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  2. 2. December 7, 2009 ALLURE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We wish to acknowledge our regards and benevolent sir AkbarAbbas Bangesh teaching fashion & textile marketing in NATIONALTEXTILE INSITUTE .whose kind and precious suggestions enrichedour thoughts and helped us to accomplish this business plan. We also want to thank our family who supported us. Thanks to Almighty ALLAH for giving us such will and power to complete this business plan on time. 2
  4. 4. December 7, 2009 ALLURENAME OF BOUTIQUE:LAUNCHING PLAN:We are planning to launch a boutique on 25th December 2009.before this we are organizingan exhibition in Islamabad hotel for three days. As we are targeting women’s wear to wetried to make it sure that every visitor should buy or order for some product. We are mainlytargeting girls of age (16-25) and women of age 25-40We are not only exhibiting our dresses but we are also covering fashion accessories likebelts and shoes.LAUNCHING DATE:We will launch our label on 25th December 2009 INSHALLAH.LOCATION OF BOUTIQUE:Opposite to F9 Park, third shop from right side of D-WATSON Islamabad.ACTIVITIES:To make it more profitable and interesting we will display our products and dresses in veryaesthetical manner. We are offering products for every age group. We are also gettingsponsorship by renowned makeup artist SOBIA AMIR, her team is giving self groomingtips and presentation to ladies according to their personality and occupation. We are alsohaving stalls for fashion tips. In this exhibition we have also invited well known designer ofIslamabad NOMI ANSARI and label BNS of BINA SULTAN. We will be giving couponsto every visitor on which they will get 10 % discount on their total bills that they shop fromALLURE. MARKETING MESSAGE 4
  5. 5. December 7, 2009 ALLURE INTRODUCTIONIt is a typical routine of a fashion designer to starts a boutique in either of a followingarealike sportswear, beachwear, novelty items, vintage, T-shirts, dresses, tuxedos, shoes,handbags, accessories, lingerie, watches, sunglasses, and more. toPakistanAn entrepreneurial or risk taking person should have a strong control over accounting, salesand management, In-depth and up to date knowledge of the fashion retail marketplace,including trends and forecasts, flexible, multi-tasking capabilities, excellent timemanagement and communication skills. Boutique owners must be jacks or jills of all tradesit will not be an unachievable task for us only if we oversee all aspects of boutiquesoperations from planning and purchasing their inventory, setting up the in-store displays andmanaging employees. As a fashion boutique owner we can make a good market if we use acombination of savvy business skills and in-depth knowledge of the fashion retail industry. CONSUMER BUYING HABBITSBuying habits refers to what influences consumers to purchase products or services? Theconsumer buying process is a complex matter as it is dependent on many internal andexternal factors. It is no longer a question of identifying your customers by age, geographyor income, but looking into how and why they buy, based on their mood, beliefs and theoccasion. So far as in marketing field consumer buying is mainly based on either knowledgeor perceived needs. When we had different surveys at different universities and colleges and in differentgatherings related to fashion we came to know about that consumer comes across manygenuine problems while purchasing different products and services(especially related tofashion products). It is important for a good marketing manager to have a sharp eye overthese problems irrespective to the locality of retailing of your product. These can beclassified as  Problem/Need Recognition  Information search  Evaluation of different purchase options.  Purchase decisionMore over there are many other factors which have a great influence on buying habits of acustomer. These are some common factors which ought to be in mind of those who want toenter in any pre-teen market. Next was to listen to the habits of those where we want toplace our product. Near F10 markaz, we felt the smell of both the middle class and eliteclass. Also it is great opportunity to enter into a market where your regular customers cometo buy product formnear by shops. So you need to make your market from scratch becausesome of the marketing home is already done by your competitors.It’s a common belief that one’sCULTURE INFLUENCES his/her behavior the most.Obviously this culture helps them developing these opinions, attitudes and beliefs. Thesefactors will influence their purchase behavior. However other factors like groups of friends,or people they look up to may influence their choices of purchasing a particular product orservice. Marketing and advertising obviously influence consumers in trying to evoke them 5
  6. 6. December 7, 2009 ALLUREto purchase a particular product or service. Peoples social status will also impact theirbehavior. What is their role within society? Are they Actors? Doctors?Office worker?Andmothers and fathers. The lifestyle of someone who earns 250000Rs would clearly bedifferent from someone who earns 2500 Rs. Also celebrities have an influence on buyingdecision. So for the reason we have also requested SOBIA AMIR and NOMI ANSARI tocome at our exhibition as a chief guest. Whether the person is extrovert (out going andspends on entertainment) or introvert (keeps to themselves and purchases via online or mailorder) again has an impact on the types of purchases made.I would love to code here a theory of "ABRAHAM MASLOWS HEIRCHARY OFNEEDS". He suggests individuals aim to meet basic psychological needs of hunger andthirst. When this has been met they then move up to the next stage of the hierarchy. Hence,we have to reach to the level to Pakistani society and culture.So Maslows concept is usefulfor marketers as it can help them understand and develop consumer needs and wants. Weare not unaware of the fact as this directly point out the economic condition of PAKISTAN.We tried to not to make our products and services in access majorly for middle class. This isone of our marketing strategy as well as social responsibility. FASHION FORECASTINGFashion forecasting is a crucial and complex marketing strategy which requires a completehold on marketing research. Fashion forecasting is the prediction of mood, behavior andbuying habits of the consumer. ALLURE will be the future efficient indicator to forecast thedirection in which fashion will move. Fashion forecasting will be our solid link to create agood market. We will look for prophetic as well as profitable styles and ideas that capturethe mood of the times and signal a new fashion trend. We are well aware of the fact that ifwe need ahold on to fashion role as a pioneer and want to enhance its brand image, fashionhas to continue to innovate. The task of fashion fore casting will be accomplished by themanagers (owner of boutique) as we are done with our complete study on fashionmarketing.Forecasting of fashion is an initial step which is then understood, practiced and then applied.Forecasting the future demand for particular styles, fabrics and colors is an important aspectof the fashion industry. It’s a common routine of textiles specialists that they work for twoyear ahead to determine general guidelines for each fashion season. This is because of whenonce some fashion is forecasted then it takes about 1-2 year of regular hard work to take thefashion from our mind to the practical market. Forecasting of fashion can be divided intotwo categories: Short term fashion forecasting Long term fashion forecastingFor us as we are going to setup a preteen market we decided to work on short termforecasting. At a introduction stage of our boutique hireling so much labor and services forthe purpose of forecasting of fashion won’t be a great idea. As discussed earlier this job willbe done by us (owners). Later on we will subscribe to one or more services, whose job willbe to scan the market and report on the developments in color, textiles and style directions.Major trends in lifestyles, attitude and culture in particular music, sport, cinema andtelevision are used to predict changing consumer demand. This process involves thefollowing activities such as studying market conditions, noting the life style of the people,researching sales statistics, evaluating popular designer collections, surveying fashionpublications, observing street fashions etc 6
  7. 7. December 7, 2009 ALLUREFrench companies based in Paris have traditionally dominated fashion forecasting. The pointarises that why are we lacking behind and how are they leading us. Forecasting is more thanjust attending runway shows and picking out potential trends that can be knocked off atlower prices (although that is part of it) but this is a wrong practice which is being followedby our so called fashion National designers. Instead they need to understand that it is aprocess that spans shifts in color and styles, changes in lifestyles and buying patterns. Thekeywords behind the successful fashion forecasting is good consumer research, colorforecasting, textile development, range of shows (operating over the 16 months precedingseason),Introducing Innovation, Cultural Indicators etc.Keeping a fact in the mind we have made a unique collection of PARTY WEARS, BRIDALWEAR, KURTAS, BELTS and SHOES. After the forecasting based on practical figures wehope that the collection we are going to present on exhibition will be a complete innovativecollection among all boutiques. When we started our research on colors and upcoming stylesit looked a little difficult but as soon as we got into it completely, things became clearer.Making decisions about expected favorable colors of next summer was crucial task.Different experimental shows, runways and large or small exhibitions we managed to dohelp us a lot in this matter. We came to know about the taste of people of segmented marketand their positive and negative response about different outfit’s colors and embellishmentsand all. By the grace of God most of the times people respond with great appreciation andthus we got our stray to achieve our goal. INCOME LEVEL Frequent losses are expected in the first few years of any operations due to initialinvestments and expenditures but once we are stabilized, this boutique will become a goodsource of income for us. Entry Barriers 1. Large Indian and multinational companies hold around 65% of the market. 