Big Data on the Web – What We Will Do
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Big Data on the Web – What We Will Do






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    Big Data on the Web – What We Will Do Big Data on the Web – What We Will Do Presentation Transcript

    • Jump into ActionBig Data on the Web – What We Will Do Haklae Kim, PhD. , April 2012
    • TodayThis Presentation ..... Open Data and The Semantic Web Introduction What We Will Do Open Government Data & Linked Data 2
    • Let’s StartWeb in Transition“a steady progression from a document-centric Web to one that is data-centric, including the mediation of semantics” (Source: Mike, 2007) 3
    • 4
    • Let’s StartBig Data“data that becomes large enough that it cannot be processed using conventional methods” “Big Data is like Sex in High School–Lots of people are talking about it, but few are having it.” -Eric Hansen, SiteSpect founder and CEO 5
    • TodayThis Presentation ..... Open Data and The Semantic Web Introduction What We Will Do Open Government Data & Linked Data 6
    • OverviewData on the Web Data is information about things Data is something machines can process Data drives applications (e.g. web sites, mobile services) Data is relations among things 7
    • DefinitionWhat is Open (Government) Data? “Open” material (data) is open if it can be freely used, reused and redistributed by anyone “Government data” data and information produced or commissioned by government or government controlled entities. Source: Open Knowledge Foundation, 2010 8
    • • Transparency• Participation• Collaboration“My administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level ofopenness in Government.” – Barack Obama “Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies – Transparency and Open Government” Jan 2009
    • 10
    • Public Sector DatasetThe State of Open Government Data Source: 11
    • Case StudiesApplications Postcode Newspaper Where Does My Money Go World Events Visualiser EU Public Data 12
    • TodayThis Presentation ..... Open Data and The Semantic Web Introduction What We Will Do Open Government Data & Linked Data 13
    • 14Source:
    • Let’s StartThe Web as a Global Data Platform .. a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the Internet 15
    • All data including documents, services, people ... DATA links DATAThe Semantic Web is not about links between web pages. 16
    • OverviewLinked Data & The Semantic Web“The Semantic Web isnt just about putting data on the web. It is about making links, so that a person ormachine can explore the web of data. With linked data, when you have some of it, you can find other, related,data” - TBL. 5 Stars Open linked data ★ Make your stuff available on the Web ★★ Make it avaiable as structured data ★★★ Use open, standard formats (instead of excel) ★★★★ Use a open data format – URLs, descriptions ★★★★★ Link your data to other people’s data 17
    • OverviewGrowth of Interlinks… Linked Data provides the means to reach the goal of the Semantic Web – “theemergence of a Web of Data” 2007-05-01 2007-10-08 2007-11-10 2008-02-28 2008-03-31 2008-09-18 2009-03-05 2009-03-27 2009-07-14 2010-09-22 18
    • Structured Wikipedia Multimedia ContentDBpedia BBC Commercial Product Government DataBest Buy UK Gov October, 2011 19295 interlinked datasets, approximately 31 billions triples
    • WhyLinked Data and Open Government Data 20
    • Case StudiesApplications DBPedia BBC New York Times thedatahub 21
    • Case StudiesLinked Government Data UK Data-Gov Wiki Code for America Data Market 22
    • TodayThis Presentation ..... Open Data and The Semantic Web Introduction What We Will Do Open Government Data & Linked Data 23
    • QuestionWhat is the Semantic Web for? Standards Search Inference Intelligence 24
    • Case StudiesGoogle’s Semantic SearchPeople should be able to ask questions and we should understand their meaning, or they should be able to talkabout things at a conceptual level. ... A lot of people will turn to things like the semantic Web as a possible answer tothat.“ - Google Vice President of Search Products & User Experience Marissa Mayeran initiative launched on 2 June 2011 by Bing, Google and Yahoo!to "create and support a common set of schemas for structureddata markup on web pages."Freebase is an open, Creative Commons licensed repositoryof structured data of almost 22 million entities. An entity is a singleperson, place, or thing connected by a graph.The Knowledge Graph is a collection of information sources thathelp discern a user’s specified intent with each individual query.The graph is actually an encyclopedia with structured information from the web. (currently, 200 million entities) 25
    • Case StudiesApple’s SiriAsk Siri how Apple recorded the best quarter in history for a tech company, and her answer should be: " Me."Siri (Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface) is Knowledge Navigator (1987)an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator which a concept described by former Apple Computer CEO Johnworks as an application for Apples iOS. Sculley in his 1987 book, Odyssey.A Brief History- In December 2007 Siri, Inc. was formed by Dag Kittlaus (CEO),Adam Cheyer (VP Engineering), and Tom Gruber (CTO/VP Design).- Siri Inc. went after funding and by November 2009 it hadsecured $15.5 million investment, resulted in the creation of thefirst Siri application, which debuted on the iPhone 3GS inFebruary 2010.- Siri acquired by Apple; iPhone becomes the Virtual PersonalAssistant (Source: 26
    • Case StudiesActive OntologyA processing formalism where distinct processing elements are arranged according to ontology notions;an execution environment. Basic concepts * Ontology : A data structure - Formal representation for domain knowledge - Classes, attributes, relations * Active Ontology : A processing environment - Processing elements arranged according to ontology notions - Communication channels P movie P genre P actor P rating rule set rule rule rule condition condition condition action action action (Baur et al., 2007) 27
    • ExamplesActive Frameworka platform for constructing service-oriented applications which can be accessed through multiple modalities in anatural, task-oriented manner that leverages context throughout the experienceActive Editor “find action movies in San Francisco” Active Ontology “nearby Chinese restaurants” Active Server Facts store Evaluation Engine Active Ontology Active OntologyActive Console Active Ontology (Baur et al., 2007) 28
    • What We Will DoInterdisciplinary Collaboration Difficult Think Hope is not a strategy and the “change” has been change for the worse, and not better. 29
    • References- Charles Baur, Adam Cheyer, Didier Guzzoni, Active, a platform for building intelligent software- Page 1: Page 4: Page 9: Page 27: Page 29: Page 29: 30
    • For more informationcontact Haklae Kim haklaekimOr read up on thesonagi blog at: