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Keynote at ATLE preconference.

Keynote at ATLE preconference.



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ATLE trees.pptx ATLE trees.pptx Document Transcript

  • 11/13/12   The Wild Ride from Trees to Bits: What Going Digital Really Means Presented to ATLEhp://   Convergence 2012 PreCon s! November 14, 2012hp://   ut by do han Hall Davidson Senior Director Global Learning Initiatives Discovery Education1001100100010010011   1  
  • 11/13/12  Let’s  look  at  what  “digital”  means.    Then  what  why  you  are  so  important  to  the  transiGon.     2  
  • 11/13/12  VOLCANO, geological landform, consisting of afissure in the earths crust, above which a cone ofvolcanic material has accumulated. At the top of thecone is a bowl-shaped vent called a crater. The coneis formed by the deposition of molten or solid matterthat flows or is ejected through the vent from theinterior of the earth. The study of volcanoes andvolcanic phenomena is called volcanology. Most volcanoes are composite landforms built uppartly of LAVA, (q.v.) flows and partly of fragmentalmaterials. Italys ETNA, in Sicily, and VESUVIUS(qq.v.), near Naples, are examples of compositecones. In successive eruptions, the solid materials fallaround the vent on the slopes of the cone, while lavastreams issue from the vent and from fissures on theflanks of the cone. Thus, the cone is built up of layersof fragmental materials and flows of lava, all inclinedoutward away from the vent. Some enormous,craterlike basins, called calderas, at the top of long-dormant or extinct volcanoes, are eventuallyoccupied by deep lakes, such as Crater Lake inOregon (see CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK,).  Some calderas are the result of cataclysmicexplosions that destroy the erupting volcano; thevolcanic islands of Thera, Greece, and Krakatau,Indonesia, and Crater Lake are in this category.Others form when the subterranean magma chamber,emptied by repeated eruptions, can no longer supportthe weight of the volcanic pile above it and socollapses. Many volcanoes   3   View slide
  • 11/13/12   BFADJNC  JS  HAPD  hp://   BFADJNC  JS  HAPD   hp://   hp://   4   View slide
  • 11/13/12   SCIENCE    MATH  hp://   hp://   SCIENCE    MATH  hp://   hp://   5  
  • 11/13/12   L  I  E  F  hp://   L  I  E  F  hp://   6  
  • 11/13/12   L  I  F  E  hp://   7  
  • 11/13/12   8  
  • 11/13/12   200      ? Lexile  point  gain  equivalent   with  self-­‐reading  text.    hp://­‐lexile/grade-­‐equivalent/grade-­‐equivalent-­‐chart/   Begin  with  definiGon:     What  does  ‘digital’  really  mean?   9  
  • 11/13/12   Not  a  digital  book   Stop  playing  with  the  Croc-­‐o-­‐ lion  and  finish  your  reading.  1375  BCE    (BC)   Not  a  digital  book   10  
  • 11/13/12   We  have  to  know  when  to  let  go.   "A  printed  encyclopedia  is  obsolete  the   minute  that  you  print  it.”   Encyclopaedia  Britannica  Inc.  President  Jorge   Cauz  ,  March  14,  2012  hp://­‐wikipedia-­‐on-­‐computer-­‐for-­‐offline-­‐access/   11  
  • 11/13/12   Might  as  well  not   be  a  digital  book   Digital  Should  Mean:  I.         Dynamic  updates  II.           Extended  digital  tools  III.         Content  creaGon  IV.       Account-­‐based  resources  V.           Cross-­‐pladorm  in  a  BYOD  world   12  
  • 11/13/12   Number  Descrip0ve  Reign   Early  Dynas0c  Period   0          c.  3200-­‐3100   1st    Thinite    c.  3100-­‐2907   2d    Thinite    c.  2907-­‐2755   Old  Kingdom   3d    Memphite  c.  2755-­‐2680   4th    Memphite  c.  2680-­‐2544   5th    Memphite  c.  2544-­‐2407   6th    Memphite  c.  2407-­‐2255   Wikipedia          Discovery  EducaDon   Dynamic  updates   Only  two  other  solar  system  bodies  go  through  a  comparable   range  of  visible  surface  changes  based  on  the  melGng  or   sublimaGon  of  ices:  Earth  and  Mars.    hp://­‐high-­‐resoluGon-­‐hubble.html   13  
  • 11/13/12   Oh,  and  with  media  please   Computer-­‐generator  map  of  Pluto  from  Hubble   images,  sysnthesized  true  color  and  among  the   highest  resoluGons  possible  with  current   technology  hp://­‐high-­‐resoluGon-­‐hubble.html   The  book  is  the  new  backpack   14  
  • 11/13/12  Not  connected  to  the  cloud:   in  the  textbook  itself   WikiOffline   15  
  • 11/13/12  Push  Pop  Press.    TED  talks  Mike  Matas  “Our  Choice”  by  AL  Gore   Word  Lens   16  
  • 11/13/12   Textbook to Cloud CumuloMobilus  Mobile  devices   leafsnap   17  
  • 11/13/12   hp://   Nearpod   D   BYOGive  me  an  example.   g  Where  can  it  start?   4/7  Le ar nin 2   oks ec hbo al  t D igit 18  
  • 11/13/12   19  
  • 11/13/12   20  
  • 11/13/12   21  
  • 11/13/12   Media  Quiz   Let’s  pause  for  a  pop  quiz   Digital  vs.  Analog   It  caught  on  fire   Pause  buon   TransformaGve   &  transportable  hp://  DiscoveryEducaGonStreaming   Match  the  change:  Not  passive  learners     media   22  
  • 11/13/12  Three  choices     1 Transform  beyond  the  old  school  VCR  “Play”   Share  and  improve   2 best  pracGces   21st  Century  24/7   3 digital  teaching   FAT   23  
  • 11/13/12   SuperSpy   The  Path  of  Khan   24  
  • 11/13/12   25  
  • 11/13/12   26  
  • 11/13/12   27  
  • 11/13/12   28  
  • 11/13/12   Breaking  Bell  Curve  Thinking   THE  BEST  AND  THE  REST:  REVISITING  THE  NORM  OF  NORMALITY  OF  INDIVIDUAL  PERFORMANCE  Personnel  Psychology  Volume  65,  Issue  1,  pages  79-­‐119,  27  FEB  2012  DOI:  10.1111/j.1744-­‐6570.2011.01239.x  hp://­‐6570.2011.01239.x/full#f1   image:hp://­‐myth-­‐7-­‐the-­‐rock-­‐solid-­‐3/   29  
  • 11/13/12   Breaking  Bell  Curve  Thinking  198  sample,  633,263  individuals  93.94%  followed  a  PareGan  distribuGon  more  closely  than  a  bell  curve   “Our  results  suggest  that  pracGGoners  should  focus  on   idenGficaGon  and  differenGaGon  at  the  tails  of  the   distribuGon.”   “New  theory  is  needed  to  address  the  idenGficaGon   and  moGvaGon  of  elite  performers.”   The  Best  and  the  Rest:  RevisiDng  the  Norm  of  Normality  of   Individual  Performance     Ernest  O’Boyle,  Jr.,  Herman  Aguinis   Feb.  27,  2012,    Wiley  Peridicals   “Bloom’s  2  Sigma  Problem”       An  average  student  tutored  one-­‐to-­‐one   using  mastery  learning  techniques   performed  two  standard  deviaGons     Beer…       "the  average  tutored  student  was  above   98%  of  the  students  in  the  control  class”   Bloom,  B.  (1984).  "The  2  Sigma  Problem:  The  Search  for  Methods  of  Group  InstrucGon  as  EffecGve  as  One-­‐to-­‐One  Tutoring"  (hp:// readings/bloom-­‐  two-­‐sigma.pdf)  ,  EducaGonal  Researcher,  13:6(4-­‐16).     Retrieved  from  "hp://  Gtle=Bloom%27s_2_Sigma_Problem&oldid=509122964"  Categories:  EducaGonal  psychology  EducaGon  theory    hp://       30  
  • 11/13/12  Breaking  Bell  Curve  Thinking   THE  BEST  AND  THE  REST:  REVISITING  THE  NORM  OF  NORMALITY  OF   INDIVIDUAL  PERFORMANCE   Personnel  Psychology   Volume  65,  Issue  1,  pages  79-­‐119,  27  FEB  2012  DOI:  10.1111/j.1744-­‐6570.2011.01239.x   hp://­‐6570.2011.01239.x/full#f1  Measured  success  in  Individual   Performance   ?   John ?   Tracy ?   Blake ?   Maria 31  
  • 11/13/12  Maybe  that  discovery  will    be  made  because  of  you   32  
  • 11/13/12   The Wild Ride from Trees to Bits: What Going Digital Really Means Learn  a  lot  today!   Presented to ATLEhp://   Convergence 2012 PreCon s! November 14, 2012hp://   ut by n do Hall Davidson ha Senior Director Global Learning Initiatives Discovery Education 33  
  • 11/13/12  More  if  there  were  Dme   Verr-­‐ry  young.   hp://­‐yaFmQNk   34  
  • 11/13/12  New  kind  of  learners  =  SoluGon,  not  problem   GeneraGon  iTIMID   I  Touch  I  Might  IniGate  DestrucGon     35  
  • 11/13/12   Breaking  Bell  Curve  Thinking   THE  BEST  AND  THE  REST:  REVISITING  THE  NORM  OF  NORMALITY  OF   INDIVIDUAL  PERFORMANCE  Personnel  Psychology  Volume  65,  Issue  1,  pages  79-­‐119,  27  FEB  2012  DOI:  10.1111/j.1744-­‐6570.2011.01239.x  hp://­‐6570.2011.01239.x/full#f1   36  
  • 11/13/12   THE  BEST  AND  THE  REST:  REVISITING  THE  NORM  OF  NORMALITY  OF   INDIVIDUAL  PERFORMANCE  Personnel  Psychology  Volume  65,  Issue  1,  pages  79-­‐119,  27  FEB  2012  DOI:  10.1111/j.1744-­‐6570.2011.01239.x  hp://­‐6570.2011.01239.x/full#f2   Measured  success  in  Individual   Performance   Researchers   Athletes   Entertainers   PoliGcians   37  
  • 11/13/12  Real  world  language   38  
  • 11/13/12  hp://   39