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Goodwin’S Music Video Theory Mark Iiii
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Goodwin’S Music Video Theory Mark Iiii


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Goodwin’s Music Video Theory Applying Goodwin’s Music Video Analysis
    • After completion of my music video, I then took Goodwin’s Music Video Theory and applied to certain aspects of my product.
    • Notion of Looking and the Voyeuristic treatment of the female body. Due to the fact that we had no female characters in the production.
  • 2. 1. Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics
    • The music video I produced was of the funk genre. As such it conformed to the certain characteristics of a funk genre.
    • Use of Colour:
    • As with many funk genre music videos, there’s always reference to colour. Colour is used in a typical funk genre music video to give it more life and flavour.
    • In our production, we used colour to not only liven up the whole narrative, but to represent character traits our main character possessed.
  • 3.
    • Performance Based
    • Typical funk genre music videos are based on performances, usually to a present audience; likely to be in the vicinity of a bar or night/jazz club.
    • In our media production, we also incorporated performance based scenes to also hint at the connotation of funk.
    James Brown- I Got a Feeling Music Video M E D I A P R O D U C T
  • 4. 2. There is a Relationship between the Lyrics and the Visuals
    • It’s usual for funk genre music videos to be ‘contradicting’ in terms of the relationship between lyrics and visuals.
    • As it’s mostly performance based, the lyrics (most likely) won’t go with the visuals, with what the audiences are seeing. For instance with James Brown’s ‘Sex Machine’, the lyrics suggest that some sexual intercourse is occurring whereas the visuals show him to be simply dancing away.
    • In our production, we followed the same sort of structure. Most of the lyrics sung were not matched by visual representations.
    James Brown- Sex Machine Music Video Our Media Product
  • 5. 3. There is a Relationship between the Music and the Visuals
    • In our music video, often there is a positive correlation between the rhythm of the music and the tempo of the cutting rhythm technique. For most parts of the video the on-screen visuals related directly to the music being played.
    • In the image (right), the music begins to increase in
    • pace, so to match it we created a fast time-lapse effect
    • where the main character is changing costume.
    • As the character’s changing clothing, we had a quick
    • cutting rhythm along with jump cuts to the artist
    • performing on stage.
    • In this image (bottom right), to match with the upbeat
    • tempo of the music, we had insert shots of the support-
    • ing character appearing as the main character is on his
    • laptop.
  • 6. 4. The demands for the record label will include the need for lots of Close-ups of the artist and the artist may develop motifs which recur across their work
    • In the music video produced, there was usage of a lot of close-ups of the artist. These were used at various parts of the music video as the artist was singing.
    • In an attempt to further sell the artist, we used quite a few close-ups to medium close-ups of the artist. This was to show that the music video was personal to him also as well as the main character in the fragramented narratives of the music video.
    • Close-ups used also added to the connotations of funk , as the artist is directly addressing those who are watching, as his audience which also makes it seem like a one-to-one conversation with the artist.
    • As these were performance –based scenes in which these particular shot compositions where taken, no real motifs were developed as a result. We thought that it better to input certain motifs and achieve these by using cutaway shots to the main character’s narrative when the artist sang a lyric of that same importance.
  • 7. 6. There is often Inter-textual Reference
    • In the music video, there was an inter-textual to the Artist ‘MC Milk Plus’ where the lyrics “‘milk plus’ cold” were sung. ‘Milk Plus’ being his artist name.
    • There’s also another reference to his otherwise alternative music genre, when the lyrics “‘geek star’ gold” are sung. In the image the actor who represents MC Milk performed a gesture so as to play with his jewellery which also
    • represented it as ‘geek star’.
    • If you amalgamate the ‘geek’ and ‘star’ together, it
    • represents MC Milk’s unique musical style known as
    • ‘ Geeksta’ as opposed to ‘Gangsta’(rap genre) where
    • he put in the positive message (working in conjunction
    • with humour and originality) about the importance
    • of geeks.
    Prop: Image (Below)