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Best practice for IR websites and online communications. Presentation for Bank of NY Mellon's DR issuers' event in Moscow 2010.

Best practice for IR websites and online communications. Presentation for Bank of NY Mellon's DR issuers' event in Moscow 2010.

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  • 1. IR online and websites best p practice Based on research from H&H Webranking and more than 10 years of experience
  • 2. H&H Webranking Yearly survey of what your target groups are looking for Analysts, investors, business journalists and job seekers are asked what information they expect to find on a corporate website More than 800 respondents in 2010 Ranking of the corporate websites of Europe’s largest Europe s companies Close to 1000 companies, of which 31 Russian Also includes Global 100 Results published country by country + European list
  • 3. Trends according to H&H Webranking 2010 Financial information Still high demands for debt related information, such as interest bearing liabilities, maturity structure etc liabilities etc. Finnish companies best Findability High demand for search engines for press releases, general p archives and over all website speed Social media The usage of social media channel for corporate and IR communications is increasing. American companies are ahead of European companies.
  • 4. Target groups increased online activity 80% are always online 79% visit the corporate website one or several times per day 97% use the corporate website as No 1 source for information 73% own a smartphone 48% use th i mobile to search for information about companies their bil t hf i f ti b t i Want more, want faster, get tired faster, less time, more choices etc h i t
  • 5. 10 most requested by analysts, journalists etc. According to H&H Webranking 2010 1. Reports – latest and archive (+online annual report) 2. Financial calendar 3. Press releases – latest and archive 4. 4 General archive with presentations G l hi ith t ti 5. Information about shareholders/free float 6. 6 Financial targets 7. Interest bearing liabilities and maturity structure 8. 8 Contact information 9. Dividend 10. 10 Market share/competitor information
  • 6. Online corporate communications
  • 7. Online corporate communications Corporate websites Search engines Social media
  • 8. Online corporate communications Strategy and research Corporate websites Search engines Social media Intelligence
  • 9. 4 aspects to consider • Text, Text images and functions • Supporting the brand • Updated and messages • Relevant • Design of functionality • Adapted to channel • Multi channel concept Content Design Challenges Findability Message • Optimized for channel • Business and • Navigation, labelling communication strategy and search • Consistency in message • Outside the website • Transparency
  • 10. Content Content Design The target groups want details Findability Message Financials Reports Debt information Need t b N d to be up to date t d t Update simultaneously as reports But not only then! Utilize the website as the main channel for communication
  • 11. Design Content Design The purpose of the design is: Findability Message 1. To support the branding of the company and create the right look and feel for your company Graphics g Images Colours … 2. To help the visitor in finding and understanding the information Page disposition – layout Font type, colour and size type Example of g p good layout and use of fonts: J Sainsbury y y
  • 12. Findability Content Design On the website Findability Message Intuitive navigation Avoid double publishing Guide the visitor through index pages Labelling – stick to the basics Internal search engine must work! Etc. Outside of the website Google search results g Social media channels Wikipedia
  • 13. Message Content Design What is your main message? Findability Message What do you want to say with each page? What do you say in other channels?
  • 14. Thank you! Helena Wennergren Senior Partner helena.wennergren@halvarsson.com www.halvarsson.com