeks love and romance
  37. 37. 37Orgasm/the moment of most intense pleasure in sexualintercourseKazafTrashyYou think I’m too sassyI’m doomedHeirloom/something that has been in a family for generationsHeirloom/heritage/inheritanceMood swingsRetro/affecting things pastDon’t be so retroAre on the brink of an early departure from this editionSangakkaras pummeled himWas inexplicableWe’re trying to work out the permutations of this group,Its time I made a cuppaSpineless/weak in willpower, courage or vitalityThere is a saying "dont play with a pig you both will get dirtyand the pig will enjoy itI take strong exception to your words that "Pakistan has let offhafiz saeed".RebuttalRebut/prove to be false or incorrect/refute/disprove/contradictRhetoricFlirtatious affairsTaboo-rich societyHabits die hardThe policy makers and governors of this country are spineless.Rag pickersTwo rag pickers dragged a 20-year-old woman selling clips onlocal trains and raped herI request you to kindly not hype this issueGod-forsakenA pathological liarIndians and Pakistanis are being rifted away by us.
  38. 38. 38Create riftIndia and Pakistan have had acrimonious relationsYou hit the bull’s eye mr.ghaddafiFittest is to survive" is the order of the dayWe love pandering supper powersSex predators1. Walking away from a dispute or a brawl doesnt make you acoward -- it makes you sensible.Women prefer personality, manliness, adventure and a sense ofhumor. Take it from me.Gold-digger/ A woman who associates with or marries a richman in order to get valuables from him through gifts or adivorce settlementMetro sexual males have changed the gender notions, Unbuttoning the top three buttons of a mans shirt?Clean shaven chest =an element of sex appeal that women findhard to resist.Sardonic/ disdainfully or ironically humorous; scornful andmocking In case of an argument, women love being sardonic to theirpartners.Wit is a rare commodity, which reflects intellect and presenceof mindSense of humor/this one undeniably tops the list as mostwomen find it irresistible when men are at their wittiest best.Lashing out at chandMug up/swot up/cram/hit the books/study hardSoft s spoken/having a speaking manner that is not loud orharshShe was always soft-spokenSoft-spokenHe buzzed the servant (Call with a buzzer)Hype up/charge up/excite/rouse/stimulate/turn on
  39. 39. 39I think I owe you an apology because in some way I havewronged you."Demean/degrade/disgrace/abase/humiliate/Srk swore that he had too much respect for women to demeanthem.Patch-ups/conciliates/make up/settle/reconcilePatch-upsI can wait longer then she canI refused to buzz for sex for about a weekI feel empowered! I am loving itNow I am a happily married man, who can refuse sex, to getwife to do stuff for me!It infuses a lot of good feelings within herThey have no qualms about getting vocal about it Gone are the days when ‘demanding sex’ was consideredexclusively a mans forteMen think, while women desire When men gossip it’s "networking", when women talk it’s"bitching".Expectation that they’ll be manicured primped and preened toa high degree at all times.High profile gentlemanHigh profileStop the animosity between each other at least in the field ofsport.I feel sorry for you. Out of million topics you found this topicto write. You need psychiatric counseling’s. I will pray for you.State-of-the-art technologyState of the artWeed out terroristsIt takes a leader to finish the jobThis carried on until around 25 couples were ensnaredTake my word for itThe mere description of these pictures is horrendous enoughThe consequence would be to imperil our troops
  40. 40. 40Try to keep the talk mushy and personalHomos/homosexual/gays/They might even have moreIndia must do something to ward off PakistanBut her behavior is inexcusableSexistSex bomb/Sexpot/a young woman who is thought to have sexappealSex-starved (Desiring but deprived of sexual gratification)Sex symbolSexualize (Make sexual, endow with sex, attribute sex to)Sexual love/erotic loveSexually transmitted diseaseHe took his pleasure of herHike/boost/raise/increaseSchools to hike feesI live life on my own termsMany of them are likely to give birth in the next threeBourgeoisFigure/understandTummy/stomach/potbellyAt that early age she had been gullible and in loveGullible/naive/innocent/simplistic/easily deceived or trickedVenom/hatred/malice/spite/maliciousnessLike-mindedBaffled/puzzeled/bewildered/dumbfounded/amazed/confused/perplexedClandestine approachTo dump Pakistan unceremoniouslySnipes/attack in speech or writingYou should work on your spelling and grammar before takingsnipes at other! May not be a great surprise to some who have tut-tut Ted overshoaib’s lifestyleYour point of view must be taken with a grain of salt.
  41. 41. 41She doesnt seem like much of a prostituteIts just thatPre-marital sex is immoralThey looked way too youngWhat does it taste like?He lied right to her faceMake your cup of tea!I’m glade I came clean wellThat was so cheesy!Chlamydia/sexually transmitted disease/infectionChlamydiaSlit/cutHe had slit his throatA hard-hitting advertising campaignHard-hitting/Aggressive (Characterized by or full of force andvigor)Having the opportunity to develop personal relationships is animportant part of a full lifeRavenous/voracious/ extremely hungryPakistan must stop equating with IndiaIn an orchestrated mannerBootylicious/luscious/sexy/erotic/seductive/having strong sexualappealBootyliciousInsist on contraceptionRavenous for sexKissing is a quintessential part of foreplayWomen can try holding their mate’s hands or giving them asurprise hug when he’s shirtless right after a showerYour dressing provocatively will arouse them for a sexualsession.”They wait for men to pamper them and make them feelwanted.A lovemaking night
  42. 42. 42It’s time for women to let their wild imagination spread itsmagic.Give their sex drive a much needed boostGone are the days when a ‘high sex drive’ was considered amale prerogative.“Men love their wives to have sex and wives have sex to getlove from their menHungry for sexBeing a man to flaunt itI want an equal share of the pie (sexual adventure)Libido/sexual desire or urgeGenetically men posses more libido and urge to have more sexthan their female counterpartsThese Pakistanis are far too clever for themScuppered any effortHe made some sexual advances at the woman in his office andgroped her repeatedlyGroping/fondle for sexual pleasureHe must have been busy, theres no need to make an issue outof this."He holds no grudge against the cricket starLoopholesThey just sit and mugCumbersomeDemurredScalingFendBaffledPhony/fake/ Fraudulent; having a misleading appearanceVenomMaliceGullibleFungiblePreposterousFlagging
  43. 43. 43WalkJinx/curseDebilitatingDebilitationDebilitativeDebilityAfter ferocious skirmishesOvercome by superior forceOverwhelmingA formidable HamidFormidable/ extremely impressive in strength or excellenceHe is hell bent on wasting his time after politics!The onslaughts of terrorist attacks in various partsA well-built sexually attractive manHot sexy male hunksOclock is a contraction of of the clockSwotted up/crammed/hit the books/studiedSwotted upFigure outHe didnt figure herFigure-hugging clothesEthnic violenceThe bullets riddled his bodyThey had received bodies riddled with gunshot woundsVehicles had been torched in different parts of the cityTummyIt’s been 8 years now since i had the opportunity to do soThe consequences will be catalisticSenilePakistan is in doldrumsBut prior to thatLimelight (a focus of public attention)He enjoyed being in the limelightBring into limelight
  44. 44. 44Pakistans duplicitous governanceIt is highly likely that Pakistan will attack India sooner thanwe think.I’m mighty gladWe need to speak out forcefully against a policyThwart/hider/prevent/foil/spoilEnumeratedShe enumerated the many obstacles she had encounteredThe damage that hes done around the world has beenincalculable,Thanking has enormous powers—so much so that it can mendbroken hearts and unite waning passionsArdent loveInfallible/foolproofReminisce/think back/remember/recall pastThe grandparents sat there, reminiscing all afternoonI find him in a most awkward predicamentGet ur facts straightI wanna see how Sarah is going to get out of her predicament.I don’t want to think of you, but why am I reminiscing of youYour logic is infallibleLaunch a full-fledged air assault on "pre-selected targets" inIndiaWhat a self-involved megalomaniacWomen are good at defining job profile and chalking outresponsibilitiesIslamist fiefdomHaving illicit relationsDenigrate: to belittle or defameI dont wish to denigrate himShattered his credibilityVituperative: abusive, harsh, and witheringly scornfulI’ve had to learn how to become a master marketer
  45. 45. 45I like public speaking for lots of reasons, but perhaps the singlemost reason why I love my motivational speaking career is thatShes loud, ardentIm bombarded with questionsI too would love a copy of this presentation! It is fabulous, andcrystal-clear in concept!Poverty-stricken countryHe spurned his advancesSpurn/reject/scorn/turn down with contemptJohns and Mary’s disagreement soon escalated into a full-fledged argument.Be careful what you wish for. If swa shut down ticket priceswould skyrocket, overnight.Flogging of girl"He found his niche in the academic world"NicheSurvive onslaught“Hub-and-spokeI hope everyone can get the full facts before spewingI am shocked, disillusioned and very disappointed by your lackof good judgment.Horrendous lack ofCash-strapped airline industry (lacking sufficient money)Prices were slashedSouthwest has so much insoucianceI rather suspect i am being treated the way the staff is treatedby their managersHe suggested that there might have been a smutty comment onthe screenKaro Kari (honor killingGlad you two ugly fudge packers found each otherDon’t worry sugartitsRoflFemale anger is the weathervane of truthYou have no worth at all
  46. 46. 46Ooooo, I’m so enviousYou stupid skankwhoreNiggaWomen objectify men economicallyWhat i don’t approve of is women having rights and privileges,while men are left with obligationsSnap out of it, you stupid cuntThat shit will make you go cross-eyedWe don’t hate women sweetie. We would never want to throwour dicks into something we “hate”. You can count on that.Take it as a compliment, instead and all of your misery willvanish.They were not actually “raped” they just try to blame everyman they meet for some other girl (who she doesn’t even knowexists) for allegedly getting “raped”.You most likely have never had sexI have had enough life experience to form an opinion.Go play with your Barbie dolls.And stop talking about rape or men or women or periods, orchildbirth — when you have no idea what you’re talkingabout.Give it a rest will you!That’s just teenage boys acting out, so what exactly is yourpoint?Sick man hating bitchSome women who get divorced for the sole purpose ofcollecting alimonyOkay, now don’t get pissy and call me sexist again.At least women don’t make up crappy reasons for being betterthan men.If that proves that I’m sexist, your skills of analysis andinference need much work.SexistMale chauvinistYou’re sexist
  47. 47. 47You sure are implying itFirst of all, i don’t care what may or may not be on yourbookshelf.Grades are not a good way to gauge intelligenceA woman with an iq of 160, who reads Stephen king, is anamazing specimenI’m not actually smart? My iq is 160. If that’s not smart i don’tknow what is.Grades don’t matterI’m not exaggerating. I’m stating a factI thought i was going to laugh my goddamn ovaries off.This is some of the most brilliant shit I’ve read in my life.They’re fucking obsessed with itDay in and day out the girl would have her rapist by her side,Labeled his daughter and wife "degenerates with badcharacter.I know quite a few families who have homesPigeonholingI dont agree on all the pigeon-holingThey both need to ante upMoronsYou guys are moronsMegabucksHe made megabucksWe have technology to do all this for usBut that doesnt mean its doctrine for everyoneHomebodyA stay-at-home friendStay-at-homeStay at home momsM educated. I can work. I can fully provide for myself and mychildren if needs beId physically pick him up and toss him out the windowFend for herselfWhite house mulls sharif as partner in pak
  48. 48. 48Adnan is not vindictiveThis lump on my leg has grown largerTalk big/brag pot/boast/show offI think I’m going to hurlVoracious governmentsVoraciousVoracious sharksVoracious hungerWhile the men do all the exhausting work, women laze aboutsmokingThey laze about smokingBizarre/freaky/unconventionalThis is absolutely the most bizarre thingTear into shredsHey would tear you to shredsThere is still part of me that feels a little voyeuristic forwatching it.Fickle weatherTheres no rule against flatulenceHe was convalescing in the US during WWIIAll cooked up storiesThey should cut off his gooliesIt can lead to promiscuity, disinterest in sex, confusion aboutsexual identity, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, depressive disorder,obsessive compulsive disorder and many other psychiatricconditionsHe forcibly placed his you-know-what in my handTicklishI burst out laughing, feeling ticklishWorkaholicsMy parents were workaholics
  49. 49. 49Given that the machines are going to arrive on top of zionI love the dark suit. It says “i am civilized” loud and clearOur family was already under severe financial strainI was under constant surveillanceHis tantrik friend too raped me several timesIm sex/news junkieIt’s called a "lateralExoticMay be you could stop brushing so i can readHe wanted to decapitate/behead meStuttering/stammerSnotty questionMedulla oblongataLitmus testWhy be goody goody and sweep it under the carpetIll give u a yummy kiss!A kissing-faux-pasMen want commitment just as much as women doIt is high time you went to workIt’s high time the Indian army retaliated in full forceThe Europeans have neither the resources nor the stomach toface the jihadists in PakistanWhats the whole point of holding back and them complainingto the press?Why are Indian armymen and policemen always whiningabout pakis?It needs to be respectedMarriage is an institution. IEgg whiteLaughter riotDreamboatWe are still pushed around, harassed, and snubbed in the workplace, with the fear of getting fired and being dubbed troublemaker if we address it.Women are still paid less then men and work twice as hard
  50. 50. 50Weaker means physical strengthWillpower, determinationBy the way girls rule boys droolHe exhorted American parents not to put "the entire burdenon a teacher".We cant afford our kids to be mediocre at a time when theyrecompeting against kids in chinaA dinner will be hosted in his honor this eveningMediocritySrk is the biggest brag potStrait-lacedHe is strait-laced and transparentHe craves no plauditHe is by far the best in the businessArdent love"; "an ardent loverI am an ardent fanSrk manipulated media into calling him king khanUnder the influence of the occultistPsychiatristTrying to exploit peoples gullibilitySequestrationThe moribund economyYou have probably never even heard of john.Misdemeanor blamed on her brotherAuthoritarianismSteadfast, gutsy symbol against authoritarianismNail-bitingHair-raising momentsNo amount of arm-twisting will get me to agreeArm-twistingRun the affairs of the state by gimmickry rather than byprinciplesWe had a rigorous plan put in place, contingency plan put inplace
  51. 51. 51The fact of the matter is thatShe takes a dig at me every chance she getsJilted loverWhat a moronic statement to blameShe had turned into a psychopathThat comforting moved on and it became amorousDeath knellThis is a bit of a death knell for cricket in PakistanSuggestionI had an inklingIts a staggering achievementVulnerabilitiesIn the wake of the terror attackI have kept Pakistan’s interests over and above everything,DetractorsThis place is a dump!I dint see it that wayYou cant be serious!I have to be able to come visit it from time to timeYour little surprise visit paid off after all were back inbusinessCome by tomorrowHe was destined to his fateNever ending tusslePrevaricationYou look as if youve just given birth to 50 babiesFudge packerI don’t use them anywayHow much you look like Britney spearsPolice armed with truncheons and tear gas stood guardThere was a dichotomy between his words and his actionsWell! That just what we call a pillow talk babyHatching a conspiracy against himGave him a standing ovationWanton
  52. 52. 52Women more promiscuous than menHarum-scarumObnoxiousTemerariousSnake oilRegistry cleaners are snake-oilGigantic totalIts way too early to have any substantive commentI cannot extricate myself from this task"Extricate Pakistan from "the clutches" of the United States.Cash-strapped PakistanStop speaking venom against Muslim communityUnswerving policyRejigs managementSacramentTractionI never get paranoidSerenades under the balconyLanguorousLanguidDemonstrative personalities like loud and bright lovedeclarations probably in publicAll you have to be sure that you have the reciprocityBtwYou should chalk it up to a new experienceThere is no such thing as cantDont seclude yourself from your friends and familyDont let the maybes get in the way of your happinessI dont find solace nowhereI dont wanna fall in this death trap of depressionI am literally on the verge of breakdownThis feeling of helplessness is just killing meBurgeoning friendshipUnrequited loveAiling
  53. 53. 53Bi-partisan leader!Issued new dictum in the areasLumpCombustibleLuscious dressesI am convinced that you are an incurable romanticThe last two years have been tumultuousWannabes/aspirants/ambitious/aspirin young personOver the years, I’ve met a lot of people...everyone from"celebrities" to "wannabes."I had my techie guysNarcissisticNarcissist (someone in love with themselves)NarcissistA belligerent toneCornySeismic shiftThis was so corny.Its better to take them one at a timeI couldnt resist the urge to reply to your messageNarcissism/self-love (An exceptional interest in and admirationfor yourself)Im really sorry if i came off as being rude and inconsiderate ofyour narcissismThat you dont annihilate the English language"To really know what you want, you need to have a lot of self-knowledge. To have a lot of self-knowledge, you need to have alot of failures."... Youre the man!Belligerent/aggressive/fighter/militant/eager to fightBadass (a mean or belligerent person)Badass (slang) a person whose extreme attitudes and behaviorare admirableBarrack obama has a posseGag
  54. 54. 54Try being less snarky unless you actually know the results ofwhat youre trying to snarkIncorporates/integrate/containsKick startKick start their businessBloke (British) (a boy or man)Focus on the most plausible oneObligeExpatriatesPubertyHoarding of wealth (save up as for future use)Bollywood buffNoybNoobyObfuscate the issueHe could always be stashed awayCartilageIt’s like eating cartlidge.Im going to hootersPillow talkHike up his trousersStaunch ally of the United States in its war on terrorRecuperate/recoverThe patient is recuperatingAll yours!SkulkingSo clever of you to recognize meThe economy was soaringThe dollar soared against the yenSoar/zoom/soar up/rise rapidly/Now lets please drop the subjectYou know what you are being slightly difficultPerspicacious/sagacious/wise/insightfulI must say you are very perspicacious.Perspicacious
  55. 55. 55You have the audacity to complain about everythingBellybuttonInevitable/destiny/fate/cant be avoided or preventedVernacularTransfiguration (dramatic change in appearance)MacroeconomicsMinaret/pinnacleCase in pointInextricable unityAn inextricable knotHe had an intuition that something had gone wrongIntuitionRepair the tattered economyA frigid womanIn frigid temperaturesScared the crap out of meDelisThat looks delishGod damn cunt!CounterproductiveVery high quality antique furnishings, as well asHe and Prime Minister Tony Blair got along so wellHe lured me into temptationLures/entice/temptsRed-tapismDespotic regimes"Despotic rulers"Despotic/tyrannic/dictatorial/authoritarianThe problem with being famous is that your private life is oftenin newspaperHole puncherScotch tap/cello tapeSour (sawr)The milk has soured"Intimacy/closeness/affair
  56. 56. 56As I look back over the past eight yearsNymphomaniacI goofed up (I made a mistake)NymphomaniaNymphomania will soon be divorcedJocularIts usually jocularDerogatoryGet a life!Sorry to be pedanticAh! Hes wussing aroundStop wussing!Stop being a wuss!IndignantExodusThere was a mass exodus of Hindus and Sikhs at the time ofIndian partition in 1947PredecessorsAlienatingAfter the secession of East Pakistan in 1971A marble edificeIn what seemed like a major breakThe sporadic military skirmishesLaxOur security is laxBackfiredBureaucracyA spate of attacksTarpaulinsResulting in the conflict ballooning and spreadingRestateI think its important to restate thatAs i look back over the eight yearsPeople who are strong and tough and can survive difficultexperience and circumstances
  57. 57. 57Hardy beingsYoure an absolute life-saverHave equally harrowing stories.TowedBaggy trousersHoodiesI only used to wear Hoodies and baggy topsRippedAsian guys trying to hone their bodies to resemble those of thestarsMegastarBollywood megastars,Stray dogsThey were a "permanent nuisance" to the public.Condoms/rubber/johnnies/safesSterilizedGauge/judge/guess/estimate/measureGauge the interests of the audienceAdaptabilityMouldy breadGarbage receptacleInterrogative (inturogutive)Theater (theeutur)The baby looked around curiouslyCuriosity (kyureeositee)The cars slowed down and the drivers rubbernecked after theaccidentInquisitively (with curiosity. Interrogatively)Rubberneck (strain to watch; stare curiously)Skittish/nervous/spooky/uneasy/anxious/curiousSaboteur/destroyer/traitor/ruiner/criminal/offenderVivacious/vigorous/animated/vibrant/enthusiastic/exuberant/energetic/passionateSycophant (a person who tries to please someone in order togain a personal advantage)
  58. 58. 58Moronic/retarded/half-witted/stupid/idioticLaboratory (labrutoree)Pakistan is a laboratory for studying the use of Americantroops to combat terrorismHe answered her cantankerouslyCantankerously (in a bad mood)Chucker-brown/snuffCantankerous/stubborn/obstinat/ill-natured/shirty/uncompromising/Cantankerous (stubbornly obstructive and unwilling tocooperate)Homophobe (a person who hates or fears homosexual people)Moronic (having a mental age of between eight and twelveyears)Pulverize/demolish/powderize/destroy completely/wipeout/obliterateMayhem/havoc (violent and needless disturbance)This money was fraudulently obtainedFraudulentlyFraudulent schemeZionist movementZionists/JewSmooching/kissing/caressing/fondling/huggingEconomical/frugal/thrifty/pennywiseThats slim chanceYou are still the epitome of ignoranceJingoistic languageFanatically patrioticPulverize the rebellion before it gets out of handIndia will pulverize Pakistan in 3 daysMoronic & illiteratePukeHomophobeHe always wrote down his new years resolutionsResolution
  59. 59. 59CantankerousIm cynical and cantankerousAss-kisserGoody-goodyIm so wrapped up in my familyWrapped up (deeply devoted to)You were so wrapped up in that bookShe dumped her boyfriend when she fell in love with a richmanDump/ditchGo Dutch/divide moneyShortcomings/defectsLuxuriousShe strips in front of strangers every night for a livingStripping off (the removal of covering)Streamlined/sleekFly over countryExotic pronunciationEdict (fatwa)Scholars in Pakistan have issued a fatwa or edictThe sleek promos of ghajini have mightily impressed SrkLukewarmBoonThe internet is a boon for this industryDwindlingTo supplement their dwindling retirement incomeWork-at-home scamScammedI got scammedPreposterous/ridiculous/AbsurdCreate mayhemRecoilRecalcitranceAssuaging Indian concernsWe cant shake hands with Pakistanis, let alone play cricket
  60. 60. 60Keep human rights groups at bayExtract truthAre we left with any other option?Maybe, but it wont come to any goodTorture may not yield good resultsAmidst absence of leadershipIt’s conglomeration of statesHis is an injudicious knee-jerk reactionSlouchingAamir looks toppers and chiseledDazedOor aishwarya rai looked dazed and confused tooBrassAfter holding talks with Pakistan’s top brassEuphoriaCreated such euphoria in the overseas market as ghajiniStoogeMenacingPornographyVivacious model girlfriendTorsoSaboteur/Destroyer/ruiner/traitorSuperman becomes a saboteurDecapitated/beheadedHis fiancée is decapitated,You incompetent childSkittishSpookyIt was spookyInept attitude"Had a cozy chatCozyThe children were all sleeping cozily in their bed"The animals forage in the woods"Foraging/collect and look around for food
  61. 61. 61ForagingDespicable/ ugly/worthlessDespicable languageIt is my opinion that children should be seen and not heardCourtroom conductChum upChumGiganticColossal damageScrew-loose (not behaving normally)Screw-looseHas a screw looseJust keep your wig onPotboyA potluck supper"Potluck (Whatever happens to be available especially whenoffered to an unexpected guest or when brought by guests andshared by all)We are having a pot-luck dinner at Tim’s house tomorrowGo DutchEccentric personGeekSnob (a person regarded as arrogant and annoying)I was skeptical of using any sort of download managerResulting in a gummed up computer unable to downloadTycoon (a very wealthy or powerful businessman)(Aamir khan) is a rich tycoonI feel swiftly transported to those special times.Phenomenal / extraordinary (Exceedingly or unbelievablygreat)Case in pointIt needs strong support both from the Govt and the stakeholders.
