ROI for online corporate communications B 2010-09-30


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A presentation about how to measure your investments and efforts in online corporate communications, presented at H&H Web management round table 30 Sept 2010.

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ROI for online corporate communications B 2010-09-30

  1. 1. ROI for online corporate communications H&H Web management round table 30 September 2010
  2. 2. ROI means roughly what you get b k hl h t t back from what you put in The challenge in corporate communications is to put a value on what you get back
  3. 3. Return On I R t O Investment requires you t t t q i to measure
  4. 4. To b bl t T be able to measure you need t d to… Know what you want to achieve y So that you can measure success Have a baseline So that you know where you start Measure change So that you know if you’re making progress Set a value to your measurements
  5. 5. What is the overall objective for online bj corporate communication? Online Business B i Communication C i ti communication strategy strategy strategy 5
  6. 6. The derived t t Th d i d strategy How many have a strategy for the total online communication? Website strategy Online Business strategy Communication communication strategy strategy Social media strategy 59 % of companies lack a 41% HAS a % S strategic plan f social t t i l for i l strategic plan media* * Source: 2010 Digital Brand Expressions Social Media Survey (n=31) © 2010 Digital Brand Expressions, L.L.C. 6
  7. 7. PR Week Comms Directors Survey, 2009 W kC Di t S How has your role changed over the p y g past five years? y 67% said: ‘It is more strategic’ 50% said: ‘I have broader responsibilities’ 34% said: ‘There are higher expectations’ What are the key challenges facing your company? 65% said: ‘Integrating comms across the business’ 57% said: ‘Communicating with diverse stakeholders’ 43% said: ‘Executing an online strategy’
  8. 8. 80 % of the value of a company i b d f th l f is based on intangible values * Source: McKinsey study of underlying value of listed companies 2010
  9. 9. Objectives, examples Obj ti l Corporate communications Branding and corporate reputation Press Maintain a good relation with media for g g good and correct coverage Provide journalists with material CSR Present the company’s ethical, social and environmental performance beyond the CR Report to analysts, customers, potential employees IR Maintain a good relation with analysts for best long term valuation of the company Ensure that shareholders get enough information online HR Recruitment tool – to advertise open positions and get applicants Employer branding – to attract talent
  10. 10. Corporate b C t branding and reputation di d t ti Corp branding/reputation and perception mgmt p g p p p g Integrated communication to promote the corporate brand to the corporate stakeholders and to support the individual target groups Not only the company name Brands Key persons and their reputation Sponsoring Association with other companies, brands etc How to measure ROI?
  11. 11. The “true” perception of the company
  12. 12. Example – B E l Brand connections d ti Saab Automobile Action: Brand positioning through brand association Keywords: Saab BMW Mini, Engines Saab, BMW, Mini Assumption: Value of brand association to BMW is more valuable than association to GM
  13. 13. Example of KPI’ E l f KPI’s Reputation SERP measurement on key concepts Press Number of viewers on all services Activity connected to content (blog posts, retweets) as well as their sentiment Corporate social responsibility Perception Investor relations Key visitor activity Download s and activity in general Career C Perception in key visitor group
  14. 14. How do YOU measure and calculate ROI?
  15. 15. For more information: Staffan Lindgren g @ +46 709 71 12 12 Helena Wennergren +44 7540 914 641