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Nicole Nicole Presentation Transcript

  • Life in the Flatland
    By Nicole Robinson
  • Constant
    I got a constant headache from the noise.
    Happening or existing all the time or again and again.
  • Consult
    I consulted a doctor about my problems.
    to ask somebody or to look up in a book etc…… to get information or advice.
  • Neglect
    The dog was being neglected.
    giving too little care to somebody or something.
  • Patrol
    The cops are patrolling the yard.
    To go around town, building, etc. To make sure that there is no trouble and that nothing is wrong.
  • Accuse
    Don’t accuse the pencil because it got up and walked away.
    To say that somebody has done something wrong or broken the law.
  • Distance
    There is a distance between Derrick and I.
    The amount of space between two places or points.
  • Compose
    I compose myself after I hear sad news.
    To make yourself, your feelings, etc.
  • Dozen
    The chicken laid a dozen eggs.
    Twelve or a group of twelve.
  • Collage
    I made a nice collage in school.
    A picture made by fasten pieces of paper, cloth, photographs, etc onto a surface.
  • Compass
    I sat on my compass and hurt myself.
    An instrument for finding a direction.
  • Torrent
    The creek was not very torrent.
    A strong fast stream of something.
  • Focus
    I will focus on my grades.
    The point at which rays of light meet.
  • Purchase
    I will purchase the TV.
    To buy something.
  • Payment
    I will not make the payment to the bank.
    Paying or being paid.
  • Possess
    I possess every stuff animals.
    To have or to own.
  • Ransom
    I have to pay a ransom fee for getting SpongeBob Squarepants out of trouble.
    The money that you must pay to free somebody who has been captured by criminals.
  • Method
    I will use a method to do math.
    A way of doing something.
  • Emblem
    My family emblem is a dog.
    An object or a symbol that represents something.
  • Hammock
    Every day after school I sit in my hammock.
    A bed, made of strong cloth or net which is hung from both ends.
  • Support
    I will support my friends.
    To carry the weight of somebody or something.
  • Dimensions
    We live in a three dimension world.
    A measurement of the length, width or height of something.
  • Distinguished
    I distinguished my friends.
    Important and respected.
  • Landscape
    I will build a landscape.
    An area of country.
  • Thickness
    The thickness of the meat is thick.
    The quality of being thick.
  • Unique
    Everybody is unique in there own way.
    Being the only one of its kind.
  • Trifle
    I have a trifle amount of jelly beans.
    A little bit.