  62. 62. 62Conform to the rules (fit/meet/follow/Behave in accordance orin agreement with)Conform /adapt/acclimatize/adjustConform /adaptDo colossal damageLose sole means of income (Being the only one; single)Guise (pretext, pretence)"Under the guise of friendship he betrayed them"In the guise ofMinting moneyArouse indignation among (a feeling of righteous anger,outrage)Social normsBelow the belt humor/allegations/accusationsPoliticos (a person active in party politics)"Unscrupulous politicos who would be happy to sell...theircountry in order to gain power"Unscrupulous sponsors (without scruples or principles)Gigantic disappointment"Over promised, under deliveredAudacity (fearless daring) fearlessness/boldnessAromatic/fragrant/odorousAnimosityPerfectionist (a person who is displeased by anything that doesnot meet very high standards)"The car bogged down in the sand"But that didn’t last longThis business is in my bloodJuncture (A crisis situation or point in time when a criticaldecision must be made)"My opinion differs from yours"Better be lucky than good!It doesnt really matter what people thinkOpinions are like noses. Everybody has one.Divulge
  63. 63. 63FragileI dont make rules"Extramarital affairs"Extramarital sex (Sexual intercourse between individuals whoare not married to one another)Tuck shopEasy moneySingle-handedly (Without assistance)Gifted (Endowed with talent or talents)There seems no reason to go ahead with the project nowSeemingly ("the child is seemingly healthy but the doctor isconcerned")OPEC bumped up the price of oilBump up (Increase or raise)On the face of it (on the face of it the problem seems minor)Seemingly (From appearances alone)"We never saw eye to eye on this question"See eye to eye (Be in agreement)Temptation of easy moneyFatality (A death resulting from an accident or a disaster)Fat cat (A wealthy and privileged person)IncommunicativeVague expressionExperience is a demanding teacher"A prompt reply"The train is promptWenchWhoremasterWhoremongerWhoredom/ harlotry [vulgar] prostitutionWhorehouse/ brothelBrood (sit on eggs)Muse (The source of an artists inspiration)Metro sexualDorm
  64. 64. 64Slanderous remarksMudslinging /Drag through the mudSlanderSkirt chaser"Very skinny with his money"Pay should be commensurate with the time worked"Commensurate (Corresponding in size or degree or extent)We teamed up for this new projectUndergo/experience/go throughExperience is the best teacher"IntuitionBrainstorm (Try to solve a problem by thinking intenselyabout it)Mind-boggling experienceThe girl blushed when a young man whistled as she walked by"Her cheeks blushed in the cold winter airBlushful"The whole experience was really freaky""When he saw the accident, he freaked out"A bodybuilding freakAirliftCancel officially (he revoked the ban on smoking)Revoke emergencyHis eloquence attracted a large congregationEloquently (he expressed his ideas eloquently)Eloquence (powerful and effective language)Eloquent (expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively)Why do only Muslims have to undergo one humiliation afteranother?AbasementHoly crap! (Vulgar)My goodnessOh boyHoly cowGracious me
  65. 65. 65Goodness meMy impassive remotenessImpassiveOverthrow governmentDress appropriately so you are not self-conscious about whatyoure wearing“I felt tongue-tied with embarrassment"Tongue-tiedDevil-may-careDevise a planObstaclesHeterosexual personNitty-gritty"Trendy ideas"; "trendy clothes"TrendyVoguish terminologyVoguishIm holding you responsible for all of this.Where the hell could he be?It can always get worse.The moon turned blood red.You shut the hell up!You’re the only reason why she came here.She snuck in the tent!You cant be serious!We’re right on TimeThat’s pretty wag!What is it? That you have always wanned to do and I havenever wanned to do?Speechless with shockSpeech less"We had an intense brainstorming session today"BrainstormingNonethelessDrab look/personality/life
  66. 66. 66PersuadeCarjackingCarjackThe sudden storm immobilized the traffic"ImmobilizeCheeky girlsNerve shreddingBone chilling thrillsPersuasiveShavingEnterprising young manAgnosticTrespasserA head-to-head conversationSelf-involved userSelf-involvedSelf-centeredSelf-reliantVogue, style, trend, current taste in fashionThrive (grow vigorously)Pragmatic approach to the problemSqueamish, fastidiousIrksome, boring, dull, tediousSadisticSadistically (with cruelty)WeirdnessVulnerable to HIV infectionFerociousnessFerociousEnamoredBewitchMesmerizeQuip (play joke or make joke)Cater to the needs of consumerDeluxe
  67. 67. 67Sumptuous breakfastFlavorsomeVulnerableMarital"If you dont order dessert I wont either"FantabulousStrike outStrike offGet crossed offCross offPet peeveFelicitateFelicitationZing"The throne is never vacantVacant