2. Low profit margins make selling a volumes game. 3. The sector is raw material intensive; input costs are high. 4. The demand for high-quality fabric increases the challenge of launching innovative products.The universal truth says, the more you put into it, the more your business will growAny change in the cost of raw material impacts the cost of the product. Many of the smallplayers sometimes find it difficult to raise cost for fear of being beaten by the bigger ones.We hope that we’ll meet these two challenges. ADVERTISING/ PROMOTION TACTICSAs for introducing over label ALLURE. We are advertising over the following:RADIO: we have planned to advertise ALLURE on FM 91. They are wiling to give freecoverage to our exhibition by RJ FATTIMA. As well as 1 minute of advertisement after 7
  8. 8. December 7, 2009 ALLUREevery two hours. But they have the condition that there slogan FM 91 should be on ourpamphlets and banners.INTERNET: we are introducing and promoting our label by having group on face book andorkut. We are also giving add on face book of ALLURE and we have started getting goodresponse.BANNERS: we are displaying our banners in front of colleges, universities and in mainmarkaz markets of Islamabad. These banners are 50 in number and which cost in total of15,000 Rs. QUANTITY COST TOTAL Radio - - - Internet 2 groups - - Banners 50 300/- 15,000/- Pamphlets 3,000 1.25/- 3,750/- 18750/- THROUGH EXIBITION LIST OF QUANTITY COST TOTAL THINGS KURTAS 35 350/- 12250/- QUESTIONATES 3,000 2/- 6000/- Hotel charges 3 days 1 hall 8000/- 24000/- Mannequins on rent 12 200/- 2400/- 44,650/-We are promoting our label ALLURE by several ways. There is an half an hour presentationmade by us at different colleges and universities. To create interest and charm for ourboutique, by using smart tactics.We are giving free KURTASof our label thorough luckydraw which are going to be held after every power point presentation. FASHION PRODUCTS IN ALLURE Ready to wear dresses Casual wear Formal wear Light formal wear 8
  9. 9. December 7, 2009 ALLURE Heavy formal wear Office wear Belts Shoes Kurtas PRICING STRATEGY“LOW RATES BULK SALES”Keeping in view that our outlet is located at a place where 5 boutiques are already runningsuccessfully for several years. So the pricing strategy of our boutique in an initial stageshould attract people towards ALLURE. For the reason we need to set up low prices so thatfolk prefer buying from ALLURE. We margined a little or no profit on mostly items. FINANCIAL ANALYSISWe are taking shop for our boutique on rent. For that we chose a shop which was a garmentshop before and now we are replacing it with boutique many things are required to bechanged in it so we also did almost complete furnishing of this shop.We also get a room which was at the top of this shop to make it as our workshop. Ourboutique size is 18 x20 ft.our workshop size is 18 x 20 feet. 1. RENT OF OUR OUTLET AND WORKSHOP: TOTAL QUANTITY COST PRICE PER MONTH - - Shop on rent 1 18000/- 9
  10. 10. December 7, 2009 ALLURE - -Workshop at top flour 1 7000/- 25,000/- 2. FURNISHING COST: COST OF TOTALLIST OF THINGS QUANTITY ONEWooden chairs 4 5000/- 20,000/-Wooden table 1 5000/- 5000/-Glass slab 1 1300/- 1300/-Wall paint of two colors 2 2200/- 44,00/-Mirror 6into3 ft 2 2,700/- 5,400/-Labor for wall paint 2 1500/- 3000/-Labor of carpenters 1 1000/- 1000/-Hangers (6 FT) 4 400/- 1,600/-Mannequins 6 5,000/- 30,000/-Flour lamp 1 1,800/- 1,800/-Wooden tiles (6x6inch) 76 175/- 1,3300/-Try room (5x4ft) 1 7,000/- 7,000/- 1,02,800 3. REQUIREMENTS OF WORKSHOP: LIST OF THINGS QUANTITY COST TOTAL Woodean table for tailors 1 6000/- 6000/- 10
  11. 11. December 7, 2009 ALLURE Sewing machine 2 4000/- 8000/- Wooden frames for 2 2500/- 5000/- embalishment(ADDA) Raw material(fabric) 1 roll (50m) Crinkle shaffon 2.5 meter 500/- Medium silk 2.5 meter 200/- 60,450/- raw silk 2.5 meter 850/- 12,500/- Jamawar 2.5 meter 400/- 1,06,250/- shafoon 2.5 meter 450/- 50,000/- 56,250/- 50,000/- EmbalishmentKora,Dapka,Katdana, Moti, Stones, Diomonties, Laces, Ribbons, Threads Metal, kudun 10 tolay 35000/- 35000/- 3,89,4504. FIX PAY FOR WORKERS LIST NUMBER OF TOTAL PAY PER TOTAL PER WORKERS SESSION 8 hr WEEKEND Tailors 2 700/- each Approx 8400/- Karegar 2 500/-each Approx 7000/- 15400POSITION REQUIRED SALARY PER SALARY PER QUANTITY MONTH ANUMPRODUCTIONSTAFFTailor 24,200/- 2,90,400Drafts man 9650/- 1,15,714Iron man 14,00/- 16,800/-Dyer 5000/- 60000/-total 482914/- 11
  12. 12. December 7, 2009 ALLURE ADMINSTRATIVE SALARIES Sales girl 1 6000 72,000/- Guard 1 5000 60000/- Sweeoer 1 2500 30000/- 1,62,000/- TOTAL BUDGET Cash out flow RENTS OF OUTLET AND 3,00,000/- WORKSHOP FURNISHING COST 1,02,800/- RAW MATERIAL 3,89,450/- PAY OF WORKERS 4,82,914/- ADMINISTRATION 1,62,000/- SALARIES ADVERTISING COST 44,650/- EXIBITION COST 44,000/- TOTAL 15,25,814 5. DISPLAY SAMPLES:We are displaying ready to wear dresses including party wear, casualWear, bridal wear…..and different fashion accessories like belts, shoes etc. 12
  13. 13. December 7, 2009 ALLURE Cash in flow Dress QUANTIT ACTUAL SALES PROFIT total (ready to Y COST PRICE MARGIN wear) Party dresses Evening gown 3 7000/- 8999/- 1999/- 21,000 Forak with heavy 2 5000/- 6599/- 1599/- 10,000/- embalishment A line shirt 3 2500/- 3299/- 799/- 75,00/- with trouser Long shirt with trouser 6 2500/- 2899/- 399/- 12,000/- hand embroidery Long shirt with cuellotte 2 2500/- 2899/- 399/- 5,000/- machine embroidery Panel shirt with cuelotte 2 1800/- 2299/- 499/- 36,00/- hand embroidery Cotton kurat in diff 350/- 400/- 2100/- colours 6 Tops 6 in number 6 400/- 650/- 2400/- Leather belts 5 diff 5 400/- 550/- 2000/- incolors Simple belts with 3 350/- 450/- 1400/- different buckles Lehnga heavy 2 35000/- 55000/- 70,000/- embalishment Lehnga light wrok 2 25000/- 40000/- 50,000/- 1,87,000 OUR OBJECTIVENON FINACIAL OBJECTIVES To be among the top ten favorite brands To add new design in every season 13
  14. 14. December 7, 2009 ALLUREFINACIAL OJECTIVES To maintain inflation growth To maintain our rates and getting enough profit so that we can easily get return of our investment MARKETING SEGMENTATIONThe division of a market into different homogeneous groups of consumers is known asmarket segmentation.If MARKETING SEGMENTATION is carried out properly then thiswill help to insure the highest return of our marketing/sales expenditures. Customerstargeted in segment are an important marketing strategy. Different buyers want differentproducts or marketing mix so marketing segmentation is a clear solution that will divide ourmarket in distinct groups.MAJOR SEGMENTATION VARIABLE FOR THE CONSUMER MARKETS ARE: GEOGRAPHIC BEHAVIORAL PHSYCHOGRAPHIC DEMOGRAPHICIt is obvious by the fact that many people already come to visit our nabours boutiques. Wegot a chance to make our market in a place where our competitors have already worked onthese segments of market. GOVERNMENT 5 YEAR POLICY 2009-2014  Textile industry provides 38% employment opportunities.  Duty drawbacks are allowed fabrics 1%, home textile 2 %, and garments 3%.  Due to current energy crises accommodated markup shall be given on the debt of textile sector.  Fragile industries shall be supported by LTF of state bank.  No custom duties or tariff on the export of textile machinery.  Promotes trade agreements, regional integration and provide passage to enter into free trade markets of EU.  In 5 years, 500 thousand workers will be trained with modern technology and procedures of textile industry. It will enhance the production of industry.  Warehouses, export marketing offices, franchises shall be established to promote export and hold regional integration. Bangkok, Poland and Marrakeeh has been studies to establish warehouses in first phase. PRODUCTION PROCESS FLOWThe production for converting fabric in designer wear garments follows the belowmentioned sequence. 14
  15. 15. December 7, 2009 ALLURE Design: the initial process starts from the designing phase various pattern of clothing and the fashion in vogue, which also relate to the tastes of the concerned client. Pattern making: based on designs selected pattern for cutting are developed and based on these patterns fabric cut embroider, block printed and accordingly. Stitching: thecutting is than followed by stitching which can either be done by the in-house stitching unit .labels are also attached in this process. Finishing: the final phase is that of finishing in which every thngto give it finished look is done including pressing labeling. Presentation market: once the designer wear garment is ready after going through the above-mentioned process, it is presented at the outlets for sale to the client.Different channels are included in order to take these garments into the generic shop fromtextile industry. People who are involved in supplying raw material from scratch toproduction house who are called intermeddlers (CHANNEL) 15
  17. 17. December 7, 2009 ALLURE REFRENCES Madam Madeeha, Teacher of Fashion Illustration. Electronic information retrieved from articles/boutique-visual-marketing-1027853.html.Amazing response form girls of FG college f7/2 and Fazaia inter college Islamabad, RJ Fatima from FM 91 EXECTIVE SUMMARYAllure offers you the best quality ready to wear dresses and the classiest accessories in a most reasonable price. 17