Extended open data and big data in public sector


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서울시 열린데이터 광장 사례

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Extended open data and big data in public sector

  1. 1. 2013.11.30 extended open data and big data in public sector
  2. 2. extend ?
  3. 3. table of contents open government seoul metropolitan government extend 2
  4. 4. open government open government 3
  5. 5. open government open government paradigm 4
  6. 6. open government open government partnership Increase the availability of information about governmental activities. Governments collect and hold information on behalf of people, and citizens have a right to seek information about governmental activities. We commit to promoting increased access to information and disclosure about governmental activities at every level of government. We commit to increasing our efforts to systematically collect and publish data on government spending and performance for essential public services and activities. We commit to pro-actively provide high-value information, including raw data, in a timely manner, in formats that the public can easily locate, understand and use, and in formats that facilitate reuse. We commit to providing access to effective remedies when information or the corresponding records are improperly withheld, including through effective oversight of the recourse process. We recognize the importance of open standards to promote civil society access to public data, as well as to facilitate the interoperability of government information systems. We commit to seeking feedback from the public to identify the information of greatest value to them, and pledge to take such feedback into account to the maximum extent possible. Support civic participation. We value public participation of all people, equally and …………………………. Implement the highest standards of professional integrity throughout our administrations. Accountable government requires high ethical standards and codes of conduct for public officials. …………………………………… Increase access to new technologies for openness and accountability. New technologies offer opportunities for information sharing, public participation, and collaboration. …………………………………… 5
  7. 7. open government open data barometer 2013 6
  8. 8. open government open government data site 7
  9. 9. open government why open government data 출처 - http://opengovernmentdata.org/why 8
  10. 10. open government economic value of public data 207.872 조 9
  11. 11. open government korea 10
  12. 12. open government seoul metropolitan government 11
  13. 13. seoul metropolitan government transparency 12
  14. 14. seoul metropolitan government transparency 13
  15. 15. seoul metropolitan government transparency 공개율(%) transparency public official persona collaboration historical archive citizen 14
  16. 16. seoul metropolitan government open data 15
  17. 17. seoul metropolitan government open data 16
  18. 18. seoul metropolitan government open data 개방건수(count) 개방율(%) data qualify citizen needs public official economic value vs. economic effect ecosystem economic effect 심사숙고 vs. speed participation citizen 17
  19. 19. seoul metropolitan government big data – case 1 18
  20. 20. seoul metropolitan government big data – case 2 19
  21. 21. seoul metropolitan government big data – case 5 22
  22. 22. seoul metropolitan government big data privacy & 개인정보 이해관계의 출동 government 부서이기주의 vs. 실적 business CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) vs. Goal of the Firm- Maximize Profit 23
  23. 23. extend public data vs. government data vs. 24
  24. 24. extend extend data – range business location / owner nongovernment government central local 특별시 affilia ted 자치구 기업 시민 학계 government citizen 25
  25. 25. extend extend data – unify 정보공개 데이터개방 빅데이터 26
  26. 26. extend extend data – link 27
  27. 27. extend extend people – players 28
  28. 28. extend extend people – ecosystem data owner more share data consumer More use, request, make app. share more data in network cooperator more engage provider more provide, convenient tightly coupling 29
  29. 29. extend lingering : extend data, extend people and link each other 30
  30. 30. closing